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When Myth Becomes Reality

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Summary: Giles discovers a odd book and brings it among the others when a portal opens up and takes our three scoobies starting a new life as they are in for a time.

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When Myth Becomes Reality

Title: When Myth Becomes Reality

Author: Lady Of The Rings

Disclaimer: I only own Rayne, and the idea.

Feedback: Love it! Especially when it for a new fic. (hint hint ^_^)

Summary: Giles discovers a odd book and brings it among the others when a portal opens up and takes our three scoobies starting a new life as they are in for a time.

Pairing: Will/Jack Rayne/Will Xander/Elisabeth

X-Over: Btvs / Pirates of The Caribbean.


Author Note: In Btvs Season Four or Five.

A/N: Rayne is a OC and I have provided a summary of her in a A/N not on here. It is on a separate page from the fic, for people who are confused.
A/N 2: Be gentle cause I write this from what I remembered of the moive and it will

be a bit different. Forgive any spelling mistakes my checker has died on me.

A/N 3: Go see the Moive!!!! Great Moive!!!!

The guys were fussing about always having to sit around these dusty books trying to absorb new infromation on how to kill the lastest demon or stop the new end of worlder.

Xander was sitting at the table with a twinkle in his hand from break "So find anything yet?" he asked Buffy who was across from him.

She huffed "No all I found was what we already know" she said and leaned back in her chair with a sigh.

Giles came out of his off with a book he was looking at oddly.

"Willow I thought you listed all the books I have?" he said and she turned from her laptop "I did me and Rayne did it, why?" she asked geting up.

"Cause I found this book among them but wasn't listed" he said looking up at them now. Rayne was already by the counter with Anya.

"What do you suppose it is?" asked Willow.

Giles cleaned his glasses "Well I flipped throught it and found this looks like it might be a selection of old myths" he said.

They looked at him "Just myths? That's not right in the books we use every day" said Rayne as she picked it up looking through it.

"Yeah Rayne's right, we carry demon books or things on prophecies not books on myths... cause hello vampires are myths" said Buffy from her seat.

"Yes was my thoughts exactly but for reasons unknown to me right now it's here" he said pausing. "If we were still in the high school then I wouldn't wonder about it, but this isn't so it makes me wonder" he finished with a sigh.

"Hey guys look at this?" said Rayne.

They all look up at her "What did you find?" asked Willow looking at the book besides her. "This book talks of The curse of the black pearl" she answered.

They looked clueless "What is that?" asked Buffy "It's a story around the time of pirates" replied Rayne still reading.

"Now we know this book is in the wrong place" said Xander.

Anya started to speak "That was an interesting time" they all looked at her "You heard of this curse?" asked Will.

Her face lit up "Of course I have, it was another time when I was the most busy" she said smiling.

"I see" commented Will and then changed the subject "So what do we do with this book Giles?" she asked.

"I do not know, but we need to research a little more then call it a night" he said in a tired voice.

And that was what the did for the next four hours forgetting about the mystery book when it turned its pages to a section and stopped.

"Guys I found something!" said Will. They all looked up from there books to her. "What you got?" asked Xander.

"This looks like a spell to kill a Drakin demon" she said scrolling down "What is needed?" asked Giles finally they were getting some where.

"Um we need a sword and I'm printing the needed items for the potion." she said as the all sat back. "Finally" was heard from Buffy.

About half in hour later they were all ready for the battle ahead.

They set out for the demon witch they found out was too hard as they spotted it in the park trying to kill two girls.

"I believe dinner has been canceled" said Buffy as the demon and fur vamps turned to them. "Oh really we'll see about that" said the demon as they all began to fight.

For the scoobies it was a over in a flash for the for vamps, but the big guy was another story. Buffy was not doing any damage to this thick scaled demon.

She at a lost as to bring this thing down when she looked at Rayne with the sword. !!! she thought and shouted.

"Rayne the sword!" she was still fighting with the demon and saw out the corner of her eye Rayne throwing the sword.

Before the demon was about to push her out of range of grabbing the sword. She had it and made a quick strike down the middle of the demon in one swift move.

The demon stopped and then fell to its knees as it was in a human-like form. "You think you won, far from it" it said spitting black blood.

"I think I just did" was all Buffy said. It smirked at her then said "The only thing you have done is doomed what is precious to you" It said and then looked at the guys in the group.

Buffy followed where it was looking at and saw Will, Xander and Rayne. Tired and little bloody. She turned back to the demon "You will not touch them!" she said angry.

It laughed "Don't need to" was all it said before it fell completely dead in a pool of black blood.

They all relaxed as it was over they were all starting to walk from the park when a blue light started coming from the dead demon and they turned around.

"What now?" Buffy shouted as the light grew brighter then three beams of light shot out and hit three people right in the chest.

The others couldn't do anything cause the light was to bright and it burned them when they tried to grab them out of it so all the could do was shout at them.

The last this they heard before they saw all darkness was there friends screaming for them to come back.
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