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A Place in this World

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Summary: After the death of her parents, Willow finds that she's not really a Rosenberg, but a Jackson. SGC, beware.

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredCadyNicoleFR18511,19349727,58724 Sep 0824 Feb 09No

Bring Me To Life

AN-AWW! Thanks for all the great reviews!! Hope you enjoy this chapter.

And on a side note, writing while listening to the Sweeney Todd Soundtrack is actually...rather interesting. :)

Many Many thanks to my glorious beta reader, GaboonViper! He made this chapter actually make some semblance of sense.

Disclaimer-I own neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer, nor do I own SG1. So please don't sue.

Chapter Five-Out from Under

Willow sniffed as she stared out the window of her new bedroom. She could hear Daniel moving around in the living room, muttering to himself, most likely about some new translation that he was having problems with. She may not have been living with him for long, but she had learned his little quirks.

Like how he tried to pretend she wasn't driving him crazy with her anti-social, Cordelia worthy attitude. She growled at the thought, and pouted. If only he would just give in to her demands that he send her back to Sunnydale, like she wanted, she wouldn't have to keep being a bitch.

And she wouldn't have to see that dang shrink.

Oh yes, little Willow Rosenberg, once the daughter of world renowned Psychologists, was seeing one herself.

For post traumatic stress disorder, no less. Apparently the fact that she wouldn't say anything about her kidnapping and refused to point fingers at someone that she had to know, she wasn't in her right mind, and she would be seeing the lovely Doctor Seymour until he could convince her to talk.

They didn't understand that the criminals had already been taken care of, and she doubted that saying “My Best friend staked them, and they now fit into a dust buster” would go over well with the sane image that she was trying to project.

Willow jumped up from her window seat and began to pace the room, running her hands through her hair. This was getting out of control, and she knew it. Her emotions were jumping from one extreme to another so fast it was like she was standing on an electric wire, and she was tired of it. She just wanted everything to go back to normal. Being a brat had always been Cordelia's game, not hers, and she knew that Daniel didn't deserve it. He had only done what he thought was right by her, which was more than she could say about the parents that had never really been there before, and he hadn't asked for the daughter he had given up all rights to to be dropped in his lap like a belated Christmas present that you wanted to return to the store.

She resented the heck out of it. He wasn't supposed to be her Dad, he was supposed to be intolerable so that she could run back to Sunnydale without having to feel guilty. He had ripped her away from everything she cared about, after all, made her leave the best friends that she had every had, Buffy, Giles...Xander. The red head felt her eyes tearing up at the thought of her oldest friend.

He still wasn't talking to her. She almost didn't blame him, Xander had never taken losing people well, and after Jesse and her not telling him about Daniel the minute that they saw each other again, he had every right to be mad at her......but then again, so did she. She was the one who had lost everything she'd ever known, with little chance of getting it back.

She shook her head at her gloominess.

“Get a grip Rosenberg! You want to go back, you just have to find the right time.” At this rate, it looked like she wasn't going to be going back to Sunnydale until she was eighteen.

A whole year and a half away.

A knock sounded on the door and she jumped, spooked.

“Willow?” It was just Daniel, though who else she thought it could be, she didn't know. It wasn't like they had many visitors. Neither one of them left the apartment since this whole mess started, except for one brief trip to get school supplies and a few grocery runs, and, of course, the Shrink visits that she couldn't escape. She almost couldn't wait to start school on Monday, even though it made this nightmare just that much more real. School meant that she was here for the long term, that there was less and less chance of her being able to escape back home. “Its time for Dinner.”

Ah, time for the nightly dance. It was funny to her, that he always made sure she ate enough, and according to the few conversations she had caught between Colonel O'Neill and Daniel, the latter almost always forgot to feed himself unless someone reminded him. He was the perfect example of focused academic.

There was a longer silence than usual, almost as if the linguist was lost for words. “Willow? I thought we might go out tonight. You've hardly been outside since you've been here, and with school starting Monday.....” He trailed off. “But if you don't want to, I guess I can, uh, order in again?” He didn't sound happy about the thought, and she had to agree. Pizza and Chinese takeout was getting very, very old. “Okay, I guess I'll order pizza.”

At the weary and almost lost tone in his voice, a tone she knew she had put there, Willow made a snap decision, and headed towards the door, yanking it open hard enough that it almost hit her in the face.

It was time to get out.

Time to start living again.

Time to stop rivaling Angel in the race for Brooder of the Year.

You could blame the change on a lot of things, mood swings, sunlight deprivation, or the multitude of Dust Bunny's under her bed that came out at night to torture her in her sleep, but she had had enough. This wasn't her, she didn't even recognize the person that she had become. Grieving was one thing, and it was a persons right, but she had taken things too far...for the moment.

She wasn't going to hide anymore. She was stronger than that.

Daniel just stared and blinked at her from behind his glasses as she gave her internal monologue, and she blushed to realize that she had been standing still throughout her thoughts. “Are you alright Willow?” Her blush unnerved him, and she could only smile at him, a small smile that didn't measure up to her normal smile, but it was the first one that she had ever given him.

“I'm okay, I, I guess. Eating out sounds okay?” He smiled back at her, brilliantly, and nodded, even though she sounded unsure of herself.

“Great! How does Steak sound to you? Or Chinese?” He made a face at the thought and she giggled a little. Yeah, Chinese didn't sound good to her either. They had had way too much of that lately. He just looked at her in slight bemusement. Willow was acting a far cry from the silent waif she had been the last two weeks.

“Anythings fine, uh, or whatever you want?”She smiled shyly at him and turned to go back into her room, leaning back against the door was firmly closed behind her.

Just what was she getting herself into?

Daniel stared at Willow's closed door, his mouth open.

Was she possessed? Had a Goa'uld made it through the gate without them knowing? Because that most certainly wasn't the girl that he had living with the last few weeks. That girl had given new meaning to the words “Silent as the Grave”, never came out of her room, and walked around like the living dead.

This girl seemed...actually human. Almost scarily so.

But whatever it was, he wasn't going to get his hopes up.

Still musing, he picked up the cell phone that was permanently attached to him these days. At this point, he was sure he could dial Jack's number in his sleep.

He wasn't cut out for this parenting thing, even if the child in question was almost an adult.

Jack would know what to do, he always did.

The phone rang once, twice, three times before the Colonel picked up.

“O'Neill.” His best friend's voice was gruff, and Daniel would bet twenty bucks that he had interrupted the first Hockey game that Jack had been able to see in weeks...even if it was taped.

“Jack. Willow's...” Jack cut him off with a groan.

“Oh For Cryin' Out Loud, what has Red done now? Still waltzing around like she's dead?” Daniel smirked, even though he acted like he didn't, he knew that the other man cared about Willow. You couldn't help it, even when she was acting like a churlish...teenager.

“Actually no, we're going out to for dinner.” There was silence on the other end of the phone as Jack took in the news, but everyone and then some knew that Jack O'Neill couldn't stay silent for long, especially about news as big as this.

“No kidding? Well, where are you going?” Anyone listening into the conversation would think they were talking about a date, not taking your child out to dinner. “And don't tell me Chinese.” You could hear the grimace in Jack's voice. Daniel could only laugh. What had once been their favorite meal had now become a chore to eat.

Thanks to many many nights of eating it when Willow refused to go out, and Daniel just didn't feel like cooking.

“I was thinking O'Malleys.” Jack snorted at Daniel's suggestion. As if they would go anywhere else, when it came to things like this.

“Yeah, that should work. Just don't scare her off with the geek talk, Dr. Jackson. She might retreat back to the room of Doom.” Daniel shook his head, looking up as Willow's door creaked open and she stepped out, a shy look on her face. He still wondered what had caused the change, because he doubted it was anything that he had said. They didn't talk enough for that, to his disappointment.

“I know, Jack. I have to go, Willow's ready.” He couldn't keep the excitement out of his voice, and hung up on Jack before he could reply, looking up at the girl. “Hungry?” Now that it was coming down to it, he really had no clue what to say to her. She only nodded, brushing a piece of hair behind her ears.

“Good! I'm hungry!” He smiled and ushered her towards the door, turning off the light and closing the door with a sense of relief.

Things were looking up.

And another chapter done! Let me know what you think!


The End?

You have reached the end of "A Place in this World" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Feb 09.

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