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A Potter In Miami

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Summary: What if little Harry Potter had said the words: I wish? *on hiatus sorry*

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CSI > CSI Miami
JaderoseFR151016,544135845,54522 Sep 0826 Jan 09No

Chapter 10

Author's Note: Here's the next bit of this one. I'm not entirely happy with it but I'll post it anyway. And like all the other stories the bunny has hightailed it for warmer climates so the next update may be awhile. Sorry it's a tad short, that's one reason I was waiting on posting it.

Monday morning found father and son being pulled up short from entering the lab by the thorn in their side.

“Speedle. You do realize this is a *crime lab* not a daycare, right?” Stetler snarked meanly in greeting as he placed his hands on his hips and tried to look intimidating.

“Well if you could get all the crime in Miami to stop for a day or two so I can have the days off to find a good daycare…..,” Speed retaliated as he shifted little Harry on his hip. “But since that’s not going to happen….. Besides the only places he goes are Horatio’s office, the break room and the restroom.”

“And to see Grandma Alexx and DC when they can play,” Harry piped up helpfully with a shy grin as he tightened his arms around his Poppa’s neck.

“Right. I had forgotten DC got you addicted to that idiot Bejeweled game,” Speed grumbled with a grin of his own to show he was just teasing, father and son forgetting about Stetler as they grinned at each other and touched foreheads.

“So Mr. Cooper has been letting unauthorized personnel into the AV lab and misusing official lab equipment has he?” Stetler sneered as much to end the sickly sweetness of the two in front of him as to make a mental note for the write-up he would be filling out later.

Speed sighed, tilted his head a la Horatio and replied wearily, “Nooooo. On his breaks, DC brings his laptop up to H’s office and he and Harry play on that.”

Harry glanced back and forth between the two adults before leaning over, gently taking Stetler’s face in his little hands and staring him solemnly in the eyes. “I’m sorry Miss Hallie didn’t find you when you were little.” He said sincerely as he then stunned both men by pulling Stetler closer and placing a tiny kiss on his forehead. “I know your job makes you have to be mean and its okay that you scared me the first time, I know you didn’t mean to.” He then gave both men a bright smile and wiggled until he was set down on his feet. Then with a happy wave he trotted off to say good morning to everyone else, after a visit to the little boy’s room.

“That is one amazing little kid,” Speed murmured in astonishment. “And he’s mine.” He announced with a happy grin and a clap on the arm of a still stunned Stetler. Speed nodded a farewell and followed his son, hanging back just far enough that he could keep him in sight but not crowd him. He wanted to see how everyone reacted to Harry ‘running loose’.

* * * * * * * * *
Harry trotted into the building and stopped at the check-in desk, knocking politely on the front panel. “Good morning, Miss Vicki.” He chirped in greeting as the receptionist peered over the edge of her desk. “May I please have my pass?” He paused to glance around quickly and then leaned in a bit. “I have to go to the bathroom.” He whispered with a little dance.

Vicki grinned at the cuteness and replied, “Sure, sweetie. Here ya go.” And handed the little boy the pass that the lab had made especially for him, announcing him as official lab mascot.

“Thank you Miss Vicki. Have a nice day,” Harry called out as he took his badge and started not quite running towards the men’s room, clipping the plastic card to the hem of his shirt as he went.

The woman watched until she was sure the child had reached his destination safely before turning and grinning at Speed, “Good morning, Speed.” She greeted with a grin as she handed the CSI his badge and turned the sign-in book so he could sign himself and Harry in.

“Good morning, Vicki. Any messages?” He asked with a slight grin of his own.

“Let me check.” She sorted through the piles of post-its before looking back up. “Nope. Doesn’t seem to be, maybe it’s a sign that we’ll have a slow day.”

“We can only hope. See ya,” Speed agreed as he spotted Harry coming out of the bathroom out of the corner of his eye and started following him again with an absent wave.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Potter In Miami" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jan 09.

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