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Extraordinary Gifts

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Summary: What if Alan came to find out he still didn't have the whole team of LXG!

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Comics > League of Extraordinary GentlemenLadyOfTheRingsFR1832,469014,20031 Aug 032 Dec 03No

Phoenix Pryde

Author's Notes:

It has come to my attention yet again, that in this fic I have been proceeding to fast. There's an explaination for that, I was going to draw it out but two things occured. One I have been reading others and I got the impression that moving fast was good for the story, but I see I was wrong so I will right my mistake. Two I started this when I just came from seeing the movie itself, and it was all fading away from me so I tried to keep true to it but fear I took a u turn of some sort. Anyway since yet again I have to reveal most of the mystery that is my OC's I will have Phoenix's added on her as well. Hope this helps and maybe you can enjoy my fic better!

Riana Phoenix Pryde

Phoenix is a young lady about in her early 20's that was "human" when she had a nervous breakdown from a stressful life and job. She became the "Phoenix" when she died from a bullet to the chest. She found herself in another's home when they told her what happened. She was in shock at not only did she die, she leveled an entire town ablaze. She was amazed at how fast she recovered and was up and out within the next day. She was wandering after all that, trying to not stay anywhere to long. She of course had scrapes when she burned down something, but she went onto controling that power among others.She has flame red hair and brownish yellow eyes that look like flames when she angered. She has crossed pathes with many dangerous people who were so vile that they didn't care who you were, they would kill you. She somehow got around that little curve, as she spend a good amount of years, ever centries with some to past the time. She is by far the little angel that she plays up to be. As a child she was abandoned at birth and lived on the streets till she was 14. At 15 she worked in the bars and taverns as a barmaid. She had her own room even thought she tended to the male customers sometimes for extra money. Of course she's not a social girl, but when it's called for she will let her voice and opinon be heard. She's a Immortal Being unlike Dorian she is the meaning of the word, cause even if she "Dies" she still comes back with everything she had before she died, just like the Phoenix. Her real name was Riana Pryde, but she changed it when she realized what was happening to her and about the mytically bird. Her age is unknown and she wants to keep it that way, she might be an immortal but she's still a woman.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Extraordinary Gifts" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Dec 03.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking