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Meaning of Everything

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Summary: Two old acquaintences realize the meaning of everything at the same time - but one doesn't expect the other to suddenly come over to talk about it...

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Theme: FriendshipValandarFR1545,3700427,73325 Sep 082 Oct 08No


Disclaimer: I don't own the Superparticle. Well, I might have come up with the concept, but I don''t own it. I don't think ANYBODY's THAT rich. :D


"Interesssting," said Ambassador K'shurringat. "The analogiessss arrrre strrrange, but theirrr meaning isss sssssound."

Willow blushed at the Furling Ambassador's compliment. "Umm, thank you. So...why did you hide yourselves away, anyway? Oops, or is that like something taboo to talk about, and if so I'm very very sorry, but it just sorta slipped out because I was so interested..."

"Willow, Willow, it's alright," said Daniel, putting his hand on her shoulder. "On the other hand, if the Ambassador does not wish to answer the question, that's perfectly fine."

A strange trilling noise emerged from both the Ambassador and his mate, shortly followed by chuckles from Nya and Opher. It took that for the humans present to realize that the Furlings were laughing, or what passed for it for them. "It isss quite alright," came the more melodious yet still sibilant voice of Atsarrakaling. "We left becausssse of what can only be terrrrmed a fit of pique."

"Pique? Who ticked you off?" asked Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell, who had arrived back at the SGC from a week's leave.

"It was the Asgard, actually," noted Opher. "It seems that for millennia, the Ancients, Furlings, and we Nox developed mystically and technologically at the same rate. Though mystics were rare for all races save the Nox, they were revered and respected among all races. All races, that is, save the Asgard."

K'shurringat continued. "Therrrrre wassss a posssition once on the Assgarrrd High Council, called the Odin. It wassss ressserrrved for those myssstically awarrre. But the lassst one serrved at the time they firrrst came to Earrrth, to obserrrve the emerrrgence of the Taurrr'i. They abandoned all myssstical rrressssearrrch, againssst our advice, and concentrrrated sssolely on technology and genetic engineerrring."

His mate picked up at this point. "We arrrgued, but they would not lisssten. We inforrrmed them that their rrreliance on cloning would dessstrrroy them. We ssshowed how the Alterrrrans had asssscended by both magic and ssscience, and that following only one of thessse pathsss would lead to imbalance. They rrrefusssed to lisssten, ssso we left."

"So you're mad at the Asgard? Do they know you are back?" asked General Landry.

"No." was the simple reply from the Ambassador, and its curt tone let all present know their feelings on the matter.

Colonel Carter, however, was contemplative. "Just a question... but the so-called Ancient Gene... does it allow the propensity to magic?"

This sparked more trilling from the Furlings. "Do you think we sssharrre any genetic materrrial with eitherrr you or the Alteransss?" chuckled Atsarrakaling. "No, it isss not genetic, but rrratherrr ssspirrritual, which allowsss the wielding of magic. Overrr time, all of the Nox, Alterransss, and Furrrrlings eventually became at leasssst partly capable. But the averrrsssion to magic causssed the Asssgard to ssshunt assside any non-technological belief. Thiss hasss been theirrr undoing, for thossse that rrremain have no remaining belief that they may wield the powerrr."

As the conversation paused, Willow came to a sudden realization. "Oh, crap!" she exclaimed. "Buffy and I were supposed to go shopping in London today, and I so TOTALLY forgot to tell anyone where I was!"


"Dawn, what's the result of that locater spell?"

"She's in Colorado, Xander... looks like Cheyenne Mountain!"

"Crap, more military. Giles, how many Slayers should we take for an extraction mission?"

"Oh, dear. Buffy, Cheyenne Mountain is one of the primary US military facilities. I'd say no less than fifteen, preferably twenty. Any less would be insufficient."


"So you missed a shopping date with your friend," said Cam. "What's the worst that could happen?"

"Did you even read half of the reports we left on your desk?" asked Carter.

"Umm, glanced over them, looked a little deeper thinking it was a prank, why?"

"Lieutenant Colonel," said Willow, "we're talking about an organization of literally HUNDREDS of girls like Buffy and Faith. Reflexes and speed four times normal, strong enough to bench press a car, and an instinctive mastery of combat on par with a lifetime of study of the martial arts. Add in to that our strong alliance with the Devon Coven, home to some of the most powerful Practitioners in the world, and this base wouldn't stand a chance. And if Buffy decided to break out the Scythe..."


"Giles, where's the Scythe?"

"It should be in the Armory. Xander?"

"Yep, it's right on its pillow. Passed by it on my way to putting op the SIT's training weapons this morning."


"...then there'd literally be all Hell to pay," finished the redhead.

Ambassador K'shurringat looked thoughtful. "Ssstrong, fassst, and ssskilled?" he asked.

"Yessss... err, I mean yes, why?"

"I assssume they arrre only femalesss?"


"It worrrked!" gasped the Ambassador. "We warrrrned them not to do it, it sssshould not have worrrked, but it did!"

"Huh? Warned who?"

"Therrre wasss a brrrranch of ourrr people who, on dissscovery of the demonsss who infessssted yourrr worrrld after the Alterrransss assscended, decided to make a warrrrior to prrrotect yourrr worrrld. They worrre rrrobesss and glamourrrsss to hide theirrr vissssagesss, and called themssselves..."

"The Shadow Men!" finished Willow. "Oooh, we know about them! Buffy did this little dreamwalking puppet show type thing and went back and saw the creation of the first Slayer! And let me tell you, she wasn't too happy with them, either."

Lya nodded. "Then perhaps we should wait until she is calm before informing her of that fact?" she suggested.

"Sounds like a plan," agreed Willow.

Daniel had been silent for most of the time. "Just a question here - but how long before they get here, assuming that you don't contact them first?"

Klaxons started blaring, and Willow sunk into her seat. "Umm, looks like about now?"

The End?

You have reached the end of "Meaning of Everything" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Oct 08.

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