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When Buffy Jumped

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Summary: Dawn/Chris. Dawn makes a wish that Buffy was never the slayer, she does not have to live on the Hellmouth, and that her mother and father are still together.

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Literature > Dark Hunter SeriestoowhiteprincessFR151318,54111911,96818 Sep 0811 Dec 08Yes


Only minutes after they had sex on the hospital bed, he was fully clothed. A doctor walked in to tell her that she would be able to leave any time she wanted. Also, he told her that he called her parents and they would be coming to visit her next week.

Then, she was allowed to dress as Chris left the room. The doctor told her that she would have to be watched over for the rest of the week. He even told her that the people that had been waiting for her opted to take her to their home for the week.

Dawn was shocked by the news but didn’t want the doctor to think that she was crazy.

Wulf did not look pleased as he repeated that she would be staying at his home for the week. He had already tried to kill her once. She was dangerous to everyone around her.

Cassandra sensed something familiar about Dawn. She almost smacked herself when she realized that Dawn was a Were-Hunter. Cassandra should have sensed that but she was too blinded by thinking that Dawn was any other classmate at Chris’s school.

Now, at their home, Dawn was eating at the dinner table. Wulf, Cassandra and Urian all figured out that she was Were-Hunter. They didn’t understand why they would have missed that fact.

Dawn tried not to make eye contact with anyone as she reached for her glass of water. Almost instantly, pain shot threw her hand. The glass fell to the table as she clinched her hand to herself.

Chris let out a yelp as he rubbed his hand.

“What is the meaning of this?” Wulf stood up and glared at Dawn. As they did, she saw the mating mark on her hand.

Dawn panicked, “I didn’t mean to.”

Chris had seen this type of mark before on Were-Hunters. How could Dawn do that to him? “I know you don’t like me but this is beyond cruel.”

Urian continued to watch the conversation as he ate the dinner that Cassandra had cooked.

She wanted to come clean for him. This would be the best time. They were mates after all. What better time than now? He could not think any less of her. He already thought that she would not complete the mating ritual and he would not be able to have sex with another woman. This was the time. “Chris, I didn’t mean for this to happen. There is nothing I can do. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You want to be with me?”

“As a Were-Hunter I take this mark very seriously. You must be the only one for me.”

Cassandra smirked at Chris, “So, Dawn if you and Chris have children will they be in animal form or human form?”

Dawn didn’t answer.

Far away….Buffy Summers was on her, well she stopped counting how many beers she had that night. Buffy felt the world go silent around her.

In the matter of minutes, an asteroid hit her right on her head.... Killing her instantly. Buffy left her body shortly after.

The Buffy Summers from the same dimension as Dawn came from entered the dead Buffy’s body. She pushed the rock away only to wonder why she was not in Heaven.

How would she get home? Then, she shifted threw the other Buffy’s memories. Her mom and Dad were together. Dawn was off to school. Everything was so perfect except for the fact that she apparently was whoring herself to everyone in Europe and her drinking problem.

Buffy stared crying as she transported herself as close to Dawn as possible. That was outside since she could not transport herself inside Wulf’s home. Then, she proceeded to yell at the gate people to let her see Dawn.

They did let her inside as soon as Wulf said it was alright. The instant she saw Dawn, Buffy pulled her to herself. “I thought I lost you.”

“I am fine.”

“I missed you so much.” The others saw the marks of a Sentinel on Buffy’s face as she lost control her emotions.

The Powers-That-Be must have had more work for her to do in this dimension as well as the last. For now, Dawn would wait to tell her sister about the marks on Buffy’s face.

“It is you?” Dawn saw her sister. There stood her sister, alive.

She nodded, “I don’t know how this happened but… you are mated?” She looked at Dawn hand. Buffy walked over to Chris and embarrassed him. “Welcome to the family.” Then, she hugged Dawn, “Mom and Dad are going to be so surprised.”

Buffy didn’t want to let go of her sister. She didn’t expect to live happily ever after but for now she was happy.

The End

You have reached the end of "When Buffy Jumped". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking