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Computer Trouble

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Summary: ** ON HOLD** The gang is ignoring Willow after her 'Will be done' Spell. Now she is all alone as all she has is Mai. Now the only thing Will is worried about now is why are guys in black suits chasing them both for?

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Computer Trouble

Title: Computer Trouble

Author: Lady Of The Rings

Disclaimer: I own neither BTvS or The Matrix.

Summary:The gang is ignoring Willow after her 'Will be done' Spell. Now she is all alone as all she has is Mai. Now the only thing Will is worried about now is why are guys in black suits chasing them both for?

Feedback: I love it! Nothing makes me more happy.

Pairing: Willow/Tank Mai/Neo

Rating: R.....might change

Author's Note: This is a slight AU fic. This takes place right after the end of the first movie. Everything after the will be done spell ep didn't happen. Some things will change here and there for the storylines to fit.

A/N2: Mai is just another hacker will made friends with on her vaction to get out of Sunnydale for a while. They let her in the group cause they could always use another computer person for research.


Will was just sitting in the living room on her laptop researching with the guys.

She was thinking about how they have been the last few days.

Xander refused to come near her and Buffy has made it a point to have Mai as a messager of them.

When they wanted to ask a question or tell her something.

They cut her off of so many things that she was feeling like she did when Oz left her.

They didn't help they just went about there happy little lives and tried to get her on another subject when she talked about her pain.

She was in the back guest room getting another book when she walked into the guys arguing.

"You know what Buffy your were a good friend in the past but right now you not being that"

She then looked at the guys "You guys are acting all stuck up!" she shouted "You act like you never made a mistake?!"

She shouted Giles looked at her "That's not it's just...." Giles said

"Oh really? Let's see not to hurt your feelings or anything but, Xander" she said turning to him.

"You have been unlucky in woman since we all meet and some of them almost killed us, but did we push you away cause you made a mistake? No we forgave you and carried on"

She said as he looked at her "That was wrong Mai" he said to her "Why are you being like this our mistakes are different" said Buffy.

"Oh really? Does the name Angelus ring a bell to you?" she said. Buffy said "That was low Mai" she smirked at them.

"An so are you guys for treating Will so poorly she your friend or at least that's what I thought" she said pausing.

"I'm going to give you guys some time to think things through and maybe understand the possiblity of our friendship ending cause of your self-centered natures" she said and grabbed her and Wills things and laptop.

She turned around and said "Come on Wills were leaving" Will looked at them as she couldn't believe that they were thinking like this.

She put her book down and left with Mai leaving a shocked group of people.

They got to Mai's place and sat down in her living room.

"The nerve of them sometimes, like there perfect." she said pausing "Anyway we'll stay here till they cool off" She told Will. "Kay" She looked at her.

"They don't know where I live, but might stop by your house to talk to you to early" she said

"Thank you Mai you are a good friend" she said "Hey what are REAL friends for" she said as they settled in and she gave Will a tour of her place before it was time to sleep.

They did there own reseaching since Mai showed Will her computer room. They had been working hard for about four hours.

"I'm taking a break" said Mai as she rubbed her eyes. "I don't blame you" said Will as she put her book down and went to do the same.

After there break they went back into the computer room when Mai saw something weird.

"Hey Wills take a look at this?" she said an Will turned to the large monitors. "What the?" she said as the saw written on the large screens.

"The Matrix has you" Will looked at her "The Matrix?" she said puzzled "Why does that sound familiar?" said Mai.

"I don't know but we got to take this stuff to Giles remember" Will said gathering folders. "Ah yeah that's right" said Mai as she helped.

She looked up for the time when she saw another message on the screen "Follow the white rabbit"

Will didn't see it when she said "Ready?" she looked at Will "Yeah let's go" she said and shut down the computers leaving for Giles.

They were at Giles for at Least two hours and in that time the guys made up with Will.

"I'm sorry Wills we were acting like jerks" said Xander "Yeah we didn't see it , Mai had to show us which we thank" said Buffy.

Looking at Mai. "Your welcome that's what a friend does" she smirked and they smiled.

"Yeah, anyway Giles said were free so let's go to the Bronze" said Buffy happy.

"Sure" said Will smiling. "Yeah why not" said Mai.

"Great! Let me grab my bag" said Buff as she turned around and Mai saw something.

"Buffy where did you get that?" she asked she tried to look back "Oh that, I got it done a week ago" she said as she saw a white rabbit on her shoulder.

They grabbed there things "Let's good, later Giles" she said as they left.

They made the Bronze in good time and they went dancing leaving Mai and Will at a table sitting.

Mai was getting tired of sitting so she got up "I'm going to get a drink, you want?" she said "Nah" said Will as she left for the bar.

She was placing her order when she hear someone say. "So you came" she looked over to see who said that when she saw a guy in all black sitting next to her.

"You talking to me?" she said to him. She thought he was talking to someone else or that girl next to him but he said.

"Yes" that shocked her. "Why me?" she asked him. "Cause you are the one Mai" was all he said not even lifting his head to tell her that.

That shocked her as she didn't know who that was so how did he know her name.

"How do you know my name?" she said a little scared. "I know alot of things about you Mai, and I'm not going to hurt you so relax." he said still not moving.

"You and your friend are going to get a phone call when that happen be ready for anything" was all he said and then got up to leave looking her in the face for a moment then leaving.

She looked at the door of the club studded till the bartener nudged her "Miss your drink?" he said bringing her back "Oh yes, thank you" she said as she took it back to there table.

Will was on her laptop. While the others were still dancing. she thought as she drank her soda.

They all finally came back to the table. "Wow that was fun" said Buffy.

Mai was in a mood "Geez I wouldn't know now sitting at the table all night an all" said filing her nails.

They looked at her "You could of gotten up and danced or something?" said Xander "Not really into it and *I* was keeping *Will* company" she said knowing that would get her point.

"Oh we'll I think we should go it's almost three" said Buffy as she got up putting her coat on.

"Yeah it's getting late and I have to finish that research I was doing in this morning" said Will grabbing her coat.

"Yeah we'll, don't want to break up this fun filled night but I need to go home, I'm tired and have a headache so see you guys later" said Mai as she left.

"What's wrong with her?" asked Xander "I don't know, anyway let's go I can do a quick sweep before bed" said Buffy as they left.
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