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Change in story

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Change in the story". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When a accident happens, you can just feel the universe change...

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Anime > BleachJediClaireFR154896114,35224 Sep 084 Nov 08No

Family Values 2 - The Shiba Clan

AN. The story continues... Sequel to first chapter.
Disclaimer: It's all very tragic but I still don't own anything of Bleach except for a single DVD. But the local Library has the first six Bleach manga available.


It was always a bad sign when the Shiba home, on the outskirts of the Soul Society, was quiet, without the usual yells, explosions and crashing sound that was just random background noise in these parts. It meant that something bad was about to happen to someone, and that something bad usually was the one armed, explosive and beautiful Kūkaku Shiba.

Kūkaku Shiba was at this moment looking Isshin dead in the eyes, while the rest of the reunited family was indoors, finding something to eat. “So, let me get this straight. You run off, letting us think that you were dead, like Kaien-Onisama?”

Isshin was wishing that he had stayed dead. “Well, I didn’t mean-”

“And when you have children who are then in trouble, you don’t ask for help, just try to sort it out by yourself!?”

“But I didn’t have any way to-”

“And when you finally come home, you have the nerve to try to hide behind your children!!? Get back here and take your punishment like a man!!”

He didn’t stop running for a moment, but managed to yell to his furious sister, who was rapidly catching up. “But aren’t they cute? I thought you would like to see them first! They look just like their Aunt and Uncles, don’t they?”

The sound made by the first firework was loud, the next deafening, but nearby the tension lifted and life continued, with many thinking ‘Thank Kami she isn’t mad at me!’
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