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Shattered Innocence

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Three Years Long". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The world Buffy has lived in since she was 7 falls apart, and she has to go back to the world she lost in the first place.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredAmaiFR151429,57187453,38024 Sep 0830 Oct 08Yes



The train was pulling into the station, and Buffy was torn; her excitement was muted by her sorrow. She didn't want to part from Draco for three months, or even leave the castle, but the thought spending a relaxing summer with all the people who’d earned a place in her brother’s heart was tempting.

The Weasleys had offered them a place to stay after the tournament's final celebration. They would gladly take her in, despite not knowing her, simply because she was Harry's sister. The fact that her presence would allow Harry to stay out of the Dursley home, a place no one was keen to see him return to, was a bonus. She was looking forward to spending three months of careless fun with her brother.

On the less happy hand, there was Draco. Her shiny new boyfriend, who she wouldn't be seeing for 3 months. Who would be heading to a home that he hated, that made him hard and angry, that taught him to hate her and all that she was. She could only hope that Lucius hadn't heard of their relationship, or his summer would be hell. And she couldn’t help worry about the fact that if the Weasleys didn’t like her, she had no place else to go. This summer was what Harry wanted.

And although, everything she heard described the Weasley clan as kind, against her was the fact that they all hated her boyfriend, and his family, some with reason, and some just for the name he carried. She was worried that the summer would rip Draco and her apart, and that was a more fearful notion than she wanted it to be, because he meant a lot to her.

Family first.

She shook out of her morose thoughts, as the train came to a full stop, the horn sounding. Neither she nor Draco moved, knowing that it would be awhile before they could be like this again: sitting comfortably with each other.

Draco's arm tightened around her waist; reluctant to let her go and join her people, reluctant to face his own.

She and Draco had locked themselves in an empty compartment, just savoring the last of their moments together, wishing they had more.

They both worried about the real world, knowing of its dangers, to themselves and their relationship, but they wanted a few more moments of peace. Letting reality fade away to leave only themselves.

Buffy burrowed deeper into her place on his lap, hiding her face in the front of his robes. "We should go." She said softly, hating that it had to be said.

"I know." Draco replied quietly, not moving slightly, trying to deny the truth.

A wave of desperation ambushed her heart, and she lifted her face to his, finding his mouth and silently telling him how much she would miss him, how much she didn't want to go.

He said the same things, knowing that on the platform, they would get no goodbyes. That they'd be stuck having to act out the thing furthest from their hearts.

Buffy stood up suddenly, ripping herself bodily from the kiss, throwing herself back halfway across the compartment, and the sudden motion would have startled him more, if he hadn’t known her. And how she felt, at that moment.

"I wanna be lost." She said desperately, and he knew, because he wanted it too, so badly it consumed his being.

"I know," he said, and he did, "But we have to go. We can't wait any longer." He finished sadly.

She nodded, picking up her trunk. She walked to the door, pausing there to look back at where he still sat, silver eyes blazing.

"Know." She said. "Know that no matter what happens this summer, that at this moment in time, I love you. More than anything I love you." She said it, not letting her voice crack under the stain of her emotions.

She left the compartment, and didn’t look back. She didn’t see the look of unrestrained sorrow that spilled across his usually impassive face, which was good, because it would have broken her. She would have lost her fire will, which had survived even through her childhood, and been unable to do what needed to happen. If she'd seen that look, she'd have no choice but go rushing back to live how she wanted, not how she was required.

So she walked, strong and sure, a smile that she didn't feel in her heart gracing her face as she hurried out into the noise and the hustle, never looking back.

She didn't need to. She had let her heart tell him what her mind couldn't.

She walked towards the Weasleys, smiling, laughing and talking. She didn’t look back, to watch the Malfoy’s leave as she and her temporary family left the station, to go to their home.

A home like she always wanted, with love and family.

Only now… she couldn't help but want something else.

Wow! That's... done. Once again, uber thanks to Anisgenes for making this story as readable as editorially possible. Thanks to every one who reviewed. Now off with you... to part two :)

The End

You have reached the end of "Shattered Innocence". This story is complete.

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