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Change in story

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Change in the story". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When a accident happens, you can just feel the universe change...

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Anime > BleachJediClaireFR154896114,35224 Sep 084 Nov 08No

Family Values

AN. My first story of 2008! My first Anime story! My first very AU story!
Disclaimer: It's all very tragic but I do not own anything of Bleach except for a single DVD.


It was considered by many to be a tragedy. Nearly 12 people died in the accident, when the bus had
turn over and fallen of the road. The dead included a mother and her three children. The father was
said to gone insane with grief, staying at home and talking to his deceased family. Then he
disappeared. No one had much hope that Kurosaki Isshin would return.


Ichigo wasn't really that upset. Sure he was dead and a ghost now, but he had always been able to
see ghosts when he was alive and he still had Kaasan and his sisters with him. He was just worried
about Tousan. He was talking to them again.

He never sure that his Tousan could see them or not. He knew they were there and asked Kaasan to
keep Ichigo and his sisters inside the clinic where it was safe from the bad ghosts, the ones with white
masks. But he would talk to himself about what he had to do. Ichigo didn't know what was going on but
hoped Tousan would be alright.


It took him three months regain his powers as a shinigami. After that he wasted no time. He just hoped
his sister wouldn't kill him. And who knows? The cute nieces and nephew might make her pause long
enough so he could get out of the range of her Fireworks.

And that Old Man wouldn't be too pissed with him...
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