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Harry Potter: Rise of The Iron Magius Supremus

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Science and Sorcery: The Armored Destinies". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Harry Potter story loosely set as a companion piece to my main story: “Xander Harris: The Iron Tau’ri”. Has some crossovers and fusions from anime. *being re-edited*

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Harry Potter: Rise of The Iron Magus Supremus
Started: 9-19-08
Completed: ????

Disclaimers: Harry Potter and related works belong to the creative genius of J.K. Rowling. The borrowed concept of Demonbane is part of an anime called “Demonbane” by Nitroplus, and Half H.P Studios. This includes certain works taken from the Cthulhu Mythos. Please note that I am NOT completely copying the Anime down to the gigantic robots that have no place in the HP and Iron Tau’ri world, only a few pertinent parts like the grimoires and a few of the magic that the show employed WITHOUT the big honking robots. Prior knowledge of the anime not required. That is because just about everything other than the grimoires and their abilities without the ‘bots remain. Loosely set in my “The Hammer and The Forge Universe” that includes “Xander Harris: The Iron Tau’ri”. And as usual, BTVS is owned by Josh W and CO., and Marvel own everything else. Other than that, I own the oddly crazy ideas within my over-cramped skull in regards to this little teaser.

Summary: Lord Voldemort’s search for more power led him to the myth of the all-powerful grimoire: The Necronomicon. In his quest, he accidentally freed something else entirely. Now, Harry Potter; by a strange twist of fate, came across the very first book of magic created by Magic itself. …and this will lead Harry to battle alongside Xander and his allies as he learns what it means to be the Magius Supreme. Set after Goblet of Fire.


"The Song of Storm and Fire"

Why did she have to hear the cry for help?

It had been six months since she had been running. Ever since she had awoken to this strange and alien world of cold stone and steel, she felt alone. The more she learned, the more she wanted no part of the masked casters in robes that called themselves Death Eaters, lower caste wizards that had disturbed her eternal rest when they tripped the ancient wards that bound her to her self-imposed slumber. She had no choice but to take on human form and take flight lest they wrest the knowledge within her like the demon that had copied more of her darker nature into another volume.

...So why did she feel that she had to respond to a cry for help?

This world is too harsh, she thought as she ran. Whereas Magic was once free and all encompassing, now she found that it was chained and gasping for freedom. Gone where the ways of old that brought balance to the greater circle of life, and in its place stood a mockery of what once had been a proud world full of wonder. Where magic had once lay open and in complete harmony with both casters and non-casters, were now separated and almost non-existent. These later day casters now used wands as their focus rather than magic coming entirely from the casters themselves. Even the non-casters had forgotten their own brand of magic that co-existed with everything else.

Sickened by all the things she had found, she wept.

Yet, here she was, running off to save a possible innocent when she had sworn never reveal to herself to the world since her awakening.

There was no need for her to act, she tried to tell herself. Yet, deep within her soul, some unknown force drove her forward. ….Right into the view of a young boy embroiled in a losing battle against the soul wraiths better known these days as Dementors.

…And for some strange reason; the child’s very soul called out to her like it was a part of her own. And so she replied, knowing that in that very act, she would once again step into the pages of destiny.

“Young mage.” A soft female voice suddenly called out to Harry while he struggled against the onslaught of the Dementors’ presence. Not knowing that the voice had actually been broadcasted inside his head, he sluggishly looked everywhere for the source and found a strangely dressed young girl about his age staring at him from a distance.

“Young mage.” The voice called again. “Do you wish to live?”

Harry nodded feebly, knowing that the last of his strength was leaving him as he knelt beside Dudley’s prone form.

“Your heart remains pure, though it is surrounded by darkness.” The voice judged him. “Time will only tell if you prove worthy of my power. What is your name?”

“Harry, Harry Potter.” Harry replied as he felt the beginnings of darkness engulfed him.

“I am called Al.” The female voice said, closer this time. “Al Azif.”

Before the cold blackness dragged him down into oblivion, a brilliant blue-white light engulfed him, transforming him as a chorus of voices chanted in an unknown tongue. When he could see again, he found himself several heads taller and encased in obsidian armor with red and gold trim from head to toe.

In a voice unlike his own, he turned to face the surprised Dementors and introduced himself.

“I am Demonbane.” The not-Harry voice said. “Magius Supremus.”

Back in the hidden underground Pal-Core warehouse armory, a frantic AI known to a few as JARVIS was trying like hell to find out where the unfinished, untested, and unactivated Iron Magus Supreme armor prototype codenamed "Demon's Bane" had vanished off to.


--end teaser?--

A/N: It was a VERY vexing past two weeks for me.. I got involved in a car accident, and its giving me grief as I am still chasing down the other insurance company to pay for the damages their client caused (they said they'll fix it, but I keep getting the run-around, stalling tactics I am sure). In any case, I decided to post this little teaser because all this running around is seriously killing my appetite to write. The next chapter of Xander Harris: The Iron Tau'ri is almost done but I may re-do it because I am not thinking straight these days and I don't want to put out a half-baked chapter that may not fit in well with the others. This little teaser is part of a few sets of stories set in and around the main story of The Iron Tau'ri. Hopefully, this answers one question as to why Xander can't fully access his inner Sorcerer Supreme.... only one is supposed to be active at any given time per universe...... unless you're a "traveler". The anime music "Song of Storm and Fire" is my major influence in writing this "teaser"

If you people want to see this continued, please let me know.

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