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Wavewind Tales

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This story is No. 2 in the series "One-that-could-be-more-shots". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: There are worlds within the world. Places that shouldn't exists but continue to do so. Areas where humans and demons have both peaceful and violent lives. One such place is Wavewind City. This is the story of a prince, a council, and past memories.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralJaredDrakeFR1812,1070192421 Sep 0821 Sep 08No
Disclaimer: Anything recognizable from BTVS and Angel belongs to Joss Whedon. Anything else that you might recognize from a video game, Anime/manga, or TV show belongs to their respective owners.

A/N: Read notes at the end of the fic

Fic: Wavewind Tales 0/?

Council HQ, London, Briefing room #7

“Wavewind City,” Xander began. The holographic map floating above meeting room table zoomed in on the northwestern coast of America. “It’s located on the coast of Washington State, pretty near to Seattle. You can think of it as what Sunnydale was to Los Angeles. It’s as important as our former home, but much bigger.”

“Wavewind City…” Faith drawled out, sprawled out as she was on her chair with her feet on top of the table. “Never heard of it.”

The only other person in the room, other than Xander, stared into the map as if lost in her thoughts; she looked at the holographic image intently. “I’ve heard of it,” she finally said, drawing the attention of the others in room. “It’s one of the hidden cities.”

“Hidden Cities?” Faith asked. “Whatcha mean by that Dawnie? Doesn’t look like its hiding to me.”

Dawn immediately leaned on the table, one elbow on it with her chin resting on her palm. Everyone in the room recognized it as her patented thinking pose, one people noticed she did every since she graduated from college and started working for the council as a Watcher.

“The term ‘Hidden cities’ is just a loose phrase associated with areas of land that are hidden away from normal eyes.” Dawn began, “In size, they can be anything from an area the size of Texas to small places as big as Sunnydale – quite small. The only thing they have in common is the fact that creatures that aren’t suppose to exist live there – sometimes alongside humans.”

“Is that so,” Faith said. She turned to the map and noticed that Wavewind city was colored in red, as were several other areas on the map. Reaching over to the small device projecting the map she flicked a few buttons that expanded the area shown and was gifted with a view of the world. Faith instantly noticed that the map was drastically different from what she was used to. North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, each continent was different from what she remembered. Places like Australia were shaped differently and areas like South-East Asia had more islands than they were supposed to.

“Holy shit…” Faith muttered. “I’ve been workin for the Watchers Council for five years now and I’ve never heard of this. And you’re saying that we’ve got Demons there? I don’t think you’ve ever sent Slayers to any of these places!” By this point Faith was pissed. Dawn and Xander could visibly see it.

“That’s because, for the most part, we don’t.” Xander said, “Or rather, we can’t. These places are hidden for a reason.”

“Most of them have communities that govern themselves.” Dawn continued. She manipulated the hologram and the image shifted, zooming in on several floating islands. “For example, the Sky States of Bhujerba in the Indian Ocean are ruled by the Marquis Halim Ondore. Any form of civil disobedience is severely punished there, to the point that Demons consider the place a safe haven from hunters.”

Once again Dawn reached over to the hologram controls and the map shifted to Africa. This time it was in a large valley in the middle of the continent. While Faith wasn’t the most learned individual when it came to geography, she could see that the mountain range surrounding the area reached the size and height of the Himalayas. Further, she could also see that that the trees in the valley were much larger than they should be; they were the size of redwoods.

‘Red does some good work.’ Faith thought, all of the images she’d seen so far were projected in real-time. The information supplied to the map was gathered by a ‘magical satellite’ that Willow had created just over a year ago with the help of technomancers under the council’s employ. It gave the council tactical information that no other country could match. While it hadn’t reached the point of where it gave them zero lag-time when it came to updating information, the amount of detail supplied certainly handed them an edge when planning out raids against their enemies. Faith could personally attest its effectiveness.

“Sholazar Valley.” Dawn explained, “Right smack at the border between Niger and Chad, it’s a place that shouldn’t exist. A literal ‘lost world’. Dinosaurs and Demons reaching the size of the Mayor’s transformation live there. It’ll be pre-meditated murder to send any slayer teams to the valley.

“Won’t stop from the nasties coming out,” Faith commented.

“True,” this time it was Xander who spoke. “But if you look at the area outside of the valley you’d see twelve huge stones surrounding the mountain range. The geeks call them ‘Obelisks’, they’re some sort of defensive measure that someone built a few thousand years ago, it prevents whatever's inside from coming out. We’re not sure who built them though.” Reaching over, Xander thumbed the machine again and the image shifted to Wavewind city once again.

“The point is there are places in the world that most people don’t know exist. Most are dangerous, some are not. It’s been five years since we took over the council and it’s taken us this long properly train and field agents to the point where we’re becoming a force to be taken notice of.” Xander, from his position on the wall, looked at Faith before continuing. “Trust me, those red spots on the map? You’re gonna be seeing a lot of them before the year is over; if you get out of Wavewind City alive.”

The atmosphere in the room became a lot more serious after Xander said that. So much so that Dawn began to make mental notes in the back of her mind, storing everything Xander was saying for future use.

Wavewind City, as explained earlier, was a place located at the Northwest coast of America. It was a city of humans and demons controlled by two rivaling factions. One faction was the House of Vossler and the other the House of Chimaere.

“We’ve confirmed that the House of Vossler is made up of demons that the researchers call ‘Fae’,” Xander explained. The hologram changed from a map to a three dimensional image of a humanoid creature, “They look like elves, but are much nastier. According to Willow they use a lot of magic to enforce their power; every member can use magic and are very good at it. They’ve been butting heads with the House of Chimaere for the last two hundred years.”

The next image they were presented with was quite different from the last one. Two three-dimensional humanoid frames hovered above the table, the one on the left looked completely human while the other the right was a creature straight out of a nightmare. The nightmare creature was still shaped like a humanoid, with a few differences. It was big, around eight-feet in height. Large bat-like wings extended from behind it while claws made up its hands and goat-like hooves completed the picture. Its face was definitely demonic-looking, large horns and fangs. Very stereotypical, but looking very dangerous.

“The leaders of the House of Chimaere are classified as ‘Hybrids’.” Xander pointed to the human-looking image. “This is what they usually look like. Human. Nothing to distinguish them from anyone else…” He then pointed to the adjacent picture. “…until they transform into that. Although, the picture on the right is only one example of a transformation, there are a lot of varieties from what our contacts have told us.”

“How do I kill em?” Faith asked. She was genuinely interested now. The creature in front of her looked bad-ass compared to the lily-boy image the example from the House of Vossler presented.

“They’re immune to magic and are physically strong. We’re not sure how they’ll fare against a Slayer, but they beat the crap out of most demon-types.” The hologram then cycled through a few demonic members of the House of Chimaere before it settled into the layout of the city.

“Your primary task is reconnaissance. We want to know everything about the city. What parts of it the factions control, what demon-types live there, how are the humans treated. You’re also tasked to find out what happened to the House of Wavewind.”

“The House of Wavewind?” Dawn asked, “I suppose they used to rule the city?”

“Yeah, they did.” Xander answered, “They controlled the city for three hundred years until they were slaughtered thirteen years ago.” By this time Xander moved to a chair opposite Dawn and Faith, right across the hologram emitter. The map zoomed in on the affluent part of town, centering on a large mansion. “This is where the leader of the House of Wavewind, Matthew Wavewind, used to live.” A picture came up.

Matthew Wavewind was tall, handsome, and blond. He had a swimmer’s frame, slender but lightly muscled. He carried himself like an aristocrat and had the clothes to match. However, if anyone was expecting an arrogant, lazy, facade regarding the man, they would’ve been pleasantly surprised. Warm blue eyes immediately captured your attention; they gave a genial but amazingly hardened impression.

“Hot.” Dawn muttered, “He looks like a nice guy, tough, but nice.”

“He was,” Xander responded. “…according to Giles at anyway.”

“Giles knew him?”

“Yeah, before he and his family were killed Matthew Wavewind was a good friend of the old Watcher’s council. He didn’t allow them to pull any crap within his city, but he helped them whenever he could. What exactly happened to his family is something the Upper echelon of the council is especially interested in finding out.”

“What happened to them?” Faith stated, “I would’ve thought that those Vossler and Chimaera guys had something to do with their murder. Kinda obvious isn’t it?”

“I guess so,” Xander responded. “We don’t know that though, no proof. That’s why we’re asking you to investigate it.”

“So we go to the city,” Dawn said. “Look around, scope out how strong the House of Vossler and Chimaere are, check out the demon-types living there, and find out what happened to the Wavewind family. Anything I missed?”

“No, that’s about it.” Xander responded, “We’re giving you five slayers, a witch and a Watcher to help out. You two are in charge.”

“Sweet,” Faith drawled out stretching. “When do we leave?”

“As soon as you can.”

A few days later... Wavewind City, Steel District:

Four teenagers, of various ages, were walking on the sidewalk, three boys and a girl. The largest one was about six-foot in height, he was wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, and was munching on a bag of chips.

“Hey Shika,” the tall boy called out to the boy next to him. “You want some?”

“What?” Shika responded, looking at his friend. He clothes were drastically different from the boy who called out his name. He wore dress pants, a polo shirt, jacket and a tie. A pair of square, wire-frame, glasses were on his face. His hair tied up in a way that made his hair look like the top of a pineapple. “No, thanks Chou. Just had some lunch.”

“With who?” The only girl in the group asked. “Why are you dressed like that anyway?”

“HM?” Shika looked at his clothes, “I was in a meeting with one of our suppliers. Had to dress up in this monkey-suit for it. Damn troublesome if you ask me.” He gave the girl a once over after he finished talking. “How about you Issy? What’s up with the clothes?”

‘Issy’ looked at her clothes once before glaring at Shika. “Something wrong with what I’m wearing, retard?” She wore a thin, white, sleeveless top over a black corset-like dress that ended up with a layered skirt. Black, knee length, heeled boots completed her outfit. Her platinum blond hair was unbound and reached the middle of her back.

Shika glared right back before rolling his eyes. He was about to retort when the last member of the group spoke up.

“Quiet.” Issy and Shika immediately stopped their chatter.

“What’s up ‘ruto?” Chou asked.

“Someone’s following us.”

A/N: 2k words. Quite an achievement for me. This the second story I've bothered to do that I didn't stop at 200. Anyone confused yet? I've added a lot of cross-fic information that many probably won't get. Tell me what you think though, please. I've decided to start writing fanfics to improve my writing. Some reviews would help my grammar, storytelling, and encourage me to do more.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wavewind Tales" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Sep 08.

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