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This story is No. 8 in the series "Tails From The Slaughtered Lamb.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xover with Primeval. Demons from the past or predators from the future, either way, Giles, Faith, Xander and the London Slayers must deal.

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Television > Primeval(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR15622,5350214,71719 Sep 081 Oct 08Yes

Chapter One

By Dave Turner.

A ‘Tails from The Slaughtered Lamb’ story.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Buffyverse or ‘Primeval’. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: The Buffyverse with the ITV1 series ‘Primeval’

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar; Written in glorious English-English. English idioms are used throughout this fic.

Timeline. Set in summer 2009 after the events in ‘Underground Overground’. Post Season Two for Primeval.

Words: Six chapters of 3000+ words.

Warnings: Some violence, some strong language.

Summary: Xover with Primeval. Demons from the past or predators from the future, either way, Giles, Faith, Xander and the London Slayers must deal.

Spoilers; I’ve tried to write this story in such away as to cut the chance of spoilers for Season Two ‘Primeval’ to a minimum, however, some spoilers are inevitable.

Verses from ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carol.
It sounds quite sinister if you read it with a sort of whispering, ‘Vincent Price’ type voice in your head.

Once more this story was betaed by Rachael who, as I have so often said, is a wonderful woman.


Chapter One.

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.'

Early Sunday Afternoon outside the Slaughtered Lamb Tavern, Central London

Stepping down from the door of The Slaughtered Lamb Tavern and onto the busy pavement Xander watched as people bustled by in the mid-summer sunshine. He looked up and down St. Martins Lane before turning left towards Trafalgar Square. He walked briskly towards the little coffee shop that was situated just across the street from one of the many theatres in the area.

Arriving at the café he looked around at the people who sat at the tables on the pavement. At last, seeing the woman he was looking for, he walked up behind her and placed his hands gently on her shoulders. The woman looked around and smiled up into his face, he leant down and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“How’d it go?” Faith put down the mobile phone she’d been playing a game on as Xander sat down at the table with her.

“That woman scares me,” he massaged his temples before picking up a menu, “she sits there like the Queen of the World dispensing favours; and has that Trisha girl standing behind you boring holes in your back with her eyes.”

“Harsh, sweet,” Faith mocked while at the same time grinning at her partner’s discomfort, “did the nasty slayer lady fwighten liddle Xandie?”

“Yes!” Xander nodded his head vigorously before signalling to a waitress that he wanted to order, “She was married to a gangster you know? I could’a ended up at the bottom of the Thames in a concrete overcoat!”

“Don’t worry, baby,” Faith reached across the table and patted his hand, “I woulda fished you out…eventually, you’d make a wicked garden ornament.”

The waitress came over and took Xander’s order. Faith put her elbows on the table and rested her chin on her hands.

“Wish I’d been there,” she smiled at Xander with something approaching real sympathy, “I’d have protected you.”

“For a moment there I thought you were going to be sympathetic.”

“Nah, couldn’t do that, - spoil my image.” Faith lifted her cup to her lips, “So did you get her agreement?”

“Yeah, after a lot of haggling and horse trading, and I think I might have sold my soul somewhere along the way…but yeah Buffy can start looking for a new place to set up Slayer Central soon as she likes.”

“Good, now maybe she’ll stop whining.” Faith fiddled with her hair as she looked around at the other customers. “I’d have paid good money to see B. go up against that Mrs F woman.”

“Already happened,” Xander smiled smugly, “Buffy lost, word from Willow is that Mrs F got her drunk and had her sign all these papers to say that she’d agreed to all Mrs F’s plans.”

“No fucking way!” Faith’s face split into a wide smile.

“Oh-yes way,” Xander sat back in his seat and glanced around the café himself, “as the locals would say, ‘she was stitched up a treat’!” he laughed as he reached across the table to take one of Faith’s hands in his own.

“Did you see Tina and Alice?” Faith referred to the two young slayers that Xander and herself had met when they’d visited Seattle some months earlier.

“No,” Xander leant back to let the waitress place his coffee in front of him, “her ladyship said they’d gone on a picnic or something… anyway they’re out of town for the afternoon.”

“Good,” Faith gave Xander a sharp look, “this time keep your big mouth shut I want to tell them about the baby.”

Trying to look innocent Xander sipped at his drink, it was true he’d stolen Faith’s thunder when it came to telling people about the baby; but, he couldn’t help it. He was so proud; he was going to be a real dad. Willow’s daughter Tara didn’t really count as he’d only been a donor that time.

So far Faith was only the third pregnant slayer that the Slayer’s and Guardian’s Council had found out about. Both the previous pregnant slayers had suffered attacks during the later stages of their pregnancies. Someone or something was trying to prevent slayers from having children…or maybe these particular children were important in some way. No one knew for sure and the best minds at the SGC were working on it. Until then all pregnant slayers were supposed to have bodyguards. At the moment Faith was her own bodyguard.

“Ready to go?” he asked when he saw Faith had finished, she nodded her head.

Helping Faith to her feet, which he always did even though it annoyed her and she really didn’t need help, not just yet anyway. They got up and made their slow way back to their hotel.


Epping Forrest, near London, Sunday Afternoon.

For the first time in what felt like ages Tina and Alice had managed to get away from the Slaughtered Lamb; the pub where Alice worked and they both lived. Tina had more or less fully recovered from the injuries she had received when she had been shot by a womble several weeks before. They would be able to have the entire day together, they’d taken the pub’s bright red Mini Cooper, and packing a picnic basket and then headed out to Epping Forest on the north-eastern fringes of Greater London.

The clouds from the morning had been already starting to break up, and by one o’clock the weather had turned warm and sunny. The girls laid out their picnic in a leafy glade deep in the forest well away from the prying eyes of Sunday afternoon dog walkers. A gentle breeze ruffled the leaves in the trees above their heads and the sun shone down brightly lighting up the forest in all its early summer glory.

Bees buzzed lazily by as the two young women sat on their large tartan rug and giggled and chatted relieved to be away from work and the pressures of city life if only for a few hours.

“Now there’s something you don’t see everyday.” Tina, the older of the two women, gestured nonchalantly with the remains of the chicken leg she had been eating.

“What?” Alice looked around trying to see what her girlfriend was pointing at.

“There.” Tina pointed again.

Alice followed the pointing chicken leg and saw a curious creature standing in the long grass under the trees about twenty yards away. The beast stood on its back legs regarding the two girls with mild interest. It was about four or five feet long and was coloured in bright green and dark-blue-green strips. It looked right at the girls, it opened its mouth to expose small sharp teeth, it hooted at the girls before running off into the bushes under the trees.

“More tea?” Tina held up a flask and raised a questioning eyebrow.

“What?” Alice turned and looked at her girlfriend in confusion.

“More tea?” Tina asked again.

“What? But…” spluttered the younger American woman in amazement, “Hey, we just see what is so obviously a dinosaur; which as you say is ‘not’ something you see everyday, and you’re asking me if I want more tea!”

“Well?” Tina was truly puzzled by her girlfriend’s reaction.

“WELL?” repeated Alice loudly, “Here we see something no one’s seen in millions of years and you don’t seem to give a damn!”

“Of course I’m interested,” Tina put down the tea flask, “but getting over excited about it isn’t going to help any. We’re so obviously going to investigate; I just thought it best to do it on a full stomach rather than rush off halfway through a rather good picnic… anyway as I said; more tea?”

“Yeah, please.” Alice held up her cup. “Darn! Now you’ve got me doing it! I knew you people were ‘cold-blooded’ but this is ridiculous!”

“Not ‘cold-blooded,” Tina calmly screwed the top back onto the flask after pouring the tea, “just not prone to over-excitement and rash actions.”

“Yep, ‘cold-blooded’,” Alice sipped her tea.


After tidying up the remains of their picnic; Tina had insisted that they leave no litter behind them, and make pointed comments about wombles and the like. The girls put everything back in the car which they had parked under the trees just off the track that led to the clearing. Tina opened the boot and surveyed the selection of weapons that lay there; the girls pondered their choices for a moment.

“Bring me my bow of burnished gold,” sang Alice quietly as she tied back her long mousy blonde hair with an elastic band, “bring me my arrows of desire.” A visit to a tourist friendly Women’s Institute meeting had left a lyrical imprint on her.

Tina shook out her curly blonde hair before following the example of her girlfriend, “Sorry we didn’t pack those.”

“What about my spear?” A cloud passed in front of the sun as Alice spoke, she looked up into the sky, “Oh! Clouds unfold, what about my chariot of fire?”

Tina looked at her girlfriend and frowned, “Are you taking the piss or something?”

The younger woman giggled at her lover’s expression.

“Looks like we’ll have to make do with our trusty swords,” she passed Alice her matched Wakizashi swords before picking up her own longer katana and sighing. “Never a moment to ourselves,” she drew her sword and inspected the razor like edge; “something always comes up and spoils things.”

“Curse of the slayers.” Alice pointed out returning her own weapons to their scabbards after checking their edges for sharpness; Tina nodded her head sadly in agreement.


Tina remembered another picnic on an island in a lake back in Washington. That had been another beautiful day that had turned to blood and death as they had fought off strange aquatic monsters. She shook her head sadly, it wasn’t often that she questioned her calling but sometimes she just wanted to be a normal girl who could go on a picnic with her girlfriend and not have demons or dinosaurs popping out of the woods to spoil things.

“This way, you think?” Tina took a firmer grip on her katana and pointed into the woods.

“Yeah, why not?” Alice took the lead and plunged into the bushes.


The two girls walked cautiously in the general direction the dinosaur had taken. They soon found themselves going slightly down slope into a dip in the ground; after about ten minutes walking Alice called out.

“HERE!” she pointed at the ground.

“What you found?” Tina rushed over to look at what her girlfriend was pointing at.

“Dino-crap,” announced Alice proudly, “and some tracks.”

Tina looked down to where Alice was pointing, “I don’t know shite,” she grinned, “but those do look like dino-tracks.”

She knelt down next to the tracks to examine them, they resembled a chicken’s tracks. But this chicken left footprints six or eight inches long. The girls looked at each other and by silent agreement drew their swords before advancing noiselessly further into the woods. They had been moving silently, as only slayers can, for about five more minutes before they noticed the light up amongst the trees ahead.

“What’s that?” Alice pointed off between the trees.

“Don’t know.” frowned Tina, “s’pose we better take a look.”

Both girls were puzzled by what they found; neither of them had seen anything quite like it before. It was as if some one had blown up a large glass bottle and then frozen it in time microseconds after the explosion. The ‘whatever it was’ spun slowly about four or five feet off the ground, the shards of ‘glass’ shooting beams of light out into the surrounding forest like some other worldly light show.

“Cool!” gasped Alice.

“Pretty,” agreed Tina.

So engrossed were the girls that they failed to notice the footsteps making their way through the trees towards them. It was only when their slayer hearing could not fail but warn them of the heavy breathing behind them that the two girls glanced at each other. Slowly bringing their swords up into guard position the girls turned to confront whatever stood behind them.


There before them, no more than half a dozen yards away stood the creature they had seen earlier in the afternoon. It swayed gently from side to side looking at the girls first with one eye and then the other. On closer inspection the creature’s teeth looked like short curved daggers about an inch long and it had wicked looking claws on its feet, just right for disembowelling its prey.

“I think it’s one of those raptor things,” whispered Tina, “if we stay still it can’t see us.”

“That would explain why it keeps swaying from side to side then,” Alice pointed out.

“Oh yeah,” gulped Tina, “didn’t think of that.”

The raptor took a step forwards and hissed viciously at the girls; its rank breath stank of rotting meat.

“And it looked so cute when we first saw it,” complained Alice wishing she had brought a longer sword.

“You go high,” whispered Tina, “I’ll go for its legs, okay?”

“You think it’ll attack?”

Tina gave Alice a pained expression that said, ‘what do you think?’

“Yeah I see what y’mean,” conceded Alice.

The little monster started to gather itself preparatory to leaping at the girls.

“WATCH OUT FOR THE CLAWS!” yelled Alice as she leapt forward and hacked at the dino’s head and body.

Tina ducked under the raptor’s attack and aimed a slashing attack at one of its legs. The force of the double attack made the beast stagger and fall as it squirted bright red blood from its wounds. In an instant the two slayers were on the raptor hacking and slashing the monster into red ruin. But the creature kept fighting back; snapping at the girls with it teeth and trying to disembowel them with its long wickedly sharp toe claws even though one of its legs was only held on to the rest of its body by a piece of skin and sinew. Blood spurted across the forest floor while gobbets of dino flesh flew through the air to land in and amongst the trees. Eventually the creature stopped moving and the two girls stood back to admire their victory leaning on their swords as they regained their breath.

“That was bracing,” gasped Tina as she smeared blood across her face with the back of her hand.

Alice looked down at herself, to see her once pretty summer dress splattered with blood

“Darn it to heck!” she muttered crossly, “another outfit ruined.”

“Me too,” Tina flicked at little bits of dino-flesh that had stuck to her jeans, “this slaying business is murder on a girl’s wardrobe.”

“You’re telling me,” Alice removed a long strip of leathery skin from her shoulder, “what shall we do with the body?”

“Hmmm,” mused Tina, then after a moments thought, “let’s cut off its claws…”

Alice looked at her friend in surprise, “Huh?”

“We’ll need evidence when we tell Mrs F about this,” Tina explained as she knelt down and started to cut the claws from the creature’s feet, “and I think people will notice if we drive around with a dinosaur tied to the bonnet of the car.”

“True,” Alice nodded her head as she got down to help her girlfriend remove the claws, “these would make a good necklace y’know? Very tribal looking…”

As they worked they heard what sounded like a lot of people running through the wood towards them.

“What now?” Tina looked up and around.

“Time to go,” Alice jerked her head in the direction of their car.

The two girls picked up their weapons and trophies and headed off into the trees.


Crouching behind a felled tree trunk they watched the ‘sparkly spinning thing’, as they had decided to call the strange anomaly, as it spun slowly above the forest floor. They’d not gone far before the sound of multiple pairs of human feet came to them from through the trees. They had decided to take cover and watch in the hopes of finding out what was going on.

“Let’s keep our heads down,” suggested Tina quietly, “and see what we can see.”

Looking over the tree trunk again they saw several men in black uniforms carrying rifles approach the SST.

“Special Forces types,” announced Tina knowingly.

Alice nodded her head and then pointed as three people, who were obviously not military, moved towards the SST. A man who looked like the group’s leader knelt down to examine the dead raptor.


Professor Nick Cutter knelt down next to the dead raptor and examined the creature’s wounds.

“What killed it?” asked Captain Becker the commander of the ARC Security Team accompanying the Professor’s group, “Do we need to look out for more of these things?”

“No,” Cutter sat back on his heels and pondering the puzzle in front of him, “Unless these creatures were more advanced than we thought, this animal was killed by humans.” He pointed to the creatures head, “If I’m not mistaken those are sword wounds.”

“Whoever it was really went to town on him,” pointed out the soldier needlessly.

“Her,” corrected the Professor.

Two more civilians came over to join the group around the carcass. One was an attractive young woman in her mid twenties with ash blonde, almost white hair; the other was a young man with long black hair whose entire demeanour screamed ‘geek’.

“Wow!” he gasped looking at the dead dinosaur.

Professor Cutter stood up; “I wonder who did this?”

“Yeah,” agreed the ‘geek’, Connor Temple, “whoever it was…is powerful strong. Just look at the depth of those wounds.”


“The ‘Giles guy’ looks to be in charge,” Alice pointed out as she peeped over the top of the tree trunk.

“The other guy must be the group’s ‘Andrew’.” Tina mused with an amused grin, “So what does the girl do?”

“Cute Action Chick,” explained Alice knowingly, “every group has one…cute?”

“Nowhere near as cute as you,” pointed out Tina.

“Gee you say the nicest things,” Alice turned to kiss her partner quickly on the cheek.

Both girls could feel the need (or was it an excuse) for ‘post slayage sex’ rise in their bodies, keeping a tight reign on their emotions they shifted uneasily behind the tree trunk.

“Look we better get out of here before those Special Forces guys spot us,” Tina pointed out.


Abby Maitland, the cute action chick of the group, walked over to the time anomaly and studied it for a moment or two.

“This one looks as if it’s losing strength,” she called.

Temple, the geek, produced a metal pen and held it up between thumb and finger; the pen moved slightly in the direction of the anomaly.

“Abby’s right,” he called, “it’ll go any…minute…nooooow!” The anomaly blinked out of existence.

“Captain,” Professor Cutter turned to look at the officer, “can we get this carcass moved to a lab at he ARC, we need to examine it.”

The soldier walked slowly over to the Professor.

“They’re still nearby,” he informed the academic quietly.

“What? Who?”

“Whoever did this,” the officer gestured to the dead animal.

“Try to capture them,” ordered Cutter, “they might have come through the anomaly.”


“Time to go,” whispered Alice, “they’re on to us.”

The girls jumped up and ran off into the woods, zigzagging as they went. The soldiers automatically gave chase as they sprinted off into the distance. The soldiers shook themselves out into a loose skirmish line as they ran; but the two escaping slayers soon left them behind.

“Look at them go!” exclaimed Temple as he stared after the two young women who had disappeared off into the trees. “They must be doing thirty miles an hour!”

“That’s impossible,” gasped Abby as she came to a halt next to Temple and gazed disbelievingly after the girls.


Sunday Night, Covent Garden, Central London

“Where’d it go?” Trish looked around the plaza outside of the Royal Opera House, her shoulder length green hair whipping around her face.

“Damn! Have we lost it?” Tal ran up behind the green haired girl and rested her hands on her knees as she tried to catch her breath.

Tal or Taliba Rohani, to give her full name, was the slayer who had come down from Scotland to replace the dead, and sorely missed Steph O’Conner. The Irish slayer had been killed by a booby trap as she’d been searching a womble lair under Wimbledon Common.

The two women had been trying to catch up with a particularly fleet footed demon for most of the night. The creature had always managed to evade them by climbing up the sides of buildings and making its escape across the roofs where the slayers couldn’t follow. It hadn’t helped that the demon had chosen to roam one of London’s most popular tourist spots. Luckily with two slayers on its tail the monster had been unable to snack on any of the tourists that crowded the streets.

Having kept after it all night Tal and Trish had been hopeful that they’d be able to trap and kill the fiend once the streets had emptied a little. However, here it was nearly two o’clock in the morning and all they’d achieved so far was to run themselves ragged.

“Let’s chalk this one up to experience,” suggested Tal her usually faint Scots accent getting stronger the more tired she got.

“Yeah let’s,” Trish gave the rooftops one more look as she turned away and started to head for the Slaughtered Lamb, “we can always get it tomorrow, I don’t think its going anywhere.”


The Jabberwock watched from atop the Covent Garden Market as the two creatures that had hunted it all night turned and walked away. Now it could hunt and feed in peace.


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