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Extraordinary Gifts

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Summary: What if Alan came to find out he still didn't have the whole team of LXG!

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The Search Continues

Title: Extraordinary Gifts
Author: Lady Of The Rings
Disclaimer: I only own Phoenix, and the idea.
Feedback: Love it! Especially when it for a new fic. (hint hint ^_^)
Summary:What if Alan came to find out he still didn't have to who team of LXG!
Pairing: Connor/Mina Dawn/Sawyer Will/Phoenix/Dorian Cordy/Jekyll
X-Over: Btvs / Ats / LXG
SPOILER: LXG movie!!
Author Note: In Btvs Season Four or Five. Phoenix is a new member to the team and Will's newest crush. Will is come to terms with her sexuality and is now Bi. The seasons after didn't happen.
A/N 2: Be gentle cause I write this from what I remembered of the moive as it will be different to fit the story. Forgive any spelling mistakes my checker has died on me.
A/N 3: Go see the Moive!!!! Great Moive!!!!

Chapter Two

Everyone was aboard the ship going to get the last two members before embarking on the mission.

"Why are we here?" asked Cordeila still lost as they didn't explain much. "You are here because you all have a special ability that we need in this mission"

Allan said pausing. "I except you all to get some rest before we meet our next member" he finished.

They all went to there room and tried to make sense of everything.

Phoenix was walking down the hall when she stopped at Willow's room. "Willow you awake?" she asked as she walked in.

She looked up at her "Um yes I was trying to figure out all this" she said waving her hand at the boat.

Phoenix smiled at her "Yes as the others are as well, get some sleep you'll need it for what is ahead" was all she said to her.

In the morning they all were in this castle like home for there newest member.

Allan commented on him having a painting missing and he said something smart with a smirk as the entered the library.

He sat down as they were talking when he saw Willow and Phoenix by Mina. He just had this smile on his face as he looked them up and down.

"Who are these two enchanting beauties" said Dorian from his seat. They looked at him as they both spoke "I'm Willow Roseberg" Will said a little nervous under his gaze.

"Phoenix Pryde" she said turning a little to block Will from his view. He raised an elegant eyebrow "Really?" he said in his sultry voice, when Allan cut him off.

"We don't have time for this, we must go we have work to do" Just then the place was flooed with an army of men with guns all pointed at them.

"What's going on?" asked Dawn but the only reply they got was "There not my men" from Dorian as she looked back and he was still seated. "Who are you! What do you want?" asked Phoenix getting mad.

"Your deaths" was all one guy in black said and she smirked "We'll then come an get it" eyes flaring flames in them. Everyone was fighting as gunfire was going everywhere destroying the once neat library.

Some guy grabbed Will by the throat against the wall. He was laughing when he got hit with a fireball she looked up "You ok?" Will said throught the guys screams "Yeah thanks Nix" "Happy to help" she said smirking as they were back into battle.

Dorian was in front of some guy who just wasted an entire clip of bullets into him an he stabbed him "What are you?" asked the guy as he ripped his outfit open showing his body as the bullet holes disappeared as thought he was never shot. "I'm complicated" was all he said.

Phoenix saw this but kept this information to her self as she looked at the boy who came over. "Now that I had my exerise what hell is going on here?" she asked but was cut off by Mina killing the last surviving man from there battle.

They all looked at her like ok till Cordy said "She's a vampire?!" "Oh pull yourself together woman, this is nothing new not with our past" she said in a annoyed voice holding her head.

Mina tried to clean herself back up when Sawyer told her "You missed a spot" she looking in her mirror to check and licked it away and turned back around to them.

"Yeah, we'll we still have another member to gather so if were all done playing lets's go" said Allan as they all walked out. They looked at him as they left.

They were all on the boat going after there last member so some took that time to rest, while some did other things. "So your a vampire" said Cordy to Mina. She looked at her "Yes I am, what was that Phoenix said for?" she asked and the girl in question looked at her.

"We have a past with vampires, creatures of the night" she said pausing. "Really?" "Yes our hometown is the battle grounds for things that are evil and vial." she said and then Mina looked at her neck and saw something.

Cordy saw this and thought she was going to bite her. "Where did you get that mark?" she asked her. "From a powerful vampire who just had to have me, he loved my fire he said witch is ironic since I actual am fire" she said and Cordy looked at her weird.

" Who was he?" asked Mina curious. "He has many names but the most feared one is The Scoruge of Europe" she said proudly with a smirk. "You were with Angelus?!" said Cordy as Mina looked lost.

"Why yes, you know him too" she said then turned to Mina "Come now your a vampire and you never heard of the mighty Angelus? That can not be possible unless your still young" she said.

"I have spent my live locked away in my research trying to find a cure for what I am, to worry about anyone but the one who did this to me" she said and Phoenix smirked.

"Ah I see now, the one and only dark one has embraced you, and you wish to be free from it?" she said "Yes I was normal once, human once now I'm just a monster" she said.

"Yes I know how that is, to be taken from your quite and seemingly boring life to be made into what you are now, I wish to be free of my guilded cage, but the price might be too high to pay" she said trailing off like she was in a trance.

"So then why do you have marks from others?" asked Cordy now seeing her neck almost covered in bites.

"Because through out the years you meet different people of different degrees, over time you change ever for vampires and timeless creature time does change you, mold you into something else for better or worse" she said looking down.

Cordy looked at her concerned "You been through a lot haven't you?" she asked sensing she had indeed.

"Yes more then you ever want to in a life time I assure you" she said running her fingers through her flaming red hair.
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