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What A Tangled Web

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Summary: Ficlets crossing Terminator: SCC and BTVS

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Past Donor)PaxFR753,513176,82118 Sep 0819 Nov 08Yes


Disclaimer: Not mine.

“Who’s that?”

Morris is as usual salivating after some girl who doesn’t know he exists. John tears his eyes away from his book and stares at the crowd of girls chatting animatedly across from them. Cameron, watchful and silent also looks.

“Slayers. Supernatural warriors destined to fight the forces of darkness.”

Both John and Morris turn to look at her. Off of their incredulous expressions, she smiles that chillingly human smile that always makes John forget and shrugs her shoulders.

“Or so I heard.”

She gets up and gathers her books in her hands and gives John one of her long, meaningful looks.

“I’ll be in the library, studying.”

She walks away and John shakes his head in wonder. Morris is still gazing at the crowd of girls.

“You know man, your sister is seriously twisted.” He smiles to himself and grabs his bag. “I like that.” He waves and disappears into the crowd.

John stays there for a minute longer and then races to catch up with Cameron.

“You weren’t joking.”

She looks at him from the corner of her eye.

“I never do.”
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