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Prophecy Girls

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Summary: Set after Buffy S2 Becoming and Charmed S5 Baby's First Demon - Buffy leaves Sunnydale after sending Angel to hell harboring a secret. Where does she go? San Francisco

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Chapter 4: Newcomers

Prophecy Girls

BtVS S2 “Becoming Part 2" A.U. / Angel A.U. / Charmed post S8 “Forever Charmed” Buffy/Angel

Chapter 4: Newcomers

“Fireball!” Paige shouted, holding up her hand. The ugly demon’s fireball orbed toward her head and she flung it back at the demon. The demon exploded . . .disappearing.

“Nice one!” Buffy yelled across the room. She lay on her back on the floor in the living room, her feet flat against the chest of another demon like the one Paige had just killed. She pushed forward with all the strength she could muster—sending the demon flying into the wall.

She got up as fast as she could—which wasn't very fast considering the fact that she was over eight months pregnant.

“Thanks!” Paige yelled back, fighting off another demon. “Pheobe, behind you!” Pheobe turned from the demon she was fighting to kick the one sneaking up behind her. “Where's Piper with the spell?”

“Coming!” Piper ran down with the stairs, holding a piece of paper. Piper, Pheobe, and Paige hurried over to one another.

“We call upon the Power of 3 to relinquish these demons and set the household free!” The Charmed Ones chanted.

With one final growl, all of the remaining demons were gone. Buffy sighed in relief, sitting on the couch. “Whew! That was a close one!”

The Halliwell sisters dusted themselves off and crossed over to where Buffy was. “Yes . . . it was.” Piper sighed as she sat down on the arm of the couch next to Buffy. “Leo! It's safe!”

Seconds later, Leo orbed in with 10-month-old Wyatt on on his hip. He put Wyatt down and the toddler crawled up to his mother. Piper picked him up and set him on her lap.

Phoebe and Paige sat on the couch next to Buffy, while Leo stood next to his wife with his arm on Piper's shoulder. “How did it go?”

“The nasty demons are dust,” Buffy replied. The sisters nodded.

“And everyone's okay?” Leo looked around.

“Yeah . . . we're fine,” Paige nodded. The remaining women agreed.

During the six-ish months that Buffy had been in San Francisco after leaving Sunnydale, she'd become quite close to the Halliwells. They'd both exchanged histories and Buffy told them the truth about Angel. She began staying in a room Leo had made for her in the basement and working as a waitress in Piper's club P3 (during the day, of course, considering she was still not old enough to drink yet). However a few weeks ago Piper had made her stay home and rest.

“What about you, Buffy?” Leo said, “Are you okay?”

“Fine,” Buffy said, “Great even.”

“Do you need healing?” Piper asked.

“Nah,” Buffy shook her head, “My Slayer-healing will take care of it.” Piper, Pheobe, Paige, and Leo glanced at each other. Buffy looked back and forth among them. “What?”

Pheobe sighed. “The four of us have been talking.”

“O-kay . . .” Buffy said. “And?”

“We think you should slow down . . . with the demon fighting,” Piper told her, “Actually we think you should stop altogether until the baby's born.”

“Whoa . . .” Buffy had not been expecting that. Least of all from Piper. “I'm not sure I understand.”

“Buffy, you're having a baby in a few short months,” Paige said, “We just don't want anything to happen to either of you.”

“Especially since we don't know what could happen,” Leo added, “No one in history has ever borne a child conceived of a vampire. We don't know what to expect.”

“I get it, we're in uncharted territory,” Buffy put her hands up in surrender. “But I'm the Slayer. The healing part kinda comes with the package. It's my job to fight the forces of darkness.”

“Yes, and it's our job as well,” Pheobe said, “But it's also our job to keep you safe. I didn't get that premonition of you for nothing.”

“Piper, you told me that while you were pregnant with Wyatt you hated it when Pheobe, Paige, and Leo told you to slow down,” Buffy pointed out.

“I was also completely self-healing . . . more than you are,” Piper reminded her.


Paige cut her off, “And you told us that you were going to slow down months ago. What happened to that?”

“I dunno,” Buffy shrugged.

“They're right.”

The five of them turned and saw a figure begin to orb in. The figure transitioned into a man a few years older than Buffy with shaggy-brown hair. And instantly the five of them went on the defensive.

“Who are you?” They all stood up quickly—though Buffy stayed sitting after a look from Piper—and stared at the newcomer.

“I came to save Wyatt,” The newcomer said. He turned to Buffy. “And your daughter.” Buffy put her arms around her stomach protectively, “I'm from the future.”


“I'm from the future,” The guy told the Halliwells, Leo, and Buffy again.

“And just how the hell are we supposed to believe you?” Piper said.

“You're really going to waste what little time is left to interrogate me about whether or not I'm telling the truth,” The guy said, “I'm Chris Perry. I'm from the future. I'm here to save Wyatt and the baby.”

“Leo . . .” Piper looked to her husband.

“I'll be back,” He orbed out, his expression suspicious.

“That's smart,” Chris said, “Send him up to the Elders.” Piper tensed more, holding Wyatt closer to her. “They won't know who I am though. What they do know of though is of a threat concerning Wyatt . . .” and to Buffy. “And your unborn daughter.”

“Do you think this could have something to do with what Leo said about no child being conceived of a vampire before?” Paige muttered to Pheobe, who shrugged.

“The world I'm from is a horrible, dark, and scary place,” Chris told them, “That's why I came back . . . to change it. To make the lives of everyone better.”

“From what? What's so horrible about your future?” Piper retorted.

“i can't really tell you . . . but I will tell you it has something to do with Wyatt and that baby. The two of them are key. Without them . . . we're all dead anyway.”

“That doesn't sound good,” Buffy said to Piper who shook her head in agreement.

“What do our kids have to do with you?” Piper questioned.

“That's a good question,” Chris sighed, “One you'll know in time. I can't explain it now.”

“Are we supposed to be buying this?” Buffy stood up now, holding on to Pheobe and Paige's hands for support, “'Cause you haven't really told us anything but that we're going to die, so if you don't mind we're going to need a little bit more.”

“You should really calm down, lower your stress level,” Chris told her. Buffy stared in confusion. “Prevent some future . . . problems.” The expectant Slayer sat back down, taken aback. “I understand that you are all confused right now. Right now I just need you to trust me. Wyatt and the baby's lives are depending on it. History shows that the day your daughter was born, Buffy, both she and Wyatt were kidnapped by very powerful demons.”

Buffy and Piper visibly tensed.

“They were raised by those demons and become the most powerful evil force on Earth. Together they control everything. Everyone,” Chris told them, “Humans, demons, the Elders . . . even the four of you.”

“Oh god!” Buffy sucked in a breath.

“We'll stop them,” Paige put her hand on the teen's shoulder.

“We will,” Pheobe put her hand on Piper's shoulder.

“No . . .” Buffy began breathing deeply, “I think I'm in labor . . .”

Piper, Pheobe, Paige, and Chris turned to her with panic on their faces. “What does that mean?

“It means that all hell is about to break loose,” Chris said.

As Buffy continued to breathe deeper, the windows crashed and several ugly looking demons forced their way into the room.

“Oh god . . . it hurts!” Buffy cried.

“This is definitely not good,” Pheobe said as the demons began to attack and Buffy cried out in pain.


Meanwhile in Sunnydale Willow walked through the rooms of the mansion, her hand held out and holding a ring—a Claddagh ring--not Buffy's, but Angel's. She'd found it while helping the others search the mansion after Buffy disappeared. Now, in a round-a-bout way, Willow was returning it to Angel.

She bent down and set down the ring on the ground. She looked around, “Where you are, Buffy . . . I hope you're okay. And . . . I hope you come back soon.”

The redhead stood up. “We all miss you, Buffy. Please come back soon.” Without another word, she walked right back out of the mansion.

However, unknown to Willow . . .

. . . the forgotten Claddagh ring began to shake and was suddenly the focus of a bright beam of light. And then . . . a man appeared. A dark-haired . . . naked man.



“Aaaaah!” Buffy cried.

“It's going to be okay, Buffy,” Pheobe tried to calm down the Slayer and held Wyatt at the same time. Around her Piper, Chris, and Paige were fighting the demons, “You just need to breath and stay calm.”

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Buffy screamed. Another cry filled the air . . . the baby was born.

Pheobe held the newborn, “It's a girl!”

Instantly the demons turned and one of them shouted, “The Chosen Child!” The demons started coming toward them.

“Guys!” Pheobe called out. Next to Pheobe, young Wyatt blinked—his eyes an orby blue—and every demon literally blew up into a million pieces. They were gone.

Buffy, sweat dripping down her face and lungs and heart working overtime, commented. “Okay . . . that was weird.”

“Yep,” Piper watched as Wyatt crawled over to the new baby and sat next to her protectively. Buffy sat up and Pheobe handed her the newborn. Wyatt promptly followed.

“Hi baby,” Buffy held the little girl close, “What should I name you? How about . . . Madison. Yeah, that's perfect. Madison Vanessa Summers. My little miracle. You're Daddy would be so proud.”

“You miss him, don't you,” Piper observed.

“Never goes away,” Buffy shrugged, “I don't think it will. But . . . I can't focus on that. I have Madison to worry about now.”

“Think you'll ever go home?” Paige asked.

“I don't think so,” Buffy shook her head, “There really isn't anything there for me anymore . . .”


Angel lay on the ground, gasping for un-needed breath. His face morphed into his vampire visage. He growled. “Buffy!”

To Be Continued . . .

A.N. I know, it's a horrible climatic ending! Good thing there's lots more to come!! What do you think of the info about the future? The baby's name? Nessa is miracle in Hebrew so I thought I'd had the Van to make Vanessa. What do you think Wyatt being so protective of Madison means? Hmm... tune in!!

P.S. sorry about the mixup with the claddagh rings.
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