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Shattered Innocence

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Three Years Long". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The world Buffy has lived in since she was 7 falls apart, and she has to go back to the world she lost in the first place.

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Nanowrimo is coming up, and despite work and school, I’m planning to sign up and bash out 50 000 words in the month of November. And because I don’t have any good original ideas, I’m hauling out of my partially jotted plotline for Pt. 3 of my HP/BTVS trilogy, dusting it off and giving it a go. And in October, pre-nano wind up spirit, I’m going to post (gulp) part one and two. Since they’re all written they should go up fairly quickly.

I own nothing. Everything belongs to people who aren't me. I make no money off this story. All I get are happy feelings when people review.

Now, onto the prologue…

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Many people knew their names, and what they did. It was a widely known fact that the Potters fought against You-Know-Who and his followers; that they lived and breathed the battle. So, many were surprised when they disappeared, leaving their friends behind to speak vaguely of vacations to spend time with their infant son.

Only three people knew the truth of their absence from the fight: Lily was once again pregnant but feared for her child’s life in the dangerous times.

The infamous weekend that You-Know-Who and his highest of death-eaters attacked the Potter home, the newest child, a beautiful baby girl, was visiting her grandmother.

Buffy was almost two when her parents died.

Shortly after the death of her parents the last of the active death eaters, upset about the defeat of their master at the hands of the Potter family came after Guivenier Potter. They killed her quickly and without hesitation, but seeing the bright-eyed girl in her care they decided to take the child with them. To turn something precious to the Potter family, although they were unaware that she herself was a Potter, into a means for extended revenge.

Buffy was seven when the Ministry figured out that the people who had in their care were death eaters, among the last of the unnamed, and upon the raid of the estate they found the small, undernourished girl chained up in the basement.

The ministry officials were horrified at what they saw, but even they never understood the full scope of the horrors she had endured. Things to terrible to be mentioned here.

Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts and one of the few who had know about the second Potter child had been attending to business at ministry of magic the day she was brought in. He recognised her, even under all the grime, as the Buffy had inherited almost all her features from her grandmother, and was the spitting image of Guivenier at the same age. Dumbledore erased her from the memories of those who had found her, and then took her from the country, and the magical community, leaving her in the care of a select group of muggles he trusted.

Rupert Giles was appalled at the first sight of the girl. She was a tiny little thing; her long golden hair matted and dirty, her joints trying to escape the barrier of her skin. He cringed at the marks on the pale skin, the bruises and cuts and magical burns but the thing that scared the battle-hardened watcher most was her eyes. They were hazel, too large for her small face, and shining with the light of her intellect. But they also held age that made her seem far older than her few years and held a pain that reminded him of the late Slayer that had been in his care.

Dumbledore had told him nothing of the girl, and she had only told him her name, saying she remembered it in a dream. She gave it defiantly, as if he would try to steal it from her; Buffy.

Rupert, along with two others sought to educate her in the ways of both her worlds. He decided to, to avoid suspicion from the council with whom he was employeed, state that she was a potential, found by a local wiccan, and in order for the story to be convincing, he began her training as if she were a possible chosen one.

Buffy took to that idea, attached to the idea she could defend herself. She was enrolled in school, and although she only made one friend, excelled in her classes. Giles taught her the mythologies and languages he had learnt, as well as passing on his love of reading. Joyce taught her the muggle aspects, how to cook and shop and pass for normal. And Merrick taught her magic.

Buffy was unwaveringly dedicated, and absorbed what they couldn’t teach from an endless supply of books they brought her, taking her studies seriously to an almost fanatical level.

While Buffy grew closer to the adults and her friend Willow she never quite lost all of her age or sadness. And sometimes as they watched her, she would simply close off emotion at will, casting blankness over her features; leftovers from life from before that never really went away.

Time marched forward and Buffy grew into a teenager, still serious but with a spark that drew people to her and a wit being there enjoyable. She, despite not being a Slayer, fought well. Her natural abilities in magic were aided by her relentless and intimidating determination and she progressed beyond her age, partly due to the time afforded to her by having no real life outside of her studies, and mastered Occlumency and DADA in particular at exceedingly high levels.

Then things changed again, as thing always do.

Merrick died, in a car crash, and shortly after Joyce found out she and Rupert were to be parents. They knew as soon as the child was born they would no longer be able protect and teach Buffy as they had. And so it was determined that they would step down as teachers and she would complete her education at Hogwarts, under Dumbledore’s care.

So the September of her 14th year found Buffy on the train to Hogwarts; School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Points of Interest: Giles’ first slayer lived the S.1 year. She was alone in her struggle and went to face the master with the knowledge she would die. Angel managed to defeat the master but the fight left him weak, and he was easy pray for the anointed one. The next slayer survived slightly less than a year, and took Spike out, but was killed by Drucilla. Faith, who was the next to be chose lived to face Glory, and died a few years later and the first never got up uppity. Grandma Potter’s name was randomly chosen.
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