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Positive Interference

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Summary: When Buffy dies in the jump to save her sister, The Powers interfere, in an effort to keep their most successful Champion in an active status, to derail several future threats, and to give back a little of what she had lost. Response to Challenge 2468.

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Positive Interference 

Disclaimers: I own nothing and no one. Therefore, no profit has been or will ever be made from this story. ‘Nuff said. 

Spoilers: ‘Ascension’, Stargate SG-1, S. 5, Ep. 3; Buffy’s death in ‘The Gift’, S. 5, Ep. 22 (Season Finale) 

Rated: 18, possibly 21, for violence and sexual situation. Some might even be explicit. Okay… okay… most of them probably will be. 

Pairings: All of my favorite pairings are in here. Sam/Janet, Buffy/Faith, Willow/Tara 

Summary: When Buffy dies in the jump to save her sister, The Powers interfere, in an effort to keep their most successful Champion in an active status, to derail several future threats, and to give back a little of what she had lost. Response to BuffyCharmed’s Challenge ‘Too Much Interference’. 

Anything I’ve missed (disclaimer related) I can’t think of it at the moment, but it still applies. 

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to be my beta-readers. I really needed you guys. 

Special Thanks to IceFlame55 & Bill Gopher. They're always there to help out whenever I've run into the proverbial brick-walls. 


Whistler looked at the Slayer as she rested in a kind of stasis. A feeling of foreboding filled him as he listened to The Powers angrily arguing over their Champion. It was the angry part that made him uneasy. The Powers didn’t usually concern themselves with lesser beings enough to invest emotion. 

“This was not foreseen,” one of the disembodied voices stated curiously. “We did not expect the Champion to sacrifice her own life for one that was merely created out of necessity.” 

“This is unconscionable,” a second voice snarled furiously. “The Key was supposed to be returned to us once the threat was eliminated. This Champion has thwarted us yet again. This cannot go unpunished.” 

Whistler quickly intervened before that line of thought could get too far. “If I may speak?” 

“What do you have to say, Voice?” One of them asked. 

“I think in this case we all may have misjudged this particular Champion's dedication to the lives of those that she loves. She had already demonstrated how far she was willing to go to keep them safe when she willingly traded the Box of Gavrok for the life of her friend, and you made the Key her sister. If she was willing to go so far for the life of one that she ‘considers’ family, can we honestly be surprised at how far she would go for one that ‘is’ family?” 

“She was not family.” Whistler could hear the disgusted sneer in the voice. “She was a temporary construct, and meant to be returned to us. That is why we allowed the demon his opening to spill her blood once the Hell Goddess had been taken care of.” 

“I have watched the Slayer for years,” Whistler said. “I know her. The moment that you made the construct, and integrated a life for her in the memories of the Slayer and her friends and mother, the construct became her sister in every sense of the word, regardless of the truth that she later discovered.” 

“Hmm,” Voice #1 considered. “It may be that he is correct. It has been an age since we have bothered to discern the reasoning of the lesser beings more than was necessary for our purposes.” 

“Regardless, we cannot simply let this one go.” A new voice interjected. “She is by far the most successful Champion that we have had in a millennium.” 

“Perhaps we can use this to our advantage.” Voice #1 mused thoughtfully. “We are all aware that this Slayer cannot remain a part of the Slayer Line. Her presence there has been disrupting the balance. She has died once already, and if she returns again, in any form, it will tip the balance too far to one side.” 

“Such a thing will give our Enemy an opportunity to gain a foothold.” Voice #2 was startled out of its anger at that news. “That cannot be allowed. Although I do agree that we cannot simply allow this particular champion to be released just yet. There are other areas that could use her particular abilities.” 

“There is one in particular that will need her skills soon.” 

“How far have they progressed?” 

“Our Champions there have managed to destroy a significant amount of the Rejected Ones’ forces. They are once more turning their attentions on Earth, no longer satisfied with the bounties that they have already taken.” 

“It will also not be long before they draw the attention of the Corrupted, which will pose an entirely different set of problems that she will be able to attend to.” 

“It is agreed then?” Voice #1 asked the others. 

“It is agreed.” The other two voices intoned in unison. 

“We will wipe her mind clean and start anew.” Voice #2 said, almost gleefully. “She will be guided in submission as she was meant to be.” 

“It won’t work.” Whistler blurted. The ensuing silence told him that they were all ‘staring’ at him, if they had eyes. He shivered involuntarily. “Not completely, anyway. Her mind is too strong. Eventually, her memories will break through.” 

“Unfortunately, he is correct.” Voice #1 said. 

“Regardless, adjustments are required before she can be returned.” Voice #3 announced. “We must also integrate her into the lives of those she must fight alongside. Their kind will not allow an unknown to simply walk amongst them. Her essence must be changed, and she must be shielded from magical detection. At least until she recalls her true identity. Even now, the witch searches for her. She already touches the forbidden in her quest.” 

“What has been foreseen?” Voice #2 asked. 

“If she remains, the witch will succeed. She will pull the Champion from her rest, and it will not only upset the balance and give our Enemy the foothold that He needs, but it will also damage the soul of this Champion.” 

“Both situations must be avoided at all costs. A broken soul can fall into the Darkness without even being aware of it.” Voice #1 said, almost thoughtfully. 

“A compromise, then.” Voice #3 suggested. “For all of her intractability, this one is unarguably one of our greatest Champions, but even we must acknowledge that she has been forced to sacrifice too much, too quickly. Even now, animosity grows within her against us. Although she will inevitably be called to fight, let us give her a better life than the one she had here. Especially if we are denying her the peace that she has rightly earned.” 

"Acceptable." The other Voices intoned. 

“Voice, you claim to know this one." Voice #1 suddenly said. "What do you suggest?” 

Whistler’s eyes opened comically wide. They’d never asked for his opinion before. Or anyone's opinion, for that matter. He turned to look at Buffy and gave the matter the consideration that it deserved. “Lay it out for her. Tell her what’s happening and what her choices are. She’s not gonna like either one, no matter what.” 

The Voices were silent as they considered it. Finally Voice #1 spoke again. “Very well. We leave it to you to explain.” 
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