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Walking the Shadow Road

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Walking Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: You've seen what they had become, now see how it all began for Buffy and Faith. The lies and deceptions that led them on the first part of their journey and walking down the shadow road...

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other BtVSBillGopherFR181640,59322513,83523 Sep 0818 Apr 10No

Chapter One

Walking the Shadow Road

Book 2 of the Walking Series

Authors - Bill Gopher & Iceflame55

Disclaimers - The Characters of Buffy and company are owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Characters and places of the Middle-Earth are owned by the Tolkien estate. We're just borrowing them all for some fun, we promise to put them back when we're finished :D.


Chapter One

His 'death' at the hands of Isildur had been painful in the extreme, but he had enough Power to keep himself together, from fragmenting completely even with his life force bound to the One Ring. If he had been weaker that bond would not have even mattered, but he wasn't and he was alive and now floating through the Void Between....

Time uncounted passed for him as he floated in the Void Between, time he'd used to gather what scraps of Power he could to himself when he heard a Song, a Song of Power that called to him. A Power that was both like and unlike his own. And so using what Power he'd regained he slowly pulled himself towards that world and that Song until he saw it. It was a little blue-white globe shining in the darkness and it was there he went, following the Song to its source...

Arriving on this world, he'd followed the Song to its destination, but he hadn't found the source of it right away. But that was alright, he had time on his side. Eventually he'd found the source, but to his surprise it wasn't a being like himself but instead a young girl of the race of Men. Confused by this he chose to watch her carefully. Days passed into weeks and soon into months and he continued to watch her, but oh how much he was learning during all this time. For all that she fought for 'good', he could sense the Darkness that lurked just beneath the surface inside of her and he considered the possibilities. He had already begun the slow and laborious rebuilding of his Power as soon as he arrived here, but now he went about watching this girl to learn everything there was to know about her; her strengths, her weaknesses and anything else that might be of use to him. His first thought had been to try and influence her, but that had turned out to be a disaster. For all her petite size and appearance she had a strength of will that was nearly as formidable as his own and he could see that this way would not work, even given enough time such a direct influence would lead him to failure. Instead he maintained his watch on her instead, seeing her inner torment as the vampire she 'cared' about turned on her and went about destroying her life piece by piece. He might have felt worried if it wasn't for the fact that she didn't let her 'hurt feelings' interfere with what she knew she had to do. Although watching this 'Angelus' as he was called, was like watching a master smith create a work of art. Another time he might have considered this being as a servant, but he sensed that in the long run Angelus would be less useful to him than the girl. Angelus would always have his own agenda with anything he might do, but the girl he knew could be bound to him.

Then after killing Angelus she ran away and he had been forced to actually watch over her as she drowned in a cloud of self-pity. That was when he finally decided it was time to step in; carefully he integrated himself into her dreams and altered them so that they no longer reflected her self-pitying feelings but finally turned to acceptance for what she'd done. Pleased with his work he left her alone and was even more pleased with her actions when she killed the Ken-Demon instead of leaving him alive. It was a slow and gradual thing with this one, but he wasn't about to give up on it, he could sense that he was making progress even if it was incremental. Then another one arrived, this one was very much different in many ways from the first. This one was taller, with dark hair, but those were just superficial differences. Inside he could feel the Darkness in this one so much closer to the surface and wild she was. Controlling this one would be as difficult as it would with the other one, but in the end once he was in charge of them both....oh the possibilities boggled the mind at what these two could achieve!

Individually these two girls made many of the 'heroes' who faced him look like children, and even though he was loathe to admit it, the Men of Numenor and the hated Elves had some of the most powerful warriours of Middle Earth among their numbers. But together, these two Slayers, they became a force of unstoppable proportions with the Power that they wielded together, two as one. Together he saw a pair of weapons that in his hands would make him virtually unstoppable, Generals who would lead his armies to victory; warriors who were killing machines equal to any Demon his old Master, Morgoth, had commanded and waiting to be unleashed by him on the populace of Middle-Earth...

Now with a viable plan that began to form in his mind Sauron for the first time abandoned his slow but steady accumulation of Power; instead he began to ruthlessly search out new sources of Power to feed upon and rebuild his lost reserves and atrophied abilities... With what he planned, Sauron needed Power to accomplish his goal; that of removing his humiliating defeat at the hands of the Elves and the Men of Gondor and Arnor. With those two bound to him and serving as his Generals, the War would have taken a much different turn, but his plans were greater than that for he meant to bind their powers to him and to do that would mean opening a Gate to take him back to before the One Ring itself had been forged in Mount Doom... [Soon enough he saw the Dark One open herself to the Darkness inside of her, embracing it as she killed without hesitation or question for her 'Master',] Sauron thought with a sneer. [How such a lesser being expected to be treated with respect and fear, even after he turned himself into a demon amused Sauron to no end and it was also why the Dark One, Faith, as she was called here, in the end betrayed Mayor Wilkins. For he had underestimated the other Slayer and the bond the two of them shared. Had he never wondered why neither Slayer tried killing the other or watched the fight between them just before his so-called Ascension? Fool!] Sauron sneered one last time before turning his mind back to more important matters.

As 'Faith' lay in a coma, healing from the injuries given to her by her shorter counterpart, Sauron tried to integrate himself into Faith's dreams and influence her as he had tried with 'Buffy'. But even unconscious he had again found himself facing a will equal to his own and even less tolerant of an entity that did not belong inside her mind. So with some annoyance Sauron had extricated himself from Faith's mind before finally admitting that even 'he' could not influence these Slayers even as indirectly as this method was, which instead left Binding them to himself among other things since neither one would willingly become his servant. He did however give Faith's body a nudge in Power, allowing her to heal completely from the injuries that even with her accelerated healing would have prevented her from ever regaining consciousness and thwarting his plans before they had even bore the slightest fruit...

It was just over two years of watching and learning all he could when Sauron felt the time was right to act and reveal himself, the Slayer faced a creature of immense power and strength, an odd mixture of what they called 'technology' and demon flesh named ADAM. The creature, while crude by his standards was nonetheless quite formidable and the Slayer found herself unable to match it, but Sauron had already thought of a way that would allow the Slayer to defeat ADAM, and begin his long-term goal of gaining both Slayers under his thumb...

Continued in Chapter Two
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