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Morning On the Desert and the Wind is Blowing Free

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Summary: SPN/TFATF Crossover, slash, Brian/Dom, Sam, Dean. On the run from the FBI Sam and Dean meet a certain pair of fugitives hiding out in Mexico, owning a garage. The Impala needs care and all four men need to watch out and keep it low.

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SeverusslaveFR1874,26732212,28120 Sep 0820 May 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter 6: Getting Settled

Chapter 6: Getting Settled

Brian could see how Dom's attention drifted from the customers to some happy place - it was written all over his face. Dom did not do subtle very well. Brian shot the shorter guy of the two a quick apologizing smile and waved his hand in front of Dom's face – de facto grounding the big guy back in reality and stopping him from leering at his crotch any longer.

People did not like touchy-feely, gay mechanics, Dom, snap out of it, his hands tried to convey.

But as Brian turned around after being successful in distracting Dom, he saw that he needn't have bothered. Their customers were in a little world of their own as well.

The smaller guy – he really needed to find out their names – had rummaged for something in the glove department via the driver's side and now made the taller guy take one, no two, pills with a sip of stale water. They talked in hushed tones to each other and just from their body language Brian could deduct that those two had a history. A long one. The guy whose role right now was that of a caretaker did not seem to mind being that one bit and the taller one with the bruised ribs obviously did not seem to think himself any less, well, manly or what have you, by letting his friend take care of him. Interesting.

Hair was being ruffled and hands lingered in places moments longer than necessary. Well, Brian thought, maybe being a gay mechanic would be okay with those two. He shrugged. Not his problem. Then turned his attention to what had Dom's attention captured, wow, now this was a nice leather interior! And was this… custom-made?

In the back of his mind the two new guys just got upgraded.


Back in the shade of the garage Dean was all business again. Sam had reassured him thrice that he felt okay as long as he sat down and that, yeah, the pouch got dry, but this place felt good and welcoming and, let's face it, Dean could only do so much, so he turned from his brother to his baby.

The guys were all over her. Dean could not blame them. He'd let them look for a minute, listened to the oohs and aahs and the appreciating comments. Until the blond guy wanted to have a look at the trunk to see if it, too, was tricked out, and, hell, yeah, it was, and that was the moment when Dean put a stop on the treasure hunt.

"Trunk stays closed. Why don't we rather take a look at the engine, guys?" Dean said and knocked on his baby's black, warm hull.

"Much more interesting than dirty laundry, isn't it?" And with that Dean had firmly directed all the attention back to where he wanted it. Away from the weapons and fixed on his car's busted engine.


After assessing the damage and the parts that were salvageable or needed to be replaced, they haggled over the price. In the end they agreed that Dean would work on his car alongside the guys from the garage - Dom, Brian and some guy called Leon - and for his professional help with the vintage car that at the moment also resided in the back of the garage he got the parts that needed to be replaced for a lower price.

Dean loved off-road businesses. People were still people there and were yet well-taught in the way of the bartering system. Give him small town life and Dean felt at home. Nevermind where the small town was.

The next thing was accommodation. It was late in the afternoon by now and Sam looked droopier by the second. He needed a few long hours sleep in a proper bed. Dean himself wasn't against a bed, too, he conceded. They got a room at the afore mentioned Bed and Breakfast. Nice, clean room with a colorful, Christian décor - which made securing it all the easier.

Sam was out of it as soon as his showered body hit the mattress. Dean followed his brother to sleep not long afterwards, as Dom had told him to come over early the next day. Working in this weather was easier done early in the morning and late at night, as the dry heat of the day made everyone sluggish and brittle.


The next day came, bright and early and the sun beams that stuck through the blinds teased Dean awake. He gazed at the alarm wearily, a bit after 7am. Alright, time to start the day. He moved silently about the room, letting Sam sleep in as long as possible. Every hour that Sam did not need the pain killers was a good one in Dean's book.

Their ruse to make the guys at the garage not open their rear trunk meant that they had to leave most of their clothes in the car. Dean had just fetched pairs of clean underwear for both of them plus Sam's meds and new bandages. He took a short shower and the water was heavenly cool from the night's chill, then redressed in yesterday's jeans and tshirt.

After having a word with the old lady that let them rent their room he found out the garage's phone number and address and left Sam a note with the information on his folded fresh boxers. He snuck out the room and went to walk the few miles over to the garage. Morning time in this part of the world was a thing of beauty.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Morning On the Desert and the Wind is Blowing Free" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 May 09.

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