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Prophecy Girls

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Summary: Set after Buffy S2 Becoming and Charmed S5 Baby's First Demon - Buffy leaves Sunnydale after sending Angel to hell harboring a secret. Where does she go? San Francisco

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Chapter Three: Finding Someone To Help

Prophecy Girls

BtVS S2 “Becoming Part 2" A.U. / Angel A.U. / Charmed post S8 “Forever Charmed” Buffy/Angel

Part Three: Finding Someone To Help

It had started out innocently enough.

Buffy had left her motel room around seven that night – on her way to a job interview (this was about a week after she’d arrived in San Francisco) – when a demon just up and attacked her.

She hadn’t done a thing to the demon – she’d just been walking down the alley, taking a shortcut to get to the restaurant she was interviewing for. Had she done something to royally piss the demon off so that it had to attack her?


So . . . naturally she had to fight the damn thing, her being the Slayer and all. But . . . the thing had been a bit stronger than she’d thought it would be. Or maybe she’d just been weaker. Either way the demon had given her a swift kick in the ass and if not for the three who had stumbled onto the situation . . . well . . . Buffy hadn’t have lived to tell the tale – her baby either.

The three—all women—were older than Buffy, that was obvious. Two of them had brown hair–one long and straight and other mid-length and curly–and the last one had mid-length red hair. They just appeared out of nowhere while Buffy’s back was turned and just started attacking the demon.

Buffy instinctively knew that they were slightly more than human once they arrived. She could just . . . sense it. And then the three started attacking the demon with not only fist and force . . . they were using—what, magic? The long-haired brunette threw up her hands as if to block something . . . and the next thing Buffy knew the demon disappeared—bursting into a million pieces.

The read-head turned to Buffy, “Are you okay?”

Through all this, Buffy had ignored her physical condition. She’d just been so wrapped up with these women—witches?—and had forgotten about the injured she’d sustained . . .

Well now they were starting to kick in. She felt shots of pain in her jaw, shoulders, knees, and wrists. She could feel blood drip from her mouth, nose, and the side of her head as well as the pain that went along with it. Also . . .

She felt a twinge of pain spread throughout her stomach and then a huge stab of hurt in the same place . . .

All of the pain caught up with her and she cried out, falling to her knees while previously she’d been standing. Her hand shot down to the pain in her abdomen. She began to shake as she raised it up to where she could see it . . . blood. Lots of blood. She looked down only to find a large, deep, and heavily bleeding gash on the side of her still-flat tummy.

Tears brimmed in her eyes and despite the new feeling of weak nauseousness, she began to cry . . . it was all over. She was sure she’d lost the baby. She had nothing left of Angel anymore. He was really gone . . .

“What’s wrong?” the curly brunette knelt down beside Buffy.

Buffy just stared at her through tear-soaked vision. She was becoming weaker by the second, “M-my . . . m-my baby . . .”

Simultaneously, Buffy’s eyelids grew heavy just as the rains came and poured down on them. Instantly all four of them were soaked to the bone.

“Oh god . . .” the curly brunette whispered. She turned to the others. “We have to get her to Leo . . . she’s pregnant and there’s a huge gash on her stomach.”

The curly brunette took Buffy’s hand , the red-head took the curly brunnette’s hand, and the long-haired brunette took the redhead’s hand. A swirl of bright blue and white lights filled Buffy’s vision . . .


“Ugh . . .” Buffy groaned as she awoke, her eyes still closed.

“She’s waking up . . .” Female voice.

“Is she okay?” Another female voice.

“What was she doing taking on that demon by herself? Especially when she’s pregnant . . .” This time a male voice.

“She’s human, right?” A third female voice.

“Ow . . .” Buffy groaned again as she began to open her eyes. She felt the weight shift next to her and was suddenly aware that she was flat on her back.

“How do you feel?” The same female voice from before . . . the second one.

Buffy finally opened her eyes and saw a pair of brown ones staring at her green ones–the curly brunette. “Ugh . . . where am I?”

“We brought you to our house. You were hurt pretty badly,” the curly brunette said.

Hurt . . . Oh god! “My baby . . .”

“No, no, no!” the curly brunette said, “Your baby’s fine. You don’t need to worry. You’re both okay. My sisters and I brought you here so you could be healed. Now you and your baby are in perfect health.”

Buffy sat up . . . seeing the rest of the people in the room. The redhead–seated on a white-wicker chair–and the long-haired brunette–standing next to another white whicker chair across from the redhead–were there. There was also a man sitting in the white wicker chair next to the long-haired brunette and he held something in his arms . . . a baby, maybe? The curly-haired brunette was sitting next to Buffy and they were on a white wicker sofa with dark orange cushions.

Who were these people?

“You’re safe here,” the man assured her, rocking the bundle in his arms, “Nobody’s going to hurt you or your baby here.”

“He’s right,” the red-head nodded, “We’re not going to hurt you. We’re going to protect you.”

“I can take care of myself,” The Slayer in Buffy was on the defensive . . . but the human mother-to-be in her was scared and overwhelmed.

“I know you’re scared . . .” the long-haired brunette started walking toward Buffy and knelt in from of the sofa, “The first couple of months after I found out I was pregnant, I was terrified. I was afraid of losing my baby and I was afraid that my baby would grow up without a mother.”

Buffy calmed down a bit, her muscles relaxed and the fear in the pit of her stomach lessened . . . but only a little. She didn’t know who these people were or what side they were on.

“It never goes away completely but you can’t let it hold you back from being strong to protect your child.” The long-haired brunette finished, standing up and taking her place beside the man with the baby.

Buffy sat for a minute, thinking about what she’d said. Could she really trust these people? The long-haired brunette was right, though. If Buffy was to survive and keep her baby safe she couldn’t be afraid. She had to be strong. And her Slayer “spider-sense” wasn’t tingling or going off so they didn’t feel evil to her. Not to mention it would be nice to have some allies in this city . . .or even friends.

The million-dollar question, however, was if she could trust them or not.

Well . . . she’d try but would also keep her guard up around them.

Buffy looked up . . . “Well . . . if I can trust you than why don’t you give me your names.”

“Alright,” the man of the group nodded, “That’s fair. I’m Leo.” He looked to the long-haired brunette next to him, “This is my wife, Piper. To the other brunette, the curly one, “That’s Pheobe.” To the redhead, “That’s Paige.”

The long-haired brunette—Piper—picked up the baby from her husband’s arms, “And this is our son Wyatt.”

Pheobe and Paige waved, “Hi.”

“Um . . . hi,” Buffy said, “I’m, ah, Buffy.”

“Its nice to meet you, Buffy,” Pheobe said.

“So you guys are, what, witches or something,” Buffy observed. They all looked at each other and at Buffy nervously. “Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. I’m not exactly normal either.” All four took a deep sigh of relief. “I’m well . . . I’m what’s called a Vampire Slayer.” Off the confused looks they were giving, Buffy decided to elaborate. “Every generation a girl who’s about thirteen years old is chosen by The Powers That Be to fight off the vampires, demons, and other nasties of the world who attack innocent people or try to end the world. This generation, it’s me.”

“And how old are you now?” Piper said.

“17,” Buffy replied.

“So you’re a minor,” Leo observed.

“For a couple of months yet, yes,” Buffy nodded.

“And you’re pregnant,” Pheobe said.

“It would appear so,” Buffy sighed.

“And the father?” Paige said.

Buffy’s heart jumped painfully, “Dead.” But she kept her expression straight.

“Oh,” Paige said, “Um . . . I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright,” Buffy said. She didn’t really want to get into the complicated situation of Angel’s . . . well, situation. “He was, ah . . . sick for a while so it’s um, good that he’s not suffering anymore.”

“Must be hard to be all by yourself at a time like this,” Piper observed. Buffy’s eyes darkened with pain, “What about your family? Your parents.”

“No . . . I can’t go back there,” Tear threatened to spill, “There’s nothing left for me there anymore.”

To Be Continued . .
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