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A Potter In Miami

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Summary: What if little Harry Potter had said the words: I wish? *on hiatus sorry*

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JaderoseFR151016,544135845,54522 Sep 0826 Jan 09No

Chapter One

Sorry I forgot about this:
Disclaimer: If you recongize it then I don't own it. All recongized materials belong to their respective peoples and I make no money off of this.

Shopping Center

Somewhere In London:

“Come along, boy!” Came the growled order, causing the five year old to flinch and hurry his steps as he tried to keep up with his family. It was his cousin’s, Dudley, birthday and his Aunt, Uncle and cousin were in London getting Dudley a few last minute presents to sooth the spoiled child’s latest tantrum. Poor little Harry was along because his Aunt and Uncle hadn’t had time to foster him off on old Mrs. Figg. For as long as he could remember his Aunt and Uncle, Petunia and Vernon Dursley, had hated him, he didn’t know why, that was just the way it was. Whenever they went anywhere Dudley was taken with them and Harry was left with Mrs. Figg and her stack of cat photo albums. But this time, this time Harry actually got to go with them, even if he was being growled at and yanked around painfully, he was actually on his first trip to London and he could put up with anything for that.

A hard slap across the back of his small head pulled Harry out of his joyful musings. “I said come along, Boy. Honestly, how anyone as stupid as you could be related to us I just don’t know,” came the hateful growl again as his Uncle shoved his round, almost bloated face into Harry’s thin one.

“Yes, Uncle Vernon. Sorry, Uncle Vernon.” Harry murmured quietly as he looked down and hunched his shoulders defensively.

“To right you’ll be sorry when we get home. I think two days in your cabinet for making us take you and another two for woolgathering will teach you,” Vernon promised the little boy with a vicious smirk. Harry just sighed quietly and kept his eyes downcast, he knew if he said anything it would only make things worse. With another hard stare, Vernon turned around and rejoined his wife and son, not really paying attention to whether Harry followed or not.

“I wish someone would love me. Just a little bit,” he whispered forlornly to his feet as he started to trudge after his rotund Uncle. He was brought up short by someone in a lovely skirt and strappy sandals. Harry glanced up quickly, murmuring a stammering apology, to see a pretty young woman with a sweet and gentle smile, beaming down at him.

“Did you mean it?” She asked gentle as she knelt closer to his eye level.

“Mean what, miss?” Harry queried softly with an adorably confused tilt of his head.

“The wish you just made. Did you mean it?” The young lady encouraged with a sly glance over her shoulder to make sure the boy’s family was still oblivious.

“I guess. Why?” Harry asked with all the suspicion a five year old who had been bullied and lied to all his remembering life could muster.

“Because my fine Mr. Potter, I’m going to make that wish come true,” was the reply given with a cheery grin and a ruffling of the child’s mess of black hair.

Harry stared at her disbelievingly for a few moments before requesting skeptically, “How?”

“With magic of course,” she bubbled as she stood back up and glanced around again.

“But Uncle Vernon said that there’s no such thing as magic,” Harry protested.

“Your Uncle Vernon is several things I shouldn’t say in front of such innocent ears as yours and he doesn’t know everything,” she nearly snarled as she glared over in the general direction the family had disappeared in.

“So what are you going to do and why should I trust you? Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia both said to never trust strangers,” Harry shot back as the spirit that had nearly been crushed finally pulled itself out of the dark, lonely corner of Harry’s soul and reasserted itself.

Instead of being offended the pretty woman just grinned and replied happily, “Well, first, we’re going to go to the airport. Don’t worry your ‘family’ has already forgotten you’re here. And once at the airport I’m going to buy you a ticket to anywhere you want to go. When the plane lands I’ll make you un-noticeable for a bit so that airport security doesn’t get jumpy and we’ll set about finding you a new family. How’s that?”

“Will you be with me?” Harry asked a bit fearfully. The thought of getting on one of those big planes all by himself and then wondering around a strange city was starting to scare him.

“I will. Even if you can’t see me, I’ll be right there beside you the whole way,” she reassured the child with a serious nod and a quick hug.

Harry held on tight and snuggled in for a bit, he couldn’t remember anyone every hugging him before and it was rather nice. He stilled as he heard a long forgotten tune crooned into his ear. “What’s that?” He asked as he pulled back a bit.

The lady blinked overly bright eyes and softly smiled as she answered, “It’s a song your mother used to sing to you when you were very little. It always calmed you down, no matter what.”

“You knew my parents?” He chirped hopefully, curiosity shining out of bright emerald green eyes.

“I checked up on them now and again. They loved you with all their hearts and are so very sorry that the evil man made them go away.” She assured him with another quick hug before straightening up and holding out a hand. “They said to tell you that they love you and that they’re proud of you no matter what.”

Harry sniffled as he took her hand and let her lead him out of the shopping center. “Why did the evil man make them go away?”

“Because no one loved him when he was little and so he started doing bad things. Your mom and dad were part of a group that was trying to stop him. He didn’t like that so he killed them.” She stopped and knelt back down so she could look him in the eye. “And I don’t want to scare you but he tried to kill you too. That way everyone else would be too terrified to stop him and he wouldn’t have to worry about your family anymore. What he didn’t count on was your Momma loving you soooo much that it saved your life and killed him.”

“So he’s gone?” Harry questioned just to make sure.

“Yep. Long gone.”

“Good.” He stated with a sharp, serious nod, causing her to grin as they started in the direction of the airport and Harry Potter’s, Savior of the Wizarding World, new life.
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