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When Help Is Needed Elsewhere

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Summary: Two seshis disappear from the phoenix book to appear in the real world only to be stuck to two mortal women who are more then they seem.

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Anime > Fushigi YuugiLadyOfTheRingsFR1811,465011,22231 Aug 0331 Aug 03No
Title: When Help Is Needed Elsewhere

Author: Lady Of The Rings

Disclaimer: Don't own anything!

Feedback: Love it! Especially when it for a new fic. (hint hint ^_^)

Summary:Two seshis dissappear from the phoenix book to appear in the real world only to be stuck to two mortal women who are more then they seen.

Pairing:Will /Hotohori Tori /Nakago

X-Over:Btvs/Fushigi Yuugi

Author Note: In Btvs Season Four or Five. The seasons after didn't happen.

A/N 2: Forgive any spelling mistakes my checker has died on me.

A/N 3: This Is a AU crossover fic with Fushigi Yuugi, so bare with me please.

"So were free for the night?" asked Buffy hopefully cause she had a date with Matt the hottie in her math class.

"Yes for the night" was all her said looking at his books. "Great! See ya tommorrow Giles" she said as they grabbed there things leaving before he changed his mind.

Buffy was out dancing with her new date while Xander was arguing with Cordy at the bar.

Will sighed as she took a sip of her drink. They were all having more fun then her when he cell rang.

She pulled it out of it's case "Hello?" she said wondering who is was all that knew her number were there.

"Hey Wills what's up?" said a voice witch made her face lit up. "Oh nothing really just at the Bronze" she said to Tori.

"Ah so there all doing something and your saving the table" she said as a fact.

Will sighed "Yeah" was all she said while looking around the club. "We'll since your not doing anything met me outside the club and I'll walk you home" she said and she smiled "Thanks"

"Sure later" she said hung up as she looked at the guys.

Half an hour later they were walking to her house talking. "I don't think we should be going through the park without Buffy Tori" said Will.

"We'll were almost there so we can't turn back now, so let's just walk faster" she said as they did.

They were almost out when they heard fighting. They both looked in the direction.

"What's going on?" asked Will behind Tori. But all Tori did was walk closer to the noise to see what was going on.

When they were close they saw a group of vamps fighting two guys it looked like.

"Why are they out here at night?" said Willow questionally. "Mind if I cut in boys" she said deadly as the vamps backed up a bit for a moment.

Will looked at the scene and saw Tori there and groaned. "Those vamps are toast" she said as she moved over to her to help with her magic.

"Were not afraid of you" he snickered. "Your not the slayer" he finished and they started smirking and were closing in.

She smiled evilly "Your right......I'm not" she said and with that she took down four vamps down to dust within seconds.

They saw that and became mad growling to cover up there sense of fear. They ran after them and they all started fighting.

It took less then 15 minutes when the last standing vamps ran off scared. Willow let a long sigh as she looked at the guys they were on the ground and hurt.

"Now what do you think we should do with them?" she asked. She sighed "So pathetic" she said thinking of what to do.

"How about we both take one, get them off the streets before they become vamp food" said Will dusting her self off while Tori just looked at her for a moment.

Tori opened her door to her place and set him down on the couch as she was floating him all the way there not being about to hold his body weight.

She closed the door and set her alarm as she went back to her living room witch was suppose to be her kicthen.

"Now what to do with you?" she said as she looked at the newcomer with Long blonde hair.

She looked at him as he was dirty and had some blood on him.

She went and grabbed a first aid kit and a towel and put it on the coffee table in front of him and with that she went to her room cleaned up and went to bed.

Willow on the other hand as soo as she got home, she went and grabbed a first aid kit and went about seeing if he needed any attention.

He was knocked out but she went about making sure he wasn't bite first then she tried to clean his wounds.

One by one without taking any clothes off or anything blushing.

When she was happy her work she got up put the things away and went to bed.

Next morning as the sun came flooding in throught the curtains was when Hotohori had awaken.

He was looking at the ceiling wondering where he was. he thought till he sat up and felt a wave of dizzyness.

He held his head for a moment for it to pass.

he thought to himself as he let his hand fall he looked up and was greeted with a strange sight.

He saw Will's living room in the bright morning light. He was lost at where he was and was trying to recall how he got there in the first place.

he thought trying to piece together the mysterious puzzle.

he continued till the image of what happened last night came to the surface.

then his thoughts were cut short when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs to see the same girl who was fighting only last night.

Will was smiling when she saw he was up. She was just going to come down for something to drink and check on him.

She walked to him "I see your awake, how are you feeling?" she asked him still in her sleep clothes.

He looked at her in awe she was beautiful. His mind was clouded with how she looked as she stepped into the living room with the sun's light begin her highlighting her hair.

he thought speechless.

Which showed cames he hadn't said anything since she came down and asked him if he was feeling better so she asked again.

"Feeling better?" she repeated witch must of gtten through this time cause he straighted up some "Yes many thanks, but how did I get here?" he asked.

Meanwhile in another house place hidden by it's appearance was another wondering about there surroundings.

He had just got down cleaning himself up with te supplies that was left on the table when Shane came into the kicthen.

She was making her something to each not paying any attention to him. He looked out the bathroom seeing her do this in just a white shirt.

he though for a brief second before he cleared his thoughts and said to her.

"Who are you? and why am I here?" he said as a order for her to tell him not a request or question.

She ignored him going about the kicthen like he wasn't even there witch made him mad.

he thought as he walked up to her so she couldn't ignore him.

"Who I am doesn't matter and why you are here is because you got careless" she said not even turning form what she was doing to tell him that.

He was a second stunded that this girl had the nerve not only to ignore him but when she did anwser she like she didn't care who he was.

He went an stood in front of her stopping her actions "I don't think your in any position to give orders little girl" he said to her and she just looked at him.

Then the next he as was on his back with her straddling his waist with his hands above his head. She smirked at him evilly "You were saying?" he was speechless but not for long.

"Impressive but not enough" he said as he flipped them and was on top smirking for a split second before he was right back on his back and her smirking smugly.

"Again you were saying?" she said he face inches from his. He was lossing his control he knew it but didn't want her to.

His symbol on his forhead flared to life and he smirked he thought.

As he was about to release a ki blast he felt he could not do it and after trying twice he looked at the girl above him and her smirk just got wider.

"What are you?" he asked her demanding to know how in Seiryuu she was able to not only over power him but also seal his powers.

"Know this till we find out why you are here, you are staying here and in doing so your will be by my side till I can trust you others wise do I make myself clear" she said pausing seeing the anger in his eyes.

"Cause if you don't then you won't like the results" and to prove her point she kneed him good in the groin before getting up and leaving to change as he curled up in pain foreign to him.

The End?

You have reached the end of "When Help Is Needed Elsewhere" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Aug 03.

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