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Harry Potter: Rise of The Iron Magius Supremus

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Science and Sorcery: The Armored Destinies". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Harry Potter story loosely set as a companion piece to my main story: “Xander Harris: The Iron Tau’ri”. Has some crossovers and fusions from anime. *being re-edited*

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Chapter 3

Harry Potter: Rise of The Iron Magus Supremus
Started: 9-19-08
Completed: ????

Disclaimers: see the first page...

Summary: Lord Voldemort’s search for more power led him to the myth of the all-powerful grimoire: The Necronomicon. In his quest, he accidentally freed something else entirely. Now, Harry Potter; by a strange twist of fate, came across the very first book of magic created by Magic itself. …and this will lead Harry to battle alongside Xander and his allies as he learns what it means to be the Magius Supreme. Set after Goblet of Fire. This story is a companion piece to Xander Harris: The Iron Tau'ri.

Quick A/N: Some of you may be a bit confused at the end of this short chapter, but it dovetails with it's parent fic "Xander Harris: The Iron Tau'ri" chapter 22



Later that night, a tired, but wiser Harry Potter laid himself down on his rickety bed. It was a bit of a trying evening after they accused him of supposedly using his freakish powers to do his chores. Although it was true, thanks to the re-integration of his simulacrum into him, he was able to tell them exactly what and how he did them while leaving out the actual magical details. Al, while eavesdropping through the psychic link they permanently shared, barely held back from appearing before Harry’s oh-so-loving relatives and rubbed their sorry excuse of an existence out to hell. To have her Magius treated like a slave was pushing her buttons and it was a huge effort on Harry’s part in restraining her no matter how much he agreed with obliterating them.

It was quite handy, he decided, having the ability to split himself to make the workload go faster. Al had told him after their brief stint training inside his mindscape that that ability was quite common in the distant past. But it was very dangerous if the splits the caster created were given anchors to stave off death, although the end-result would indeed let the caster live indefinitely, each split would be too fractured and would lose quite a lot of its reasoning centers.

Simply put; whatever sanity they originally had in the first place, if they ever had one, would be so far eroded as to be non-existent. A good example she used was the story of a minor wizard who had done so by doing it, but with only one split: Dorian Gray. When Harry told her that was only supposed to be a fictional story, she reiterated that it was not. She had read the tale herself when she was trying to acclimatize herself into the present and recognized the tale for what it was. Al even went so far as to explain to him just how “wizarding” portraits came to be an echo of the original that way and that Gray’s artist had done more than captured the essence of the soul in Dorian’s painting at the owner’s selfish request.

Wait, what was that sound?

His internal musings cut short the instant he sensed movement coming from downstairs. As far as he could tell, the “feeling” they gave off were clearly magical in origin. He stealthily readied a low-level ebony sphere of eldritch energy under the covers when he sensed that whoever was in the Dursley home was zeroing in on his room. Though tired from the day’s training, he prepared himself for battle should the need arise.

“Magius, wait.” Al Azif spoke suddenly into his mind. “Intruders they may be, but some of them have been your guards during the day.”

“How can you tell?” Harry asked incredulously, not letting go of his dark energy orb.

“No one’s personal magical signature can be duplicated.” She answered her wary bonded. “Like your muggle – or to be polite – non-magical version of a fingerprint, but more tamper-proof, they are unique to each caster. Short of a soul-split, nothing will ever match up to an original’s; it will not deviate even under an illusion of any sort.”

Trusting that his bonded Grimoire knew better, he extinguished the orb and pretended to be asleep just as the door to his room started to open softly. For appearance’s sake, he grabbed his Holly wand with an evil grin on his face as an idea formed in his mind.

Once the door was wide open, Alastor Moody got the shock of his life when his nose met the business end of a wand held by none other than a fully dressed Harry Potter himself. The others behind him were also surprised at the look of fierce determination on the young man’s face. The pink-haired woman behind Moody almost busted a gut laughing at the pole-axed look on her mentor’s paler than usual face as Harry’s wand dented the soft cartilage on the older man’s nose, ready to blow his head off at the slightest provocation.

“Prove yourselves to me.” Harry demanded; his emerald eyes seemed to glow with an inner fire that unnerved a few of his supposed rescuers as it matched the green of an AK spell.

“Mad-Eye” Moody noted with worry as he thought that the boy’s wand tip was starting to glow red as the young man waited for a reply. Reductor curse, his mind supplied the spell’s name in grudging admiration. Though he approved of the boy’s vigilance, now was not the time for a lecture that wanted to erupt within him when he was too close to being a head shorter than he already was.

His magical eye spun in the direction of a muffled chuckle courtesy of one Nymphadora Tonks, a bead of sweat rolled off his brow as he turned his attention to the wary young man in front of him and gave him the necessary proof: an embarrassing tale of his imprisonment inside his own trunk when he let his guard down.

Tonk’s muffled laughter that threatened to spill over the hand covering her mouth at that news cut short when the wand Harry was holding against Moody’s nose swung around to point at her next.

“W-wotcher Harry!” She said nervously, unable to look away from the young man’s emerald eyes that seemed to glow with an ethereal light as his gaze bore into hers. “I-I’m T-Tonks, you’re Uncle Sirius’s cousin.”

“With that pink hair, there’s no doubt that it must be true.” Harry said with a smirk as he lowered his wand - they noticed, however, that he did not lower his guard. Moody approved.

“Hey!” Tonks started.

“We don’t have time for this.” Moody barked as he broke in. “Potter, we’re here to take you back with us to our headquarters. The strangeness of the attack by that Dementor you were involved with the other day had Albus spooked enough to warrant this. The Ministry wanted you in for questioning regarding underaged use of magic, but upon inspection of the area, none of them matched your magical signature.”

Tonks nodded in confirmation as she summoned most of Harry’s belongings for the trip and was surprised, Harry’s owl cage aside, to find them flying to her already packed as if he was already in a mind to leave.

Seeing her questioning glance as to his ready trunk, he just shrugged. “I’ve got no other place to put them and the Dursleys don’t want anything remotely magical loose around the house, so…”

The pink haired woman nodded in sympathetic understanding as she opened the trunk to root around for the broom Hermione had shrunk prior to getting off the train. A part of her wanted to enervate the muggle relatives and curse them to within an inch of their miserable lives. After a few seconds of rummaging inside Harry’s trunk, she found the item in question and brought it out. Then she closed the trunk and shrunk it down to fit into her pocket for easy transport.

No one noticed that Harry was watching the pink-haired witch with professional curiosity. They were using lighting spells and several charms and yet not one Howler came about the misuse of underage magic. A part of him wondered just how exactly the damned monitoring charms worked. Granted that Al said that she had already fooled the current wizarding system, he believed that it was only on his person that she beguiled the monitoring charms on, and not the whole house.

“Actually.” Al clarified within his mind, conversing with him at the speed of pure thought. “You’re catching on pretty fast for a newly bonded host. You do have more than the normal monitoring spells on you than the ones I can see on the magical people currently invading this abode, that old man’s magical eye, included.”

“I wondered about that.” Harry thought back. “I think I’m starting to become too paranoid in my young age.”

“A healthy dose of paranoia is normal.” Al replied. “Especially when they really ARE after you. Just so you know, the pink-haired witch you’ve been watching with avid curiosity is a humanoid shapeshifter. A metamorphmagus, if you prefer, according to current terminology.”

Harry stared. “You mean that she can be anything and anyone she wants to be?”

“Not really, at least not ANYTHING.” Al started to explain. “Judging from her grasp on her abilities, she can only morph in a limited fashion to your species type. A true metamorph can change into anything at will without restrictions as they have lost cohesive contact with their true forms. Most true metamorphs aren’t even born human to begin with, and those that are, are so rare that their ability makes them powerful as to be legendary.”

“That’s one more worry to add to my list of potential threats, Al.” Harry said while Al Azif gave him the mental equivalent of a rueful grin by way of an apology.

“Sorry, but do calm down, Harry.” His grimoire reassured him. “I should be able to spot most of them, not much should have changed after all this time. I’ve also taken the liberty to alter those monitoring spells the moment we fully bonded. We can’t let them find out you’ve just about received the magical version of the supposed Holy Grail, they will only know and see what we want them to. Now hush, they’re moving, let’s go.”

They didn’t bother to stealth their way down, Moody assured that his so-called relatives will not wake up for another five hours, thanks to a well-placed knockout spell. Out of paranoia, Moody cast another round of notice-me-not spells on his team, Harry included, before they all walked out the door.

“Fine moon we have tonight.” Al whispered as they saw clear skies above them. “Perfect for flying, though why this pedestrian way of travel is supposed to be covert is beyond me. A perfectly conjured teleportation portal or your portkey equivalent would do.”

Harry shrugged, while he agreed with his new friend, he knew that arguing with his watchers was pointless. Another reason to frown over their actions, he thought. Something must have showed on his face, because the youngest of his current “honor guard” playfully poked his shoulder closest to her to lighten him up. He sent a small grin her way and straddled his broom as they lined up for take off.

Moody nodded in satisfaction as he looked them over and signaled. As one, they all flew in a fast-paced formation that sent them through the clouds towards their destination.

Ever since he mastered the ability to fly in his armor during dream training, the stark comparison when he flew in his old broom was palpable. When just a few years ago, he had thought that the broom his godfather bought for him was the ultimate escape into freedom, now it felt like he had limited himself. Oh, he still felt exhilarated from the flight across London as the wind wove through him, but he would have enjoyed it more with his arms spread wide open and no broom beneath him.

“I blame you for that, Al.” Harry thought to his bound companion, and got a smirk from said companion in reply.

It was not long till Moody signaled to them to start their descent. Harry looked down and frowned, the almost three-block building looked like it had a third sandwiched right between them, but that wasn’t the reason why he frowned. It looked like the third building appeared superimposed on top of the other two that were “supposedly” together as a whole unit.

“I’ve seen better, thought I do admit that is an interesting, but almost useless charm.” Al said as she studied the phenomenon. “I bet they used a designated living focus to keep it hidden. Hope the person they used wasn’t expendable, shoddy security spells like that always fail the moment the focus blabs or gets killed. I can’t even find a secondary or primary concealment spell, for that matter worked into the building’s foundation to completely hide it. Whoever did this should take lessons from the earlier Egyptians before they got run over by false Deities.”

Harry thought about it, while he agreed that his annoyingly arrogant constant companion was mostly right all the time, she sometimes lack tact.

“I heard that!” Al said from within his mind. “I can’t help it if I am the total sum of magical knowledge past, present, and future. My pages as a grimoire are never ending. The reason why you can’t access them all is because the human mind is not yet at an evolutionary level to accommodate an unending stream of knowledge that is constantly writing itself. Very few can do so and there is a danger that you would lose yourself to the inflow of information.”

Harry shrugged and diverted himself from the impending discussion of more esoteric magic as Moody signaled again the “all clear” for landing.

Al barely paid attention as Harry’s guardians fussed over her Magius as she felt a slight twitch on her mystical “radar”. For some reason, the ancient grimoire felt as though something had called her from across a vast divide, but that was impossible. There was only one Magius per generation, the last to have woken her for a short time was the late Ambrosious Caius Merdwyn Emrys Brittanicus – a powerful, but kind-hearted trickster who changed his name a lot until he got tired of it and settled on simply being called “Merlin”.

She dismissed it after a thought, there is only ONE Magius for this age – and that would be Harry.

Out in the far regions of the solar system, a space fold appeared and spat out the errant adventurer who had been missing for a few months ever since he had chased SG1 in an effort to rescue them. Xander Harris had finally made it back.


A/N: I know this is short and very sorry for the long delays, I rarely have the time to write for the past month as I am also looking for other avenues of employment. While I do try to put in a few lines here and there in both stories... writing is taking a back seat for now. I love to write, but it rarely pays my bills as I am not a professional and only use this as an escape hobby.... so my needs for survival comes first. Just so you know, I am NOT abandoning my stories (both this one and its parent series "Iron Tau'ri", and Harry Potter Experiment)


The End?

You have reached the end of "Harry Potter: Rise of The Iron Magius Supremus" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jul 09.

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