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When Buffy Jumped

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Summary: Dawn/Chris. Dawn makes a wish that Buffy was never the slayer, she does not have to live on the Hellmouth, and that her mother and father are still together.

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Literature > Dark Hunter SeriestoowhiteprincessFR151318,54111911,96818 Sep 0811 Dec 08Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or any other crossover in this story. This is not part of the other series that I am writing. Sharrilyn Kenyon owns the Dark Hunter series. Chaoskitten is my beta for spelling/grammar on this chapter.

Dawn/Chris pairing

When Buffy Jumped

Chapter 1

May 2001-BTVS Universe

Dawn watched helplessly as time seemed to cut in half to allow her sister to fall violently toward the pavement. Buffy's blond windswept hair moved as if other worldly forces moved it.

It was almost as if an angel had taken over Buffy's body for one moment giving her the power to fly. Dawn’s eyes could not help but lock on her sister falling body in hopes that her sister would not die. Maybe, the powers would take pity on the Buffy.

The chilly night air froze her fingers as she waited for her world to end. Her throat became tight as she gave a muffled a cry that was already too scratchy to be heard.

Somewhere inside Dawn, she knew that Buffy did this to save the world.

Could a slayer be capable of love? After all the pain, was there ever enough room enough to love or was it her slayer duty to save the world?

Dawn told herself that love was real. Buffy killed so many vampires she was clearly smart enough to separate herself from what was evil and what was good. Except for one time, Dawn did not believe herself to fit into the evil category.

Maybe, this was all a dream. She was unable to close her eyes because of the horror of it all. "Is this forever?" Dawn whispered only to herself. She did not even know if she said that aloud.

A tingling feeling started in her feet traveling up to her heart. She wrote this feeling off as her feet stared to freeze because of her position on the tower. Loneliness consumed her as she stood on the platform. How could Buffy leave her alone?

When Buffy hit the ground, Dawn gasped for air. She heard the sound of Buffy's body hitting. Her situation felt fake. How could someone who wanted to live give up so easily?

Tears fell down her face as she assessed the situation. Her father left her. Well, not exactly but being a phone call apart would make him unavailable for the most important events in her young life. Would her father be there to save her from demons? No. Would her father hug her when she only need a hug? No.

Her mother left her. Now, her sister left her. How would she go on?

Her heart was still broken from her mother's death. Buffy would never be there to comfort her, ever again.

Buffy's friends helped her down from the tower. The image of Buffy's body would forever haunt her whenever she closed her eyes.

Every night, she would wake up screaming Buffy's name. Every night she clinched Buffy's stuffed animal, tightly. Buffy would never be there to hold her close making sure everything was all right ever again.

Her life would never be all right. Who would love her? Would she have to leave Sunnydale?

Dawn stared at Buffy-Bot for a good twenty minutes, "What are you thinking about, little sister?"

Dawn tried to see her sister but all she could see was a doll… a Buffy doll that moved, talked, and acted like Buffy. Buffy-Bot could not tell that Dawn faked her smile. "I am fine. I need some time alone."

The Buffy-Bot showed little emotion except for the tone of her voice. Her voice always sounded too upbeat and rehearsed, "Alright, but I will be back to check on you in the morning." The Buffy-Bot walked out of Dawn's room.

With a robot in her home, Dawn tried to stay calm. She tried to get over the death of her sister but it was hard. Those eyes, ears, mouth, hair, and even clothing were the same as Buffy’s: Buffy-Bot even had been programmed to act like Buffy.

Dawn had no clue how scaring this was for a young woman such as herself. Instead of getting over the death of a loved one, Dawn was given a life sized doll of her dead sister.

It walked, talked and did most of the things that Buffy did but it would never be Buffy. One day, she would need psychological help for what Buffy’s friends did to her.
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