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A Place in this World

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Summary: After the death of her parents, Willow finds that she's not really a Rosenberg, but a Jackson. SGC, beware.

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredCadyNicoleFR18511,19349727,58724 Sep 0824 Feb 09No

Feed Your Head

AN-AHH! So sorry for the long time between updates, I hit the mother of all writer's block on this story, and it just now came flooding back. Hope this chapter doesn't disappoint!

BTW, the chapter title is from the song "White Rabbit" from Jefferson Starship. I love it!

Disclaimer-I still own nada.

Chapter Four-Feed Your Head

And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said:
"Feed your head. Feed your head. Feed your head"

"For the Old One, for his pain, for the dark" Willow whimpered again as the words rose to meet her. She had been awake for what seemed like hours, but in reality was probably only minutes.

Each second she got more and more terrified. Yes, she had fought vampires before, and she had been on the wrong side of the Master's wrath as well, but this time she had no Buffy to rush in and save the day.

That would be really nice right about now. If Buffy was there that was.

There was a crash, and the unmistakable sound of a vampire turning into dust, causing Willow to blink as a blond figure stepped out of the shadows.

A blond figure that was as familiar to Willow as her own face in the mirror was.

“Buffy?” The redhead tried to croak out, but it came out too quietly for the Slayer to hear, especially over the racket of the butt-kickage.

Go Buffy.

The chain she was hanging from started moving, and Willow yelped, leaning herself up as far into the vertical as she could manage, trying to get a visual on the newest player in the weird soap opera she had landed herself in, and almost passed back out in relief.

Xander. Xander and Angel.

They were saving her.

“WILLOW!” Xander yelled when he got her close enough to the platform he and the souled vampire were standing on, and he yanked her down from the chain, hugging her so hard she thought that she was going to pass out. Spots danced in front of her eyes as she was set back on her feet, the blood that had been rushing to her head for the last who knew how long flowing back to the rest of her body, causing said body to tingle unpleasantly.

“Xander!” She flung her arms around her best friends neck, ignoring the tingle, and held on for dear life. “XanderI'msosorry!Ididn'twanttogotheyjustmademeandnowtheywantmetomoveColoradoand” Her babble was cut off by Xander's laugh as he hugged her tighter, causing her to squeak.

“God I'm glad to hear that!” He swung her around, ignoring the rest of the people that were gathered around them.

“Ahem. Xander, this might not be the right place for this.” Giles cleared his throat and spoke, causing Xander to blush and step back from her, though he kept a rather tight grip on her hand.

“I guess you're right.” He didn't look happy and Willow laughed, happy despite the situation. This was how it was supposed to be. She was supposed to be here, fighting vampires with her buds, not with the man she shared chromosomes with in Colorado. “But we, we have talking to do Missy.” She nodded, and leaned back against him, content, as they watched the Slayer go to work on the Master's bones.

This was as close to perfect as she could get.

It was almost two hours later when the group made their way back to the Library. Willow stepped in, a grin on her face as she had one arm wrapped around Xander and the other wrapped around a happy Buffy with a tear stained face. They were talking and laughing, just another day on the Hellmouth, when Willow came to a complete stop when they crossed into the room that was more like home to them all, and the blood drained from her face.

“Wills, what's wrong?” Xander looked down at her, and followed her gaze when she failed to answer him. “Okay, so there's cops and two old guys. What's so bad about that?” At his rather loud question, the group already occupying the library turned and caught sight of them.

What happened next was almost like a blur.

“Willow!” The man that she had just learned was her father threw himself across the library and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her like he had known her all his life.

Where had that come from?

And on second thought, why the heck was he in her library??

But first things first.

“Umm Mr. Jackson? I can't breathe.” He immediately released her, and and she stepped back gingerly, wrapping her arms around herself. Being around him just made her nervous, and a little angry. “Why'd you come looking for me?” Willow knew that the cops hadn't brought him, because Sunnydale cops never worked nicely with others, or worked at all for that matter.

He just looked at her, as if her question was crazy.

“I'm your father Willow, you were missing and I wasn't just going to stand around doing nothing.” She looked at him. What?

“You've known you were my father for all of what, three weeks, and, and you...” She was so flummoxed she couldn't get the sentence out, and in the end ended up staring at the man in front of her in shock.

Why was he here? For such a smart girl, and for such a simple question, she was coming up with absolutely no answers.

Daniel just sighed and rubbed a hand over his face. This was not how he had imagined his days in California going.

“Willow, that's what father's do.” Daniel's head shot up and he looked over at Jack, raising an eyebrow. “They help their Kids.” Jack had a look in his eye that Daniel knew well, the look he only got when he was thinking about Charlie.

“Yeah right.” Willow stepped back another step, straight into Xander's arms, and huddled there, not allowing her eyes to meet the man in front of her. Xander didn't say anything, just held her tight and allowed her to hide.

It was why she loved him. He never asked questions, he just loved her...and she had been afraid that she would never get that back, not after the way that she had left.

“Willow, we're leaving in the morning.” Daniel's voice was tired, and tight, as if he knew that she was going to object, but it also was laced with steel. She may object, whine, and bitch, but she was going to go with him.

Maybe she was tired, or maybe she just recognized the futility of arguing, because she just hung her head.

“Okay.” Her voice was small, and the rest of the Scoobies looked at her as if she had just turned into Vampire Willow, for real this time. She felt Xander step back from her as if he had stuck a fork in an electric socket, and she wrapped her arms all the further around herself. She didn't want to go, in fact this was perhaps the last thing on the Earth she wanted to do...but she knew that she had to.

“But, Wills, I thought you were back for good!” Buffy looked at her, face still stained with the tears from earlier, and Willow just sighed.

She had too.

“I understand that you want her to stay, th.that she's your friend, but She is also my daughter, and its just not safe for her. She'd have no adult supervision if she stayed...” Daniel was talking fast, almost as fast as Willow did when she had caffeine, and it was only because of years of practice that Xander was able to keep.

“That's not true! My mom would gladly take her in! She's loves Willow like a daughter.” Willow turned to Buffy, a hopeful expression on her face.

If there was an option B, an option B that she hadn't considered, she was prepared to jump on it with both feet and hold on.

“Really? Your mom would do that? I could stay?” Buffy nodded, though every one in the room knew that the blond slayer hadn't so much as spoken to her mother about the arrangement.

It didn't matter, ignorance was bliss. Especially in Sunnydale.

“No. I'm sorry, but that just won't work.” The words from the Colonel shattered that hope again, and Willow gripped herself tighter.

What horrible act against the universe had she done, to deserve this torture?

“Well, excuse me, last I checked you weren't her father!” Buffy was in full lecture mode, her hands clenched on her hips, and she glared up at Jack as if he were a particularly nasty Vampire that she had to slay, and slay fast. “But, he wasn't either, so....! That's besides the point though You are not taking our Wills away from us again! She doesn't even know you people! For all we know, you could be....freaks, or psychos, or something...” She pointed at Daniel as she spoke, jabbing her finger at him. Willow smiled. That was Buffy, always the protector even though she resisted it.

“And you're a teenager! You have no idea what's best for your friend!” The Colonel took Buffy's attack as a personal affront and glared at her with all the force the military could teach you. Needless to say, it didn't phase the blond. “And I doubt your mother would take another kid in, she's got enough problems with you, I'd say.”


Buffy's mouth shut with an audible snap, and she stepped back a step, looking as if she had been slapped. Her escapades had made the news, at least in LA, but she didn't think that someone from where-ever like the Colonel would have known.

“It doesn't matter. Willow is going, that's final.” Daniel's voice was tired, as if he was sick of the whole situation. Buffy turned to look at him, abandoning her fight with Jack, and she stared at the other man in the room.

“Giles! Make him see sense! Willow has to stay here, we need her!” Xander looked at the watcher who had stayed silent for the entire discussion, a rare pleading expression on his face. Giles was the only adult that he really trusted, and if he didn't make this right, then that trust would be destroyed.

Giles took off his glasses and cleaned them, a bad sign if he had ever seen one. It never boded well in the land of the Scooby's.

“Xander, I, I don't really see what we can do. He is her father, if Child Services gave her to him there must be some modicum of proof. We can't fight the law, as much as we may wish to.” He placed his glasses back on his face and looked at Xander. “I don't want to see her go anymore than you do, dear boy. But it may be what's best.”

The silence following that statement could have been cut with a knife. Xander took one look around the room and the stormed from the library, letting the doors slam against the walls as he went. Willow could only stare after him, her eyes beginning to prickle with tears.

Buffy stood in the cross hairs, torn between which friend to help. In less than twenty four hours, she had destroyed the monster that had haunted her dreams all summer, stopped him from ever being able to come back, and now she was losing one of her best friends.

Life sucked sometimes.

“Go after Xander. He, uh, he might get hurt.” Buffy sighed and nodded, running after the retreating boy. She didn't hug Willow, she knew if she did that she would never let go.

“Willow?” Daniel came up behind her and laid a hand on her shoulder. She jerked away quickly, stepping back to put a few extra feet in between them.

She didn't want to be near him.

He just sighed.

“Come on, lets go.” Willow looked at Giles, who just smiled at her sadly, and then to the other men standing next to the door.

She knew she didn't have a choice, so she trudged sullenly behind them as they left.

This sucked.

Daniel sighed as he boarded the plane to Colorado Springs in LAX, glancing at Willow's back as he handed over his boarding pass.

It had been a rough three days.

Since the showdown in her high school library, a showdown that he wished hadn't had to happen, she hadn't spoke more than two words to him.

And those words generally consisted of “Go Away.” Or several creative variations of that.

What could he say, she got his linguist abilities.

He took slight pleasure in the fact that Jack got worse treatment than he did, she left the room whenever the Air Force Colonel stepped anywhere in her vicinity.

“Danny, it'll be fine. She just needs time to adjust.” Jack smiled at him, handing over his own boarding pass though Daniel knew that he would rather be flying the plane himself. He never quite trusted the civilian pilots as much as he did himself. “She's a teenager, she'll brood and then get over it.”

Daniel just sighed, stepping into the plane and going to find a seat. There were no assigned seats, and he saw Willow had ensconed herself in the middle seat, between two strangers, effectively cutting all communication between them off until they landed in Colorado.

He and Jack dropped down into the only empty seats and fastened their seat belts, readying themselves for the long flight.

He only hoped things got better, or it was going to be a long few weeks.

Okay, this chapter absolutely disgusts me. It jumps all over the place, I can't seem to write the Scoobies for anything, and its just....really bad. So, if anyone has any advice, please, I'm all ears...or eyes since I'm reading this off a screen. Thanks for reading!
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