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Meaning of Everything

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Summary: Two old acquaintences realize the meaning of everything at the same time - but one doesn't expect the other to suddenly come over to talk about it...

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Theme: FriendshipValandarFR1545,3700427,73425 Sep 082 Oct 08No


Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, it all belongs to them.

Magic. She'd been exposed to it her entire life, whether she knew it or not. She had used it for the past ten years, first as a way to help Buffy, then an addiction, then finally in harmony with everything. But she never truly understood what it was until now. In a way, Clarke was right, but so was his humorous corollary:

Any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic.

Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from science.

It was that knowledge which prompted her to pick up the phone, and place a phone call to someone she had not spoken to since before the Slayer ever came to 'long lost Sunnydale'.


Daniel stared at the calculations Sam had shoved under his nose, babbling all the while about "results from the LHC" and something about superstring theory. The numbers meant nothing, but the text explanations sparked something deep within - a knowledge about the fundamental nature of the universe he had thought forgotten when he descended.

It explained a WHOLE lot, really.

"I realize you don't have the science background, Daniel, but surely you see how amazing this is," said Colonel Samantha Carter to one of her dearest friends. "It completely changes the way we conceive of reality!"

"Not... not completely," admitted Doctor Daniel Jackson, archaeologist, linguist, and former Ascended being.

"What?" Sam blinked. "What do you mean by..."

She was interrupted by the ringing of a telephone, a cell phone to be precise. Both were surprised, as there was no way a signal could pierce the Mountain. Daniel started digging through his pockets until he found it. He stared at it for a second longer as the strains of "Witchy Woman" by the Eagles rang around the room. "It's... I don't even have that ringtone on my phone," he admitted, still staring at it.

Sam blinked. "Well... maybe you should answer it?"

Nodding, Daniel carefully opened the flip top, and put it up to his ear. "H-hello?"

"Hello... is this Danny? Danny Jackson?" came a voice he almost, but not quite, recognized.

"Y-yes, it is. Erm, who is this?"

A sigh of relief met his ears. "Well, umm, you may not remember me, but my name is Willow Rosenberg. You stayed with my family while you were doing a dig outside Sunnydale about fifteen years ago, when you were going for your doctorate, and you used to sit on the porch with me and we'd talk about all sorts of things late in the evenings? I was just a little girl at the time, though, so you might not remember me as I am now but maybe if I was as I was then you might remember me, if you could remember me at all..."

A laugh bubbled up from nowhere, along with flashes of memory of that particular little girl - always babbling, with the hints of an amazing brilliance he had only seen in one other person. That particular other person stood right next to him, and he shook his head to clear it. "Oh, I remember you, Willow. How are your friends, Jesse and Xander?"

"How did you get a cell phone signal down here?" muttered Sam. "It's not possible, it doesn't make sense..."

A pause, then a slight sniffle. "Xander, well, he's doing fine. He's a high muckety-muck in the same company I work for, and he's married with a beautiful baby girl. But Jesse... Jesse died about eleven years ago."

"Oh, Willow, I'm sorry." Daniel blinked as what Sam was saying clicked. "Err, Willow, would you know how you happened to reach my phone? I'm currently... um, in a very, very deep basement."

"Basement? Oh, right, the SGC. Well, I guess it could be called a basement, but isn't it more like a military complex? Anyway, everything is one thing, so I used that to connect my phone to yours," rambled the young girl.

"Everything is... Willow, are you working for CERN? And how did knowing a theory translate to using it like this? That's just beyond any technology we have."

"Oh, no, sorry! Tell you what, I'll be there in a jiffy to explain it! Bye!" And with a click, the phone went dead. Daniel stared at it in confusion.

"Well?" prompted Sam.

"She said she'd be here in a..."

POOF! A bright flash of white light, very similar to an Asgard Transport Beam, filled the room. When the two SGC members had finished blinking away the sudden blindness, there was a slender red-headed young woman in the room with them. "Hi, Daniel! Long time no see!"
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