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Extraordinary Gifts

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Summary: What if Alan came to find out he still didn't have the whole team of LXG!

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Extraordinary Gifts

Title: Extraordinary Gifts

Author: Lady Of The Rings

Disclaimer: I only own Phoenix, and the idea.

Feedback: Love it! Especially when it for a new fic. (hint hint ^_^)

Summary:What if Alan came to find out he still didn't have to who team of LXG!

Pairing: Connor/Mina Dawn/Sawyer Will/Phoenix/Dorian Cordy/Jekyll

X-Over: Btvs / Ats / LXG

SPOILER: LXG movie!!

Author Note: In Btvs Season Four or Five. Phoenix is a new member to the team and Will's newest crush. Will is come to terms with her sexuality and is now Bi. The seasons after didn't happen.

A/N 2: Be gentle cause I write this from what I remembered of the moive as it will be different to fit the story. Forgive any spelling mistakes my checker has died on me.

A/N 3: Go see the Moive!!!! Great Moive!!!!

Chapter One

After Allan has gotten all the members except Dorian and Jeykll. "We still have five more people to gather" said Nemo to Allan and he looked at him.

"What?" he grabbed the folder as to see what her was talking about. "There in America" he said "Yes we are arriving at the Pacific ocean line in two minutes" said a crew man to them.

"Okay then let's get these people we have a lot to do" said Allan in a excited tone. They reached the shore of what looked like a beach.

They all stopped to make a game plan on how they were going to go about getting the remaining members.

"Okay were going to split up, Skinner and Mina you'll go and get the these three" he said as he handed her a map and profiles on them.

"Nemo and I will go to get the other two at the other location and we will meet back here to depart" he finished and they nodded "Alright let's move out" and they left in different directions.


"Ah finally a day of rest" said a tired Buffy as she fell on the couch. "We could use this time" said Wills on the other sofa also tired.

"Yeah so you just want to lay around" asked Xander idlely. "Yeah that would be heaven" Buffy replied with a sigh. It was pleasant silence till the was a knock at the door.

They moaned at it as another knock was heard "Phoe can you get the door please?" asked Xander.

Footsteps were heard coming into the living room "Ok, ok, I'm coming" she said tot the door as she opened it.

"Yes?" she said as there was a woman standing there. "Excuse me I was told that the people I'm looking for stay here" she said in a elagant voice.

Phoenix asked "Who are you?" "I am Mina Harker, are a Willow, Dawn and Phoenix here?" she asked as the guys got up one by one walking to the door.

"What do you want with us?" asked Dawn puzzled. "Let me in and I shall explain" was all she said to them. "Ok but you do anything funny and you'll regret it" Buffy said in a warning voice behind Phoenix.

They walk into the home to the living room where everyone sat down seen and unseen. "Now talk" said Buffy in a harsh voice. She didn't know why by something about this lady set her off.

"Buffy, let her explain before you go off all half-cocked huh?" said Phoenix from her spot against the wall. She just huffed and leaned back in her seat.

"Yes, thank you we have come to gather you four for your abilities that are needed in our fight" said Mina "What fight is that?" asked Will.

"There is a man who is trying to take over the world little bit at a time we must stop him and need your help" she said.

"What's this 'we' business" Buffy snapped again.

Will was inching away ever so often for her original spot unknown to her. "Will I wouldn't move any futher if I was you" said Phoenix and she froze.

"Why?" asked Xander "Cause someone's sitting there" she said like it was normal. They looked at her like she was crazy. "No one's there?" said Dawn


"Oh there's some one there, you just can't see him" she said to them. Mina looked at her "How did you know he was here?' she asked the guys now confused.

"Body heat" was all she said "Body Heat?" asked Dawn again. "Yes body heat, I can see it among other things" She explained like it was nothing.

"Anyway, why are you really here?" asked Xander before Buffy could. "I've come to pick them up and take them with me" she said as it got quiet for a moment.

"Ok we'll I'm going you two can decide among your selves" Phoenix said and left for her room. "How much time will you give us to pack?" Dawn asked and Mina smiled.

Half an hour later the girls were packed and ready. They were saying there goodbyes "Were going to miss you guys" Xander said in a hug with Will as Buffy was hugging her sister.

"I'm going to miss you too, I want you to be safe while were gone kay" said Will smiling. "Kay" he said then looked up at Phoenix "You'll keep them safe and out of trouble right?"

She looked at him when he said that and nodded with a "Sure" was all she said and Will was a little shocked by it, but they couldn't see it on her face.

"Time to go" said Mina. They grabbed there bags and said there last goodbye before leaving the Summers house into the night.
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