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Prophecy Girls

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Summary: Set after Buffy S2 Becoming and Charmed S5 Baby's First Demon - Buffy leaves Sunnydale after sending Angel to hell harboring a secret. Where does she go? San Francisco

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Chapter Six: New Slayer In Town

Prophecy Girls

BtVS S2 “Becoming Part 2" A.U. / Angel A.U. / Charmed post S8 “Forever Charmed” Buffy/Angel

A.N. The Sunnydale and San Francisco stuff are going to be seperate chapters from now on. There's just too much that needs to happen in both to put it all together. That would get just a little confusing. Essentially it'll be like two different fics in the same one. They'll be marked at the beginning, the town'll be named and we'll stay there the whole fic. And before anyone can ask, it'll be quite a long time before Buffy is reunited with the Sunnydale gang. A lot needs to happen in both towns before a reuniting can happen. With that said, we'll continue.

Chapter 6: New Slayer In Town


It had been about a month since Angel came back. Most of the time Angel went on patrols by himself but sometimes Buffy's friends tagged along with him. He would much rather they didn't come. He didn't want to have to worry about protecting them while he was killing demons and vampires. Personally, he didn't know how Buffy had done it. They were about the least stealthy people he'd ever worked with—including when he'd been Angelus.

Buffy. He wished he knew where she was. Was she okay? What was she doing? Why did she leave? When would she come back?

Would he ever see her again?

Giles and the others had told her when he was lucid again that she ran away that day in the mansion. They said they'd been looking for months exhausting every resource they could but nothing ever came up.

Angel had contacts they didn't know about. Old allies, enemies, and snitches that he'd gathered in his days as Angelus as well as in Sunnydale. He'd sent out word he was looking for Buffy to those sources and there were just a few he hadn't hit yet. Not that Giles or anyone needed to know. No reason to build up there hopes before it needed to be.

He was sure he would find Buffy though. He'd find her someday. She couldn't stay hiding forever.

“You sure this is the way to the diner?”

The unfamiliar female voice cut through the night. Angel stopped. Not long after the others bumped into him, also stopping abruptly.

“Oh, yeah. It's just a short cut,” An unfamiliar male voice. “Trust me.”

“It's just . . . it's dark and scary and there's no one around,” the female whined.

“Relax. I”ll protect you,” the male said.

There was some shuffling . . . then a meaty punching sound. “Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing!”

Angel took this opportunity to join the two, a stake in hand. But . . . what he found when he turned the corner around the mausoleuum wasn't what he expected. A brunette was attack the male. The male yelled and his face screwed up into a vampire visage. Angel figured he'd better step in before the girl gets hurt.

But it seemed as if she didn't need help. She was punching and kicking and using other techniques against the guy like it was nothing. She turned to Angel, nodded to the stake in his hand. “Can I borrow that?” She grabbed the wooden stake. “I'm Faith.” Angel just stood, stunned.

“I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there's a new vampire slayer in town,” Oz observed. Xander, Willow, and Cordelia were just as open-mouthed as Angel.

A few more punches and kicks and a stake through the heart later—Faith slayed the vampire. Dust flew around the cemetery grass. Faith dusted herself off and handed Angel his stake back. “Thanks for the stake.”

“No problem. . .” Angel said.

Faith threw back her arms and stretched. “So . . . where's a girl gotta go to have some fun around here?”

They all just stared at her.


“So . . .” Oz broke the silence as they were all scattered around the library. “New Slayer.”

“Yes,” Giles nodded.

“Yeah, but how?” Cordelia said.

“Well Buffy died, even for a second,” Willow said, “Then Kendra came.”

“Now Kendra's dead,” Xander said.

“Paving the way for Faith,” Giles said.

“That's me,” Faith held out her arms. “Figured I'd check out Sunnydale, slay some vamps. Plus I heard you guys were short a Slayer. Thought I'd help out.”

“Don't you have a Watcher?” Cordelia said.

“She kinda got dead,” Faith said.

“Kinda?” Xander said.

“Yeah,” Faith nodded, “Nasty vamp by the name of Kakistos. Slaughtered her right in front of me.”

“That's awful,” Willow leaned into Oz.

“Yeah, well,” Faith shrugged, “He got what was comin' to him. Scarred his face . . . followed by a two-by-four to the heart.”

“So why are you here?” Cordelia blurted.

Faith shrugged again, “No where else to go.”

“I have contacted the Council and they are sending another Watcher to, er, be Faith's Watcher. He should be here any time now,” Giles said.

“Another Giles?” Cordelia whined. “All English and tweedy . . . great this ought to be fun.”

“I can hear you,” Giles said.

“I know,” Cordelia said as if she hadn't said anything bad at all.

“When's he coming?” Willow said.

“Right now.” They all turned. A man in a light grey suit with glasses appeared in the library doorway. “Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Watcher's Council.”

Oz turned to Willow, “New watcher.” She nodded.

“Howdy,” Faith half-waved.

“You would be Faith,” Wesley guessed. She nodded. He looked to the others. “And all of you?”

“They're friends,” Giles said. And then quieter, “Of Buffy's.”

Wesley nodded. “I see. And since Miss Summers is no longer an active Slayer I don't forsee a need for all of you.”

They were all too stunned to speak. Even Giles.

“The Council has decided that all search for Miss Summers has been deemed unuseful and no long has any interest in her return. She left, of her own free will, and the Council hasn't any time for a wayward Slayer. They choose to focus on Faith, the active Slayer.” Wesley spoke.

“But-but they can't do that,” Willow turned to Giles for help but he just stared at the wall. Anger was present on his face.

“They can and they have,” Wesley nodded. “As for Mr. Giles . . .” The new Watcher turned to his colleague. “I'm afraid they've let you go. As far as they're concerned Miss Summers is dead and once a Watcher's slayer is dead . . .”

“They're let go,” Giles finished solemnly, sighing. Wesley nodded.

“You can't fire Giles!” Xander spoke.

“The Council has agreed to allow Mr. Giles to consult with the new Slayer,” Wesley said. “That is all.” Without another word Wesley Wyndam-Pryce left the room. It was then that they all noticed it was dark outside.

“Well . . .” Xander sighed, “That wasn't good.”

“How will we find Buffy?” Willow said.

“Just because the Council is no longer interested does not mean we will stop looking for her,” Giles said. “It will be much harder now without the resources the Council has to offer . . . but we'll find her.”

“We're in,” Oz spoke. Xander, Willow, and Cordelia nodded.

“I'm in too,” Faith said. They all looked at her, surprised. “Look, I know you don't know me and I don't know you. I don't know Buffy either. But I'm a Slayer just like her. And, Slayers are supposed to be the good guys. So . . . maybe she just got in over her head and needs help but doesn't know how to ask. Yeah, I'll help you find her.”

“Good, then we're all agreed,” Angel pushed through the doors. “We're going to find Buffy.”

To Be Continued . . .

A.N. New Slayer, new Watcher. Giles is fired and the Council has no interest in finding Buffy . . . but the Scooby Gang's still going to look for her. However Buffy doesn't want to be found.

Next chapter: San Francisco.
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