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Prophecy Girls

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Summary: Set after Buffy S2 Becoming and Charmed S5 Baby's First Demon - Buffy leaves Sunnydale after sending Angel to hell harboring a secret. Where does she go? San Francisco

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Charmed > Buffy-CenteredbtvsfrkFR1389,80412019,17020 Sep 0823 Jan 10No

Chapter Eight: Fact Finding Mission

Prophecy Girls

BtVS S2 “Becoming Part 2" A.U. / Angel A.U. / Charmed post S8 “Forever Charmed” Buffy/Angel

Chapter 8: Fact-Finding Mission


Angel sauntered into Willy's place, a mission in mind. Willy visibly flinched at the sight of the vampire as he used a dirty rag to wipe off the counter. The other demons and vampires in the room rolled their eyes, turning their heads away. “A-Angel, my good buddy.” The owner tried to act cool but everyone in the room knew he was scared. “Sit down, buddy. What'll it be? Blood? Booze? I just got this organic peanut in. People love 'em.”

“I'm sure they do,” Angel sat down at the bar.

“I know why you're here,” Willy said.

“Is that so,” Angel pretended to act surprised.

Willy nodded, “Yeah.” He leaned in, whispering. “Your girl's gone missin'. Split's more like it.”

Angel didn't say a word. He'd just let Willy do all the talking.

“I know what you're thinkin',” Willy absent-mindedly wiped the top of his nose. “You're thinkin' that Willy's heard where she is.”

“You do hear things,” Angel coached.

“Comes with the job,” Willy shrugged. “Part time drink-pourer, part time shrink. People forget that demons have feelings too.”

Angel sighed, deciding not to correct him. He was here for information, not a lesson in demons. However, he was losing patience. “So . . . have you heard things?”

“Hmm...” Willy shook his head. “Can't say that I have, buddy.”

Now he was annoyed. He knew that Willy knew something. He had to. A slayer doesn't go missing without a gossip trail. Demons were worse gossipers than humans by a long shot. His arm shot out, grabbing Willy by the shirttails. “Listen, Willy. Why don't we go in the back and finish this conversation.” The next part he whispered, “Try anything and when I'm through with you there won't be enough to identify you. Let alone that you were a person at all.” He paused. “Understand.”

Willy choked under Angel's hold but he nodded. Angel let go and followed Willy behind the bar and into the back room. They shut the door behind them. Willy grabbed a can from his desk and took a drink. He looked at Angel. “Organic cola. You want one?”

“Really don't,” Angel replied.

“That's fair,” Willy nodded. “I've been trying to lay off the booze lately. Stuff does nasty things to my insides.”

“About Buffy,” Angel said.

“Right, the Slayer,” Willy nodded. He took a drink. “No idea Angel. I haven't heard anything. Well, except for celebration.”

Angel wasn't impressed. “You've heard nothing about where she is.”

“Honest, Angel. None of the demons or humans who've come into my bar since she left know anything. And truthfully, they don't care. Before that new chick Faith came into town it was slayer-free. All they know is that she ain't here and that's alright with them. And as long as she stays gone, they could care even less.”

Later as Angel told the others what Willy said, he really thought about what it meant. Nobody knew where Buffy was. Nobody cared. Not the demons, not the Watcher's Council. He cared. Willow and Xander and Giles and the others cared. Her mother cared. They were really the only hope she had left.

He was determined now more than ever to find Buffy, whatever the cost.

To Be Continued.

A.N. Sorry this one's so short. It's harder to write the Sunnydale chapters right now because all that's happening is the search for Buffy. It'll pick up soon though. Next chapter's San Francisco, the continuation of the Magic School quests. What will Buffy and Piper find in the nursery? Is Paige a good teacher? Where will the wolf guide lead Pheobe and what information will she gain from it? And what's the purpose Gideon means for Leo?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Prophecy Girls" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jan 10.

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