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When Myth Becomes Reality

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Summary: Giles discovers a odd book and brings it among the others when a portal opens up and takes our three scoobies starting a new life as they are in for a time.

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Adjustments are a pain

Title: When Myth Becomes Reality
Author: Lady Of The Rings
Disclaimer: I only own Rayne, and the idea.
Feedback: Love it! Especially when it for a new fic. (hint hint ^_^)
Summary: Giles discovers a odd book and brings it among the others when a portal opens up and takes our three scoobies starting a new life as they are in for a time.
Pairing: Will/Jack Rayne/Will Xander/Elisabeth
X-Over: Btvs / Pirates of The Caribbean.
Author Note: In Btvs Season Four or Five.
A/N: Rayne is a OC and I have provided a summary of her in a A/N not on here. It is on a separate page from the fic, for people who are confused.
A/N 2: Be gentle cause I write this from what I remembered of the moive and it will
be a bit different. Forgive any spelling mistakes my checker has died on me.
A/N 3: Go see the Moive!!!! Great Moive!!!!

Chapter Two

The bright sunlight came streaming throught the alley as three bodies laid. One started to stir as she opened her eyes slowly to see the brick walls of the alley.

She grabbed her head she thought as she looked over and saw Will and Xander laying there as if sleep.

she thought again as she tired to get up and was caught with a wave of dizzyness. "Whoa" she said as she held her head.

Slowly the other two woke up feeling the same way as they looked around them to see where they were.

"Where are we?" asked Will holding her stomach.

Rayne looked up at her "I don't know, but I have a feeling were not at home" she said with a weird sense of unknown truth.

"Man what was that light?" asked Xander as he was starting to get back his motor skills.

"I don't know but whatever it was it hurts like hell" said Will still holding her stomach trying to dull the pain.

"Yea, but we got to get out of this alley it looks like" she said pausing "We might not be home but we can still get hurt wherever we are" she finished as she got up.

"She's right" replied Xander as they slowly got to there feet and dusted themselves off. They started to walk out the alley to see a different scene in front of them entirely.

People of all shapes and sizes walkng the streets in different style clothing and horses pulling carriages. They looked at all this wide eyed and shocked.

"What's going on? What's with the dress code around here?" Xander said as it was also the same question that was floating in the two girls minds at this.

"I don't know, maybe we can get somewhere and ask were we are" said Will as she looked back and fourth through the crowd in front of them.

"Good Idea, Wills" Rayne commented as they walked out into the crowd to find a place to ask and maybe something to drink as well they were thristy.

It didn't take long before someone came up to them "Are you alright lass?" Rayne turned around to see a lady talking to them.

"Um no not really, were trying to find out were we are" she said and the lady smiled. "Ah your in london love" she replied.

"Oh lovely, um do you know were we could get some clothes and a room for the night?" asked Rayne.

"Sure dear there's a store right there" she said pointing around the corner "And there is lodging down the street from that" she said.

"Thank you, you have been most helpful" Rayne said and the lady left her to her business. "Ok guys I got direction to a place for clothes and a room let's go" she said just wanting to ly down she was so tired.

"Kay" was all that came out of them as they went in the direction the lady pointed out to better fit in and be a little more least that's what they thought.

They come out the store some hours later and Will and Xander looked down at there clothes "Why do we need to wear these?" asked Xander "He's right I can barely breathe in this outfit and I'm wearing a corset" she said.

Rayne looked at them "Where ever that beam of light sent us, we need to lay low till we can find a way back home" she anwsered as they walked.

They were all settled in getting a room above a bar and were sitting there trying to figure out what to do next. "Now what do you think we should do while were here?" asked Xander to the girls.

Rayne got up to get another glass of ale as she was the only one who was taking the this time travel this well. She was walking back when she saw a young man leaning against a post so she walked over to him.

"Hey you alright?" she asked softly as he turned to her an gasped. "Yes I am fine" he said then turned his head away for her not to see his face. "Did you lost something precious to you?" she asked again. He looked at her once more with surprise "How do you know that?" he asked and she smiled.

She walked closer to him till there faces were a hair apart "Your eyes, they tell the tale of your sorrow over the lost of something dear to you" she said so softly as they both just looked at each other so intensely.

The one thing that pulled him away from the spell was the comment Jack made about him. They both looked at him from the spot they were standing.

Then she turned back to him "So what be your name?" she asked. He turned back to her "Will, Will Turner" she smiles at him "Ah well, Will I am Rayne would you like to join me in a drink?" she asked pausing.

"I don't know if I should" he said "Where you can hear there conversation more, always good to be prepared" she said smiling as so was he as they grabbed a table to talk.

Xander of course was looking around for Rayne as she hadn't come back with her new cup of ale when he saw her over in the corner talking to what appeared to be a clean cut young man.

He eyed them both carefully to see if he was bothering her or something when he heard her laugh. He thought to himself as he turned back to Willow.

"Hey Wills you think it's a good Idea to turn in for the night?" he asked her "Sure" she replied and they left for there rooms leaving Rayne with Will.

Rayne looked up and saw them leaving when she said "Will come here for a moment" and as will did walk over to her and Will.

Jack raised his head to see what all the noise was and saw this beautiful redhead walking over to a table that had another beautiful redhead sitting with Will.

He thought for a moment as he went back to what he was saying.
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