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A Place in this World

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Summary: After the death of her parents, Willow finds that she's not really a Rosenberg, but a Jackson. SGC, beware.

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredCadyNicoleFR18511,19349727,58824 Sep 0824 Feb 09No

Knock Knock Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Disclaimer-I still don't own it, wish I did...but I don't. But if anyone wants to give it to me for Christmas, you'll get pretty Christmas cookies! They'll only be a little bit burnt, I swear!

AN-Thanks for all the great reviews! I never thought I'd get that much of an interest in this, especially with all the great fics on this site.

Now, on to Chapter Three!


Chapter Three- Knock Knock Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Willow sighed as she stared out the window. It was her last night in California, and the thought filled her with a sense of dread that not even the Master and his minions had been able to do.

What she wouldn't give for run of the mill vampires, something that would just kill her, simply.

Not kill her slowly by dragging her to Colorado, and to snow.

She had never even seen snow, and now she was moving to a place where all there WAS was snow!

She really needed to talk to Xander. Her Xander shaped friend would be able to make her feel better...if he was talking to her again. He hadn't taken her leaving Sunnydale very well, especially since she hadn't been able to tell him before she left.

It was worse than when he broke her yellow crayon. At least then she could get a new one, she would never be able to replace Xander.

But she had to try.

She reached for the phone that her new father had given her, the small shiny cell phone that was supposed to make up for all the years that he had been gone.

“So you can keep in touch.” was all he said when he handed it to her, the number written on a piece of tape, a Colorado area code.

She had wanted to throw it back in his face, make him hurt like she was hurting. A cell phone wasn't going to make up for all the years that had been a lie, all the years that she had been deluded.

Not even close.

But it could be useful.

She dialed the number she had learned before she learned her own and twirled a piece of hair behind her ear, waiting for him to pick up.

Three rings later, a voice came on the other line, slurred and mean. She winced.


Willow cursed in her head. Why did he have to pick up, talking to him always made her feel like she had taken a long bath in a tub of toxic waste.

"Mr. Harris? Can I speak to Xander please?" She hoped that he wasn't in one of his moods and would just hand the phone over.

"Why do you want to talk to the Whelp? Not worth nothin' no way." Clearly he wasn't in a good mood. " 'Sides, he's not here anyway, out with that blond girly." Willow groaned and hung up without replying.

Great, just great. Xander and Buffy were out running around Sunnydale, probably saving people and killing things, and she was stuck here, dreading the next day like she had never dreaded anything before.

It just wasn't fair.

She dialed Buffy's number, with little real hope that they would be there, and was only rewarded when Mrs. Summers informed her that the two of them had headed to the Bronze hours ago.


No use trying the Library then, because Giles would probably just tell her the same thing.

With more tongue clucking and lecturing.

Either way, it wasn't what she wanted to hear.

She had no time to think about it though, because there was a knock on the door. She groaned and made herself ignore it. She was lucky enough to have a room to herself, due to her age, she wasn't going to give it up, even if it was her last night there. She wanted her solitude, dang it, and she was going to get it.

"Willow? Willow honey, open the door." The woman who ran the Home, Victoria, called through the door. There was a tone to her voice that Willow didn't like, a tone that she hadn't thought she would hear here.

The tone of pure, unadulterated fear.

"Why?" Willow moved closer to the door, her hand going for the one and only stake she had had time to grab before she was pulled from her life. She only hoped that she wouldn't have to use it, only hoped that whatever was going on was of the normal variety of fear-causers, not the fanged.

What did they say about jinxing yourself? Because Willow had probably just said the jinx of all jinxes, only beaten by "if nothing bad happens." At least she hadn't sunk that far down.

“You have a visitor Willow, just open the damn door!”There was a strangled yelp of pain, and Willow moved to wrench open the door, if only because she didn't like the thought of anyone being in pain. Especially if it was because of her.

Especially considering the vampire that had a death grip on Victoria's neck. He would have come through the door if she hadn't answered it quick enough to suit him.

“Hello Willow. You're a hard girl to track down.” Willow screamed as the vampire twisted Victoria's neck and lunged for her.

She only had time for a moment of pure fear when her world went dark.


Daniel had a gut feeling that something was very, very, very wrong. It woke him from a dead sleep, and he reached over to shake Jack awake, ignoring the curses that came from the Colonel's figure.

Something was wrong.

“Jack? Jack wake up!” Jack glared at him, but Daniel only climbed out of his bed and began getting dressed.

“Daniel! For crying out loud what the heck is wrong with you? Its after midnight!” Jack glared at his team member, glaring harder when the younger man didn't bother to give him a response, just kept racing around the room like a snake was on his tail.

“Jack, we have to go, somethings wrong!” Ookay. Jack frowned and got out of bed, following Daniel's example but at a much slower pace. If Dannyboy was wrong, if whatever this was ended up being nothing, he was never going to let him live it down. Ever.

“Okay, Daniel, okay. Calm down, whatever it is probably isn't that bad. You've got yourself worked into something over nothing.” Daniel just ignored Jack's words and almost bolted for the door, yanking it open...

and coming face to face with an officer of LAPD.

Okay, so something was wrong. How was Jack supposed to have known?

“Dr. Daniel Jackson?” Daniel nodded, his face going white. Jack moved to stand behind him, to lend his support to his best friend...and throw in whatever authority being a Colonel in the Air Force gave him.

Let it never be said that Jack didn't like throwing his authority around every once in a while.

“What's this about, Officer?” Jack crossed his arms and gave his best intimidating look at the other man. By the way the officer stepped back, it worked.

“Dr. Jackson is the father of one Willow Rosenberg correct?” Jack and Daniel both nodded, neither one liking the implications of where this was going.

"Yes, Willow is my daughter. Why, what happened?" There was a thin veil of panic to Daniel's voice, that you wouldn't be able to hear if you didn't know the other man very very well. Jack placed a hand on Danny's shoulder and squeezed, trying to lend his support.

Of course, when it was your child that could be in danger, no amount of support ever helped.

Jack knew that from experience.

"Can I come in?" The door was cleared and the officer came in, sitting down on the lone chair in the room and motioning for Jack and Daniel to sit on the beds. Jack chose to stand, but Daniel sank down on the edge of his bed, looking at the man with an almost dead stare.

“What. Happened. To. Willow.” As Daniel bit out each word, Jack was forcibly reminded that this was the man who had decoded the Stargate and stepped through it every week, facing what was on the other side even though it wasn't his job. The man who had saved Jack's ass more times than he could count.

"Dr. Jackson, your daughter was abducted from her home about an hour ago, after her Foster mother and several of the other children in the home were murdered. Do you have any idea why someone would have wanted to harm her?" Clearly the officer hadn't gotten the memo that Daniel had just found out about his daughter, and knew little to nothing about her, never mind knowing why someone would want to abduct her.

“What do you mean abducted?!” Daniel had clearly gotten over his shock and leaped to his feet, beginning to pace the small hotel room. “Are there any leads? What about witnesses, there have got to be witnesses, right?!” Jack moved to the officer, knowing that Daniel's panic wasn't going to make anything happen. He would have to get all the answers he could while Daniel had a little freak out. Hopefully once he got over the shock of the news, he would start thinking clearly enough to at least try and figure something out.

Until then, the ball was in Jack's court.

“What leads do you have, officer? What about manpower?” They were going to get Willow back, if it was the last thing that they did. He was not going to let Daniel lose Willow like he had lost Charlie, especially not so soon after he had found her.

“Sir, I can assure you, we're doing all that we can. A few of the other children hid while the attack was occurring, and informed us that Miss. Rosenberg was taken from the house alive by one assailant. We believe it may be Gang members that are imbibing PCP, taking in consideration where she is from. The common consensus among my colleagues and myself is that she has been taken back there, for what we don't know.” Jack frowned. Now, he wasn't an idiot, but this young officer used an awful dang lot of really big words, to basically say that Willow had been taken back to Sunnydale by gang members. Something was up with that, but he didn't have the time nor inclination at that particular moment to dig deeper into it, though he did make a mental note of the name tag on the uniform.

“Gang members on PCP? How the hell do a few kids come to that conclusion?!” Jack closed his eyes. Daniel had apparently been paying more attention to the conversation that he had expected. That was either a really good thing, or a really bad thing, depending on what Daniel did with the knowledge.

“Sir, I suggest you stay here. I doubt, considering the fact that your relationship with the victim is not widely known, that there will be a ransom call. So it would be better for all involved if you were to stay in your hotel and wait for us to do our job. I promise you, we'll do our best to find your daughter.” There was an odd little smile on the officer's face, a smile that immediately put Jack on edge. He hadn't been in Special Ops just to lose his instincts, and his instincts were screaming at him to get the hell away from the man, that something just wasn't right about him or the situation.

Let it never be known that he ignored his insticts. Of course, he never ran from a fight either. It just wasn't in his nature to run, even though sometimes...he wished he could.

The world would have ended a dozen times if he had ran, but who was counting.

Probably more people than he thought, actually, but that was neither here nor there. Now was all about Daniel's daughter being missing.

“Okay, officer, okay. I'll stay here. But please, please, please keep me updated?” Daniel's voice was pleading and almost broke during his plea, but Jack looked at him and saw the calculating look that was overtaking the panic in his archaeologists eyes.

Daniel either knew something, or had come to the same conclusion that he had.

The officer, thankfully, left without too many further questions, and the second that the door was closed Daniel whirled to face Jack.

“We're going to Sunnydale. Willow's there, and we're going to get her back.” Jack's mouth fell open. He understood going after Willow, hell, he would even head to Sunnydale, if they had proof, but at the moment all they had was an impression that the officer sent to notify them was crooked.

How Daniel make the leap to Willow being in Sunnydale?

“Daniel, how?” Daniel just smirked and began packing.

“Come on Jack, do you honestly believe that gang members on PCP spiel? Someone took Willow, she came from Sunnydale, where that officer CLEARLY didn't want us going, so it makes sense that she'll be there. We're going to go, and get her, and then get the HELL back to Colorado. Start Packing.”

And with that, the duo was off to the little town called Sunnydale, with no backup and no idea what they were going to find.

It was almost like going through the Stargate, and Jack felt the same nervousness and feeling that he was getting way over his head....the look in Daniel's eye said that he didn't have a choice.


Willow came back to consciousness slowly, her head aching. She blinked, forcing her eyes open, and quickly shut them again.

That couldn't be what she thought it was, could it?

She was sure that she had just seen the bones of Master...which was supposed to be possible.

She opened them again and groaned. Not only was she hanging upside down, a little fact she hadn't noticed when she was waking up, but yes, she was hanging over the bones of the Master.

Bones that were supposed to have been buried under a tree in Holy Water soaked ground, bound in chains.

In Sunnydale no less. Last thing she remembered, she was in Los Angeles.

And then, there were the vampires that were gathered around the remains.

That was scarier than the other two facts combined.

Willow hated herself, but a whimper came out of her throat. She had wanted to be home, had wanted more than anything to be back here, but not in a situation like this.

Now she just wanted someone to come save her.


Preferably Buffy, but she would take Xander, or Giles.

Or yeah, anyone that wasn't going to kill her.


AN-Okay, sorry for the wait, and the cliffhanger, but the next chapter should come pretty quick, I just don't like my chapters getting really long. It tends to slow down my writing because I obsess. Lots of thanks to Camnius, BTW, for giving me an idea. :)
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