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Morning On the Desert and the Wind is Blowing Free

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Summary: SPN/TFATF Crossover, slash, Brian/Dom, Sam, Dean. On the run from the FBI Sam and Dean meet a certain pair of fugitives hiding out in Mexico, owning a garage. The Impala needs care and all four men need to watch out and keep it low.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories
Movies > Fast and the Furious, The
SeverusslaveFR1874,26732212,28120 Sep 0820 May 09No

Prologue: Southwards Bound

Title: Morning On the Desert and the Wind is Blowing Free
Rating: R
Pairings: Brian/Dom
Continuity: Post!TFATF, vague season 2 for SPN
Disclaimer: Neither the movie(s) nor the tv show are mine.


Morning on the desert, and the wind is blowin' free,
And it's ours jest for the breathin', so let's fill up, you an' me.
No more stuffy cities where you have to pay to breathe –
Where the helpless, human creatures, throng, and move, and strive and seethe.

by Katherine Fall Pettey, from Songs from the Sage Brush, 1910

Prologue: Southwards Bound

Dean had decided to drive them southwards as they were headed out of Topeka. That had been five weeks ago. They were nearing the Mexican border and the Texan summer heat was oppressing.

Sam had rolled down all the windows yesterday morning before leaving the motel they'd stayed in. Dean had argued for over a week that the AC wasn't really broken, that it was just too hot for them to really feel the difference anyway and yesterday Sam had finally had enough and told him to shut up.

So he lounged in the passenger seat that he'd draped a towel over and let himself think of nothing as his brother drove them closer to nowhere.
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