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A Place in this World

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Summary: After the death of her parents, Willow finds that she's not really a Rosenberg, but a Jackson. SGC, beware.

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredCadyNicoleFR18511,19349727,58924 Sep 0824 Feb 09No

Chapter Two-Unleash the Snark Of War

Authors Note-Ummm....about the delay...yeah, things came up that prevented me from writing...:(...but here's the new chapter!

And does anyone know how to add line breaks? or do I just have to use character based dividers?

AN 2-Thanks for all the reviews! I did a happy dance every time I opened my inbox and saw all the wonderful alerts!

Part of this is set after the SG1 Season One Episode “Fire and Water”

Disclaimer-Still don't own anything, so you still can't sue. I like this little arrangement :)

Chapter Two-Unleash the Snark of War

~*~* One Week Previous~*~*

Daniel Jackson was looking forward to a long weekend of quality time with his artifacts, after an especially trying week through the gate.

Who would have thought being thought dead would be so rough on a body?

And, of course, there was the whole having to find a new apartment because his team gave his up.

He had only been gone a WEEK!

He almost threw his keys on the table next to his front door, knowing that he shouldn't be mad at the rest of the Team, because, hey, dead...but he couldn't help it.

Being held captive by Nem and unable to leave until he submitted to having every memory of Babylon that was in his mind brought forward was no picnic either, bub. He would almost rather have been dead.

Almost, anyway.

He sighed and picked up his mail, heading towards the newly acquired couch and flopping onto it, letting his mind wander as he flipped through the large stack of post in his hand.

Even presumed dead the junk mail kept coming.

“Lets see...bill, bill, bill, junk, junk, bill, junk...what's this?” He sat up, putting the rest of the stack aside as he stared at the envelope in his hand.

An envelope baring the return address of the California Department of Children's Services.

Why would he be getting mail for California DOCS? Frowning to himself Daniel tore the envelope open at the end and pulled the single sheet of white paper out.

As he scanned the single paragraph of black, block letters, his confusion grew.

Why would he need to call the main office? He didn't even know anyone in California, at least not on a first name “how're the kids, come to thanksgiving dinner' basis. Glancing at the clock, he calculated the time difference in his head and reached for his phone.

No time like the present to find out what was going on.

The longer he was able to put off sleep, the better in his opinion.

Jack O'Neill was pleasantly dreaming, drool seeping out of the corner of his mouth, when the phone rang. He jolted awake, his hand going under his pillow for the gun that he kept there, only to realize after he had it pulled out and aimed that the intruder he had been expecting to find and subsequently blow away was just the bedside phone, ringing at an absurd hour.

“Colonel O'Neill” He glared at the wall across from his bed, hoping that it was some underling or a telemarketer that he could chew out consequence free. And not someone like, say, General Hammond who he would actually have to wake up to listen to.

“Jack?” Jack recognizes the voice immediately and comes more awake. Nothing could get his attention faster than his best friend, especially after the 'oh god he might be dead...again' scare.

“Yeah, Danny? What is it?” He knew that calling the other man Danny was going to bite him in the ass one day, probably in the near future, but it was just plain too much fun at the moment for him to stop.

“Jack...I, uh, mind if I come over?” Jack frowned, hearing a tone in Daniel's voice that he hadn't heard there before...and not liking it. “I, um, just found out some news.”

God, don't let it be terminal. He couldn't handle losing the Archaeologist again, not so soon.

“Sure, Danny boy, come on over. Door'll be open.” Jack swung his legs over the edge of the bed as he was speaking, rubbing his knees with a hand.

He was getting way to old for this, that was all there was to it. He yawned as he headed towards the downstairs kitchen. This called for coffee, or beer, or both, depending on the level of bad that was heading his way.

“Actually Jack, I'm outside.” Jack stopped halfway down his staircase. Of all the...

“For crying out loud, Daniel! Why didn't you just knock then instead of scaring me half to death with the phone?! Or, here's an idea, use the key I gave you!” He grumbled as he stomped down the stairs. Sometimes he just didn't understand the other man. Daniel could decipher the most obscure alien dialects they came across, he could negotiate treaties with the meanest beings Jack had ever come across, but was totally clueless when it came to life on Earth.

Not to mention that little thing he had with touching strange objects and getting into every kind of Jam imaginable.

“I guess, I guess I forgot.” There was that tone again, and Jack let go of his agitation abruptly. Whatever was going down was big, like “I deciphered the Stargate in two weeks” big.

And that never boded well.

“I'm hanging up now, Daniel.” Jack suited actions to words and clicked the off button, reaching out to open his front door at the same time.

Daniel was on the other side, his hands stuck in the pockets of what Jack swore was the ugliest jacket the other man owned, with a perfectly dejected and stunned look on his face.

Yeah, this was bad.

“Well get in here!” Daniel did, shuffling as if he was an old man, and Jack closed the door behind him, watching his archaeologist with thinly veiled concern. They made their way to the couch and Daniel sank down onto it, grabbing a pillow and hugging it to his chest. Jack settled back against the couch arm, crossing his arms and prepared to wait.

He didn't have to wait long, just as he suspected. Daniel took a deep breath and then looked up at him.

“I got a letter, uh in the mail, while I was with Nem.” Jack's fists clenched at the reminder of that alien. Yeah, so he hadn't killed Daniel, and he had returned him in almost the same condition he borrowed him in, it was the principle of the thing. “It was from California, the Department of Children's Services.” Jack's eyebrow went up. That was...different.

“Oookay. What was that all about?” Daniel sighed and looked down, trying not to meet Jack's eyes.

“All it said was for me to contact the main office at my earliest convenience. I, I did, and uh...they uh...” What ever Daniel had to say was apparently difficult for him to get out, because Jack had never heard the Linguist this speechless...had never heard him speechless at all, not even when he got married without knowing it.

But the stuttering was getting on his sleep deprived nerves.

“Spit it out Daniel!” Daniel jerked guiltily and cleared his throat. It was a harsh, grating sound, that echoed in the room, causing a shiver to speed down Jack's spine.

“They, um, told me that I have a child, a d.daughter,” Daniel looked up at him guiltily, as if thought Jack was going to dive across the space that separated them, and strangle him. “Her parents died, um, almost two months ago. They want me to take her.” There was more, both men knew that, because CPS never let anyone take a child without a through home check, no matter if they were blood or not. It just wasn't done. And as a father, Jack understood that.

He pushed aside the familiar pang that thinking of Charlie brought and focused on his friend, who was pale and going paler.

“Okay, well.” Jack leaned back again, studying Daniel. “Did they give you a mother's name? Because, she might not be your kid. Could just be a mistake.” That's what Jack was hoping for. He knew, with Daniel's past, that there was no way the other man would let his child stay in the system if there was anything he could do to prevent it, but due to the nature of the SGC, Jack had to make sure that this wasn't a plot to infiltrate the command. What they were doing was way too important.

So yeah, the kid not being his, the kid having no chance to be Daniel's, would be the best possible outcome to this.

By the look on Daniel's face, he didn't think that it was going to be that easy.

“Umm I knew her mother. She was in Foster care with me, back in, back in New York.” the blush that spread up Daniel's neck told Jack that there was more to that story.

And it meant that they could possibly all be in for a hell of a week.

“We'll talk to the General tomorrow.”

And had to hope that Hammond would be in a good mood...a very, very good mood.

Daniel stared at the girl across from him, his eyes taking in every detail.

She was most certainly his daughter. He would have known that without a doubt even if it wasn't for the DNA test that had already confirmed it. Hammond had insisted on the test before he could even consent to a meeting with the agency.

But it wasn't necessary.

Willow was most certainly his.

She looked just like his mother, down to the green eyes, though the hair, the hair was most definitely Shelia's.

He was a father. Had been a father for sixteen years, and he had never known it.

It made Shelia's transfer from the Randall's make more sense, as did his abrupt transfer six weeks later.

Willow had apparently never known it, if the yelling at her social worker and the glares that were sent his way were any indication.

“I'm waiting, Graham. Explain to me how my whole life has been a lie, I'm just thrilled to hear about it.” Daniel sighed. He recognized those reactions, he had gone through them for years himself. Losing your parents was not something that you just got over, and sometimes the only way people dealt was to push everyone and everything away from them. Some got mad as well, and Willow was most assuredly one of the latter.

“Your mother was in Foster care...” Daniel cleared his throat, causing the other three to look at him.

“Maybe I should explain?” Graham had the grace to blush and nod, while Willow just scoffed. Apparently she didn't care either way, she just wanted answers. “I met Shelia when I was fifteen, in Foster care” Daniel gave a nod towards Graham, “she was seventeen and almost out of the system. The Randell's were the family we were staying with, and for a while it was just Shelia and I....” He told the whole torturous story, never able to ignore the fact that his daughters eyes were boaring into him with the weight of a thousand suns.

“So, she just left and you never knew, huh?” Willow spoke when he was finished with his tale, and for once he looked her square in the eyes.

“No. I never knew. I would have been there if I had known, I swear to you.” He knew that in the cliche's he would slid across the distance separating them on his knees and swear to her by every god and deity that he knew that he would have been there her entire life, would have been there for the father-daughter dances, for the first dates, for all the milestones that he had wished his parents were there for. But this wasn't a story, and he couldn't swear that. Even when he was an archaeologist he hadn't been stateside much, and since he was a child genius about to finish up high school when he met her mother, that would have kept him away as well.

She merely nodded.

“So, what now? What's the next step?” She seemed to have put her anger on a back burner for the moment, but Daniel knew that it wasn't going to stay there forever. She was going to erupt again, and he had the feeling that it was going to be worse than a small screaming match with her Case Worker or the falling grades that she'd had since school started a month ago.From the grades he had seen from back in Sunnydale, that wasn't like her at all.

She seemed to have gotten his smarts.

“You'll be coming back with me to Colorado Springs. I'm a consultant for the military there.” He waited for the explosion that he knew was coming, and he wasn't surprised when it came.

What surprised him was the tears that accompanied it.

“What? What do you mean Colorado Springs? That's in Colorado! I can't go to Colorado! I have, I have responsibilities back in Sunnydale! I, I have to help Xander pass Math! I have to help Buffy! Why can't I just go back? I could stay in the house, I still own it I guess, I don't need supervision. Can't I just go back?” She looked at him with teary green eyes, and Daniel felt his heart breaking. He hadn't known she was his daughter for long, but she was already wrapping him around her finger without even knowing it. He opened his mouth to respond, even though he didn't want to break her heart even more, but Jack placed a hand on his shoulder, and he snapped his mouth shut.

Jack could be the bad guy, yeah that would work.

“Sorry Honey, that's not going to happen. You're sixteen, you can't live by yourself.” Her eyes snapped green fire at the Colonel and Daniel sighed again.

The anger was back, and Jack was about to get the full brunt of it.

“I won't move!”

Oh yeah, raising her was going to be a barrel of laughs.

He almost wished he could jump in front of a Goa'uld ship.

End of Chapter Notes-Okay, I know I promised a few reviewers the reactions of the Scooby Gang in this chapter, but it kinda focused itsself on Daniel and who am I to argue lol. The next chapter will have the gang, and some vamp action. Hope you enjoyed!
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