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Dinner with Voldemort

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Dinner in Harry Potter Land". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Harry Potter and the rest of the DA are held prisoner at Riddle Manor when a mysterious one-eyed man appears.

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Buffy is owned by Mutant Enemy and Harry Potter is owned by a lot of people… No copyright infringement is intended. Fanfiction is, in my opinion, free advertisement. There are many things I've bought because I enjoyed fanfiction that crossed into a new fandom. I encourage everyone to purchase these products.

Dinner with Voldemort – Epilogue

It had been a week since the defeat of the Voldemort and while most of the DA had returned to their homes and spread the news that it was over, some had remained at the headquarters of their new allies. Snape had gone with them originally because of the problem with murder charges, but that had turned out to be a non-issue. Anya had done her work well, everyone not there when Voldemort bit the dust believed that Bellatrix Lestrange had killed Dumbledore. Neville had also remained for obvious reasons. He had suffered a great deal from Bella’s ministrations. Snape and Anya, being the only ones there to know much about it, were stuck explaining everything they knew about the crucio to the wiccans who were visiting. Snape, to his relief, had been relieved of that job when Madame Pomfrey had arrived earlier that day.

Harry remained because he didn’t want to return to the Dursley’s and didn’t have any other place to go until school started. The Weasley’s were busy dealing with Ron, who although greatly recovered was going to be stuck in bed for yet another week. So Harry didn’t want to impose, although he had a standing invitation to stay at the Burrow, issued the previous day after the Order had arrived to ‘rescue’ Harry. They had been shocked to discover him sitting in the living room doing summer homework. It had taken a little convincing but they had finally accepted that he was there of his own accord. And really none of them had any say in where he lived since the Dursley’s didn’t care and were quite happy with him living elsewhere.

Harry and Snape had both had to sit down with the various order members to get up to date with the current problems the complete absence of Death Eaters had caused. Remus and Tonks, who had chosen not to leave with the rest of the order members, had gone off to talk to OZ who was visiting to see what he could share about how he kept his wolf under control.

Harry and Snape sat down to talk to some of the scoobies for help.

“Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do,” Giles explained as Buffy and Xander sat with them discussing the problems.

“There has to be something,” Harry said softly. “Voldemort did a lot of damage to the Wizarding World. And your help could help a lot in straightening things out. A lot of people have died. Our world is in chaos. Yeah he’s gone, but so are all his death eaters. It’s incredible how many of them were working in the ministry. There are a ton of openings and not enough people to train them.”

“Well it’s better than having them there isn’t it?”

“Well yeah…”

“Besides,” Xander interrupted, “We have a lot to do too. I inherited a ton of properties from the various bad guys now that they’re gone.”

“How?” Snape asked confused.

“It’s got to do with entire family lines ending and the Dark Mark thing. Without family to inherit it all went to my grandfather and since he’s dead, to me. Anya and I were stuck at Gringotts all day a couple of days ago dealing with it. We’ve had to spend hours every day since talking to the goblins about it too. It’s a lot of money, with properties all over the world. I’ve got the ‘house elves’ cleaning them up and we’re going to turn a lot of them into schools, groups homes and the like for the Council and we’re thinking of also turning some of them into orphanages for wizarding children, maybe day schools for kids too young to attend Hogwarts. We’ve got a lot of ideas and we’re pretty confident we can pull it off. But we’re going to be spread pretty thin until we fix that.”

“Oh,” Harry said falling back against his chair and staring at them, then he blinked. “Just don’t tell Hermione that you have house elves, she’s against using them as slaves.”

“They’re not slaves.”

“What?” Snape and Harry asked in unison.

“No… Anya knows the spell originally used to turn brownies into house elves. We altered it, we can’t free them, but their children will be free and they will eventually become a new species. What they are now is too ingrained in their systems, only a few of them would survive free.”

“Oh,” Harry said blinking as he thought about how differently Dobby and Winky reacted to being free.

Giles decided to speak up, “We really are very busy now. We’ll help when we can but we really don’t know much about your society. You should probably ask people to come out of retirement. We’ve been doing something similar to increase our staff.”

“What!?” came a scream nearby.

Xander rushed up and ran towards the voice of his wife. The others followed a second behind him. “Ahn! What’s wrong!?”

“Madame Pomphrey was just explaining what a dementor is! You know I did a bit of research last week? I didn’t have that much time so I only really read about a year back in the newspaper issues. They summarized past events that were related to things so I really didn’t need to go further back. They mentioned that the dementors, the guards to their prison, had apparently sided with Voldemort but didn’t really say anything else about them. The description she just gave me fits Anarama demons! And they have been using them for years! Before, during and after that stupid treaty was signed! The contract was signed in good faith by the old watcher’s council, and the wizarding world never upheld their part of the contract, to not deal with demons, and to contact the council if they couldn’t handle a demonic problem in a timely fashion! That means the treaty is invalid! It’s ALWAYS been invalid!!!”

“But we were bound by it when we witnessed that attack two weeks ago?”

“They never knew that they hadn’t upheld their part of the treaty. All that planning I did wouldn’t have been necessary at all if I’d known what dementors were. Honestly, someone must have know they were demons, I mean really ‘dementors’ ‘demons’ it’s practically the same word with ‘tor’ added to it!”

“Does that mean the treaty can be officially invalidated?”

“Yes! The Council and the British Ministry of Magic will have to negotiate a new treaty.” Anya turned really fast to Giles, “I want in on that! The treaty should never have been valid in other countries either! After we finish this one we’ll go on to other Ministries of Magic and deal with them on an individual basis.”

“Whatever you say Ahn,” Xander agreed.

Harry rolled his eyes as the couple started kissing again. He was starting to get used to all the smooching going on with the Council employees. He still wasn’t able to look Willow in the eyes again after what he’d seen her and Kennedy doing his first night there. He certainly wasn’t going to come running if he heard either of them screaming again.

Neville smiled from his bed as he, Poppy and Willow looked on. He was well on his way to a full recovery thanks to the work of both types of magic. Poppy and Willow would be going on to see his parents in another day or two, both feeling fairly confident that they too would make a full recovery. Perhaps, thought Harry as he caught Neville’s gaze, they would like to work for the ministry again once they were released.

“OH!” Xander called out as he took a couple of deep breathes to recover from one really intense kiss. “You could probably hire some of the more benign demons to do some of the work then. There are spells to insure they don’t mean harm to humans.”

“That sounds good, I guess,” Harry said.

“We can’t really do that here, even harmless demons can ping on slaydar, so it’s safest for us to only employ demons as an outsource.”

“Still, it would have been nice to be able to see you all more after I have to go back to school.”

“Actually you’ll be seeing a lot of us Harry,” Xander began to explain.

“The two of us anyway, I’m your new DADA professor,” Anya said cutting in.

“And I’ll be teaching a new elective, Demonology, and the Headmistress said the Muggle Studies teacher is retiring next year so I might take that over too.”

“What about Snape?” asked Harry.

“I hate teaching,” Snape said coming up behind Harry. “I’m retiring and I’m planning to work for the council here as a potions master. Oz has agreed to show me what he does to control the wolf, I’m hoping to create a better wolfsbane with his help. I spoke to Remus and he and his wife are going to stay here also to help.”

“But why are you leaving the Council?” Harry asked Xander.

“For one thing it allows us to have a better idea on wand users who might want to work the council. We’ll be able to get more workers if we can give the ‘World is Older than You Know’ speech before recruiting. This way they’ll have some idea of what they might have to deal with if they decide to work for us. … We also thought it would be safer to get out of the demon hunting business for awhile,” Xander explained. He smiled at the confusion on the faces of the others.

“I’m pregnant!” Anya cried out happy.

Xander broke out into one of his huge grins as he reached for Anya and swung her about in a circle, forcing some people to back up. He’d reacted the same way when she’d first told him. They hadn’t been planning on having kids for awhile, but they were happy anyway.

End Epilogue. Fin. Over.

I hope you all enjoyed this story, please leave reviews letting me know what you thought.

Hopefully I answered any questions people still had after the last chapter. I kept waiting for more questions but no one had any… I do have an idea for a sequel but I have too many other ideas that I got to write first before I could consider it. Look forward to my new Buffy X HP crossover: The Founding, coming soon!

The End

You have reached the end of "Dinner with Voldemort". This story is complete.

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