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Computer Trouble

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Summary: ** ON HOLD** The gang is ignoring Willow after her 'Will be done' Spell. Now she is all alone as all she has is Mai. Now the only thing Will is worried about now is why are guys in black suits chasing them both for?

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The Search is Over

Title: Computer Trouble

Author: Lady Of The Rings

Disclaimer: I own niether BTvS or The Matrix.

Summary:The gang is ignoring Willow after her 'Will be done' Spell. Now she is all alone as all she has is Mai. Now the only thing Will is worried about now is why are guys in black suits chasing them both for?

Feedback: I love it! Nothing makes me more happy.

Pairing: Willow/Tank Mai/Neo

Rating: R.....might change

Author's Note: This is a slight AU fic. This takes place right after the end of the first movie. everything after the will be done spell ep didn't happen. Some things will change here and there for the storylines to fit.

Archives: Near Her Always, Bite Me....Please, TTH, or any will site just ask, I'll say yeah.

New A/N: I know this might be a little different from normal matrix x-over fics but bare with me, please. Oh and don't be too hard on me as I tried a romance scene to my best abilty.


Chapter Two

The next couple of days was full of killing new demons, patroling and training that they had no time for anything else.

In those last couple of days Will and Mai have been mildly wigged from the phone call, the dream and everything that went with it, but nothing else happened.

It was then in the Magic Box that everything was going to change.

They were just researching when the door opened and they looked up "Can we help you?" asked Giles at the suited man.

"Yes I'm looking for two girls, a Mai Lords and a Willow Rosenberg, have you seen them?" he asked. The gang slowly got up as to hide them two and get ready to fight.

"Who wants to know?" said Xander "These two young ladies have some connection to a known Thomas Anderson and I was sent to bring them in for questioning." he said like they were witnesses to a crime or something. "Nope they haven't stopped by" said Buffy.

"I see, well if you ever see them tell them that I'm looking for them, it's for there safety." he said and left. They breathed a sigh of relief.

"Who the hell was that?" asked Mai as they sat down. "I don't know, do you two know a Thomas Anderson?" asked Giles.

"No never heard of him? Mai?" said Wills. "No but it has weight to it, like I should, like we both should" she said thinking.

"We'll it's getting late we better wrap everything up till tommorrow night" Giles said and they argeed as they did and left for the night.

The girls were sleep at there own houses when banging on the door woke Mai up. She looked at the clock and it read 4:37 am.

She turned over "Whoever this is better be important" she mumbled as she got to the front door. She opened it and said after a moment.

"Oh it's you again" was all "Yes we have to go now" He said "Why? it's 4:37 in the morning, can't it wait?" she said sleepy.

"No it can't we have to go now while we still have time" Neo said in a hurry. "Time for what?" she replied back.

"Time to get you both prepared" was all he said as he walked in somehow found her room and grabbed a set of clothes and threw them at her.

"Put these on we have to move quickly" he said and she groaned and just did it.

They left an were in a car going somewhere unknown to her.

"Where we going?" she asked "A place" was all he said. When they got there they were in a room and she was not alone.

"Willow what are you doing here too?" she asked "I don't know what are you?" "Some guy came and took me out talking about little time" "Yeah a woman did the same to me"

Morpheus cleared his throat and they looked at him.

"Why are we here?" Mai asked "You are here because you are the chosen one's who will help us in our battle" he said.

"Battle? what battle?" said Mai "You battle demons?" said Will. "No our battle is this...." he told them everything that would help.

It took them some time but since they battled demons and such they could get around the idea.

Later they re-entered the real world an were still not able to move in those tanks.

Neo came by to them an stopped by Mai. He looked down at her not knowing he was being watched by the crew.

"Hopefully you will be the anwser they are looking for" he whispered to himself. Then he gasped when he felt a hand touch him.

He looked at her "I don't have to see to know where you are Neo" said Mai. They were surprised by that cause they weren't able to move anything yet.

Then after some time were up and about getting there own room and everything. They were ajusting to the new lifestyle of the real world.

They were having breakfast as everyone was sitting at the table Mai came out holding her head. "You ok?" asked Trinity.

"Yeah" she said sitting down next to Neo and began eatting her breakfast.

"So question, why is it even thought we were brought over the same way am I the only one who was in training?" she asked and they looked at each other or sighed.

"What?" she asked Morpheus looked at her "I guess the time has come to tell you" he said "Tell me what?" "We found you two cause of your being a hacker" he began "Yeah ok?"

"We'll it is said that we would find two chosen people for the roles of Main Hacker and the other one" he said and her eyes got large "Your telling me........" she couldn't finish so Neo did.

"Yes the witch was destined to be the main hacker and you burn are as I am chosen to protect and fight for this world."

She looked at him "I have to save a world now?" she begain to say they thought she was going to freak along with Willow when she said "That's all? That's a piece of cake" she said and they looked at her.

"Yeah it's really not that hard, we do it all the time so this shouldn't be different" finished Willow. They were stunded they took on the resopnsbility so fast without question.

"How is that possbile? You make it sound like a walk in the park?" asked Trinity. "Oh we'll actually, it's more like a walk in the graveyard but yeah" said Willow.

"It's not easy we'll tell you that, but we have been throught one after the other that we have gotten this saving world thing down to a fine art" said Mai.

"There crazy" said Trinity to Morpheus "They making it sound like it's soo easy, they have truely lost it" she continued to rant.

"No they haven't they just sound to me like they won't let a little thing like the world going to end cloud there judgement or make them sloppy" he said still a little worried to but not showing it.

Neo came over to her room. "Mai can I come in?" he asked and she opened the door "Yeah?" "Can we talk?" he asked and she let him in.

"Ok what's up?" she asked. "Oh we'll I want to know how it is you and your friend can be so calm about all this?"

"Oh cause where we lived before coming here was in a place where vampires roamed wild and we defeated them on a daliy basis" she said.

"Yes I know that, but how it is you are still so calm" "I thought you said you knew alot about me?" she replied back.

"I do but it's not that simple burn, when I came over it took me a while to come to the terms of what they were asking" he said sitting on the bed now.

She looked at him "We'll don't get me wrong I would freak too, if you guys came and got me and I was somewhwere else" she said pausing.

"But I wasn't I was in sunnydale and it gave the experince and know how on how it is to save the world." she paused.

"To defeat the enemy at any cost in a way, I think it was preparing me and Wills for this place. Cause it knew of our purpose, it just knew" she said to him. He just looked at her like she was so calm about everything.

"There's also something else you need to do before we start up" said Neo. "What?" "You must see the Oracle"

They touched down and docked as they got everyone strapped in to meet the Oracle.

The ride wasn't to long as the come up to the place and Morpheus and Neo stood back and waited as they went in.

Will and Mai were feeling a little nervous about this Oracle when they saw this lady making cookies. "Are you the Oracle?" asked Will.

She turned looking at them smiling. "Your here, sit down" she said and they did.

"So they found you, I bet you have all these questions about why your here, and why you were chosen" she said and they looked at her like not really.

She was surprised. "So your content with the change in your fate, you have no problems with you two being chosen for this?" she said. "No not really, is that bad?" asked Will. She smiled.

"No my dear, you two are vital to our survival, If I had met you when they brought Neo I would be more vague" she said pausing. "But, we don't have that kind of time." she said.

"Oracle, Neo told me that was another piece to it, that tell's I am the one" said Mai. She smiles at her.

"Humph, That you have to figure out on your own, It is not clear that you two are the one's we seek, even if I just told you, you are" she said.

"It's about going out there and proving that we are" said Will. she thought.

"Have a cookie" she said to them as they walked out of the room into the lobby were Morpheus and Neo were.

"So how did it go?" Neo asked "It was ok" said Will and Mai smiled as they went back to unplug.

Neo and Burn were in the training program and everyone was watching both the one's fight each other.

She was really good, as she got some good moves in on him. She even did a move that pinned him to the floor with her on him.

"So that it?" she said to him. "No" there face was so close that if either moved a tiny inch they would kiss. "This is distracting you know" she said staring at him lips and eyes.

"Yea" he said doing the same thing. Then she move away. "I'm sorry" she said then she disconnected and went to her room in a hurry. They all looked at while they unhooked Neo.

"There's something wrong with Burn" said Neo to Trinity. "There's nothing wrong with her, she just feels for you but knows it can never be, cause your with me" she said.

He looks at her "How do you know?" "Cause I was the same way when I first met you" she said. That got him to thinking.

Next what seemed like couple of days all Mai did was eat, sleep , and train. She left no room for anything else.

Everyone saw that and were starting to wonder what was eating at her to just be like this when she was so joyious and full of life the first time.

"There's something wrong with her, all she does is train and you should see how she attacks, it's like she's lost her will to live and is just and animal now" said Tank.

"She has lost all focus since that day with Neo" said Morpheus pondering the anwser. Everyone looked at him as he said that.

They had to do something if Mai lost her will to live or help, cause Neo couldn't do it alone.

She was in the hull eating her breakfast when Morpheus started to talk to her. They needed to keep her focused on the task at hand.

"Mai is there something wrong? You have just been so side tracked lately" she didn't even look up as she said.

"No I'm fine so you don't have to worry" but what stopped her was Neo talking to her. "Mai I don't know what's eating you but your not ok, far from it.

I want to know what's wrong?" she looked up at him face so broken, eyes hollow and dead. "Nothing, I am fine, I must go now" she said as she went to train.

The look they saw is what scared them. "She's lost to us, Mai is no longer here, we have failed" said Morpheus. Neo got mad "NO! I won't accept that, I can't!" he said and stalked off.

Mai was in the matrix with the others as they were researching for the latest demon so Buffy can kill it. She had to get out of the real world with the others cause just couldn't breathe there.

"You find anything?" she asked over Xander's shoulder. "Not much, what you got Buff?" he asked "The same, not much, Giles?"

"I found it, you need a blessed axe and that should do it" he said.

They got up ready to go "Alright let's kill this sucker" Buffy said as they went out to kill this annoying demon.

Some time later on the ship Tank was shouting as everyone ran into the connecting room. "What is she doing?" asked Trinity as they were watching her.

"She's going to get herself killed" said Tank. "Let me in" Neo said "I can't" said Tank so nobody did anything they just watched if she was in over her head they would help.

While the other were fighting the demon and his minons Mai was fighting some agents.

She was doing real good for herself. That was untill Smith came in and started talking about Neo.

"I don't know why you fight for him, he cares not for you, and you know that" he said to her but in the ship "That's not true!" Neo said.

"You know he cares for the other, that's why you fight, cause if you stop for one second you will know it's the truth" he paused.

"That when you care for someone they never care back so you always come in second" he said. She looked at Spike, turned back to him. That's when she was getting herself beat badly.

She was spiting up blood and moving very harshly in her chair. Neo went to take care of her. He touched her face "Come on, you know that's not true" he said softly to her. Then on screen Smith stopped with his onslaughter.

She breathed in an out. "I don't know what Neo feels for me, nor do I know what any of the people I cared about feel for me, but I'm through with hidding my feelings.

If you are going to try and kill me then let's go cause I still have work to do" she said and with that she was kicking his butt. They were getting happy. Buffy and co were just watching this as well from afar.

"What is she doing? I didn' know she could fight like that." said Xander. "Me either" said Buffy. She was doing good for herself when he hit her so hard she flew back and fell on a fallen stake. She spit out blood. "No!" Neo said almost starting to lost it.

The guys came up to her "You'll be ok" said Buffy with tears. "Yea the hospital will fix you right up" said Spike voice cracking.

"Don't die Mai" said Xander "I just want you to know you guys were good friends, and if Will comes by tell her to tell Neo I love him and I'm sorry" she said and then she flatlined.

Both groups were mourning over her already. Neo looked at her body with unshed tears. "No you can't be dead, the oracle told me I would find the other one, and how I knew was I fell for them even if I loved Trinity. So you can't died, come back like I did, you must..." he said softly to her unmoving body "cause I love you"

Smith was just turning around to leave for his job was done, now he just needed to take down Neo. When he heard gasps from the group.

The monitor came back to live and the looked at the screen she got up and just like him she was restored. "She's the one" said Morpheus amazed again that another cheated death. She looked at Smith and he was mad but walked up to her.

"Mrs. Lords it seems you are just like Mr. Anderson so shall we" "Of course" they found and he was beaten to the ground. "What?!" "Oh did I forget to mention that I'm different I have embraced my destiny a long time ago" and Kicked him far out of her reach.

She turned to the guys "Sorry guys but I gotta go someone needs me" she said "Bye telll will we miss her" "kay" she leaves while dialing. "Oparator" "Tank I need an exit" Exhales "Glad to hear your voice again, um..."

Moments later they unhooked her. She was looking at Neo. "Neo I..." Placed a finger on her lips "Shhh I know, me too" she smiles but still says "I'm sorry for scaring everyone, I was just in a hellish place from past experiences" she said.

"It's alright, were just glad your back with us" said Morpheus. "Glad to be back" she said with her foehead with Neo's. Then looks at Trin she just nodded and smiled.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Computer Trouble" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Dec 03.

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