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Past Lives

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Summary: The search for the Key is not over. Un/Luckily for Dawn there are a few Dagon Monks left. What happens when they decide to do a spell and send the Key(Dawn) to a safer place? What does Jack O'Neill have to do with this? And can Buffy fix it?

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Theme: Dawn's Real FamilyMercyJonesFR735,1312438,22821 Sep 0821 Feb 10No

Too Much Thought Makes Bad Things Happen, Right?

Not sure if I'm gonna continue this fic. I wanna see how people feel about it first.
So... the more reviews/recommendations, the more likely the story will continue.

Also, not too thrilled with my title. Suggestions?

Disclaimer: I no stargate or btvs. :(


It had been over three years. Three goddamn years! She had thought herself in the clear. Free of trouble! The sky was hers! How could she still be the Key? Glory had taken the one shot she had at using her and though she technically succeeded, never lived to see it. Kind of ironic, or unfortunate really, but either way, the time of the Key was over.

Wasn't it?

Tears dripped down already soaked cheeks.

Apparently, the Knights of Byzantium didn't get the memo.

They had waited, planned their pretty little plan out all in their heads. They waited for things to settle down, for Dawn to pull away from the Scoobies and the now large group of Slayers.

And pull she had.

Now, here she was, in the basement of some obscure warehouse, in some obscure town, with Knights banging on all the doors and windows, their intent clear. Dawn stood in the center of the room, the last of the Dagon Monks surrounding her.

Oh, yes. There were still some hiding out there.

And for that, Dawn would be forever grateful.

They were ferociously trying to get out their spell. Exactly what it was, Dawn hadn't a clue. The dialect was nothing she had ever heard before, though it was incredibly familiar, but they had assured her she would be safe. That they would protect her.

So she trusted them.

How could she not? Not only had they sworn to protect the Key, but they had sent her to Buffy.

Speaking of whom, Dawn really wished her sister was here. Or would get here soon. Buffy really had the knack of showing up just in the nick of time. It was very stressifying.

A wave of heat flushed over Dawn. She looked down at her arms and let out a restrained sound of panic. Her arms were glowing green. Freaking green! This could not be good... not good not good not good not good!

“Hey... guys?” Dawn squeaked, as she looked down at the rest of her body.


All green.

“Umm...” Suddenly, she wondered whether or not she should have trusted the Monks. Sure, they sent her to Buffy... but what if protecting her meant something else this time? Oh, God! Would they take her away from the Scoobies, from Buffy? “W-what are you doing? What spell is thIS!” Her voice ended in a high pitched scream as her body suddenly felt like it was being pulled every which way.

No matter what they did... Buffy would fix it.



A sigh burst from Jack's mouth.

His knees hurt.

Really bad.

Jack wasn't a very introverted kinda guy. He didn't like to think too much about things. Nope, as far as he was concerned, nothing needed too much thought. Thinking too much made things much more complicated then they needed to be.


No need to think too hard about Carter's new beau. Nope, she was happy, that was good. So what if right now she was revealing classified information that most people on the base were forced to keep secret from their families. She was happy.

Daniel wasn't though. No, siree. But then again, having your possessed ex-girlfriend hijack your dreams could kinda put a damper on your mood.

As for Teal'c... well, he was Teal'c. He seemed alright. Jack wasn't worried.

When Jack hit a red light, he took the chance to roll his neck and try to get the kinks out. When did he start getting o-oh-ho-hooold on there... nope, not gonna go there. Nope, only place he was going was to his nice big comfy luscious bed.

The rest of the drive home, that's what he thought of: his nice bed. Yeesss. An empty house, no one to expect anything from the tired old man -scratch that- from the tired overworked man after a day of nice explosions and running. He could just clonk out on his bed and fall into a nice, deep, much needed sleep.

He couldn't wait to get home.

He practically sped the rest of the way.

Oh, he lept out of his truck with a careful flourish (he had his knees to think about after all), and practically skipped into his house.

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

Who was in his home?

Jack frowned. There a smell. A familiar smell, but a foreign smell in his house nonetheless.

It smelled like...


No! Lemon Pledge!


Who cleaned his house? Who would muster up the courage to clean it more than it already was? Jack was far from a messy person (years in the military put an end to that), but there was only ever one person who would clean...

Oh, no.

Jack marched from the front door straight towards the second bedroom. He didn't even bother to knock, instead he just burst the door open.

It was his damn house after all.

“What are you doing here?”

The brunette spun around, her eyes wide. The seventeen year old smiled nervously and closed the dresser drawer she had been filling with clothes.

“Surprise!” the huge fake smile plastered on Dawn's face faltered at Jack's glare, “Aren't you happy to see me, Daddy?”
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