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Fake It

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This story is No. 10 in the series "Life in A Minor". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith travels to the Miami heat for the Council. (oneshot song fic)

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Television > Burn NoticeDamiaFR1313,0092113,31425 Sep 0825 Sep 08Yes
Artist: Seether
Song: Fake It'

I own neither show, thanks for those who were worried about that. Though I am looking forward to Echo!

Faith was enjoying herself down in the sultry Miami air. This was almost a vacation for the dark slayer. No trainees, no Robin, no watcher. She was on her own for three weeks. Three glorious weeks. She had buckled down and adopted a bit of the Miami Fashion Scene. Leather was not made for Florida Summers. Her micro dress of teal and black did little to cover and a lot to entice, she could appreciate that. The strappy sandals were something Buffy would kill for and she had to admit they made her legs look good.

She wrapped an arm around a pale mans neck, pulling him down to nuzzle his ear and pretending that his 80's Miami Vice look was kosher. A few sultry looks and the vamp was hers. Spin through the crowd, under the stairs, and back out with dust floating in her wake as she shoved the long wooden chopstick back through her hair. This was her time to pretend she was normal to.

Who's to know if your soul will fade at all
The one you sold to fool the world
You lost your self esteem along the way

Faith wasn't sure what time it was, the club was closing and she was following a vamp and his vic around the back. She shook her head and pulled out both sticks in her hair as two more showed up. It wasn't that she didn't live for the hunt, but a girl needs sometime to relax. She listened to the girl scream as the guy transformed, at least he didn't use the same old cheesy lines.

"I told you I could use a bite," The vamp said. Faith should have known better than to curse herself with those thoughts.

"Seriously? That's all you've got in your witty repertoire?" She demanded in disgust as the girl screamed again. Faith didn't notice the man in the suit coming through the gate behind her with a paper grocery bag. She stepped forward, her wild curls dancing as she stabbed the first vamp. The girl ran as the other two converged. She was sweat and laughter and graceful limbs as she fought the two before stabbing them both, losing one hair stick in the melee.

"Damn it, I actually liked that one," She complained as she wrapped her hair up and stabbed the other stick through it to keep it up.

Good god, you're comin' up with reasons
Good god, you're draggin' it out
Good god, it's the changin' of the seasons
I feel so raped
So follow me down...

"I've never seen someone move like that, especially against those," A man said. Faith turned to look at him as he walked across and started up the stairs. She walked over, grabbing the rail and leaning back like a child.

"Those? You mean gang members on PCP?" She asked coyly, the Miami heat making her feel like a lazy cat.

"Sure, we can call them that." He told her with a quirky grin and a shrug. Faith cocked her head to the side a chuckled a little.

"We can also say they were armed with barbecue forks. It explains the wounds they make," She nodded solemnly. He chuckled and shimmied the bag to hold out a hand to her. She took it, though she wasn't sure why.

"I'm Micheal," He introduced.

"Faith," She answered.

And just fake it if you're out of direction
Fake it if you don't belong here
Fake it if you feel like infection
Whoa, you're such a fuckin' hypocrite

Faith heard the screeching before she'd come fully awake. A woman cursing in Gaelic. Nice. "Good imagery there," She commented, rubbing sleep out of her eyes and reaching for the dress she'd worn the night before as her sleepy mind tried to figure out if the other woman's suggestion was anatomically possible.

"Fiona, calm down," Micheal was trying to reason with a petite brunette that was solid whip-chord muscle. Faith found the dress and pulled it on.

"What's got her panties in a twist?" Faith demanded as she wandered toward the kitchen where breakfast was sitting.

"Panties in a ..?" Fiona stopped her diatribe to stare at Micheal and then at Faith. She pulled a knife out of her dress and threw it at Faith's head and Micheal sighed in irritation.

"Will you stop that?" He demanded as Faith tilted her head just enough to let the blade fly past her and embed itself into the wall as she started shoveling the eggs into her mouth.

And you should know that the lies won't hide your flaws
No sense in hiding all of yours
You gave up on your dreams along the way

Fiona glared at the curvy woman beside her in the car. Sure, she and Micheal hadn't slept together, but that wasn't the point. They had never explained how she had ended up in just her panties on the couch. Well, other than Faith saying 'I like sleeping natural' whatever that meant.

"Who exactly do you work for?" Fiona finally asked. She was giving the girl a ride to her Hotel.

"At the moment? The Council," Faith shrugged. It was a powerful name in some communities. From Fiona's narrowed eyes she was part of that community.

"Does Michael know?" She demanded a moment later.

"Never came up," Faith shrugged as they pulled up. She got out of the car, shoes in hand, and winked at the doorman before heading up to her room, sending a kiss to the front desk and a bell boy. It was fun being someone different.

Good god, you're comin' up with reasons
Good god, you're draggin' it out
Good god, it's the changin' of the seasons
I feel so raped
So follow me down...

"Faith, that isn't a pleasure trip. You're down there alone to find out why it's become a fucking black hole for the white hats, not to get your party on," Buffy growled through the camera. Faith had her laptop set up and the webcam so the 'elders' could conference when they needed to. Giles was rubbing his glasses and Willow was hugging herself and glancing at something behind her computer, her ears going a little red. Faith was pretty sure Kennedy was doing something naughty where they couldn't see her.

"And I can't do that at the hottest club for the underworld?" Faith asked ironically. She was flopped out on the foot of her bed in a wife beater and a pair of underwear with a jolly roger on the butt. Which she'd flashed to them. Twice.

"Faith, don't fuck this up like you did Robin," Buffy started.

"Buffy," Willow said in shock, her attention suddenly focused on the screen.

"Oh come on, like you aren't thinking it to," Buffy grumbled. Her own recently failed relationship with the immortal was making her bitter.

"Whatever, I got shit to do," Faith reached out a hand and slammed the computer shut. Miami wasn't a black hole, it just didn't have anyone answering to the council, and Faith didn't blame anyone for not wanting to be part of that.

And just fake it, if you're out if direction
Fake it, if you don't belong here
Fake it, if you feel like infection

Whoa, you're such a fuckin' hypocrite
Whoa, whoa

She had buckled down and because of that she was more angry that she should have been. Standing lean and dangerously beautiful in black denim pants and a black denim top that looked more like a vest, a pair of wicked looking scimitars in her hands, their sheaths tossed in the backseat of the black jeep she'd rented. Her black combat boots were well used and each held a stake and a knife in case she lost a sword. Her hair was up in the messy bun she'd adopted in the muggy climate, the usual wooden sticks stabbed through the soft curls. Her dark eyes were intense and her ruby lips firm as she stared down the slimy demon that was all that was left of a crew that had numbered 5 not fifteen minutes before.

"I'm gonna give you another crack at this, 'cause I don't think you understood how truly serious I was the first time I asked. 3 girls. Two blonds and a brunette. Slayers all, though rather young and unseasoned. Cute though and with more than a little attitude. That's where I'd like you to start," She told him firmly, a calm look on her face. Most people, when faced with a humanoid covered in blue goop with white eyes and shark teeth would be a little freaked out. For Faith, this was an everyday (or night) part of life and the job.

"It's my life if I tell you everything you want to know," The creature told her. She didn't even crack a smile.

"It's your life if you don't. The only choice you really need to make, is who you think is going to make you hurt worse before you die. Me, or them. I'd think quick, I'm not known for my patience," Faith twisted both swords quickly and cracked her neck. She was giving him forty-five seconds before he began losing limbs. The seconds flew by in too short a time and she blocked the screams as she forced herself to follow through with her threat. She needed to if she wanted the three demons she could feel watching to keep off. They'd get the message out to their boss and she'd have her meeting soon enough.

I can fake it with the best of anyone
I can fake it with the best of 'em all
I can fake it with the best of anyone
I can fake it all

Faith pounded on the door, not too hard because she didn't want to leave fist sized dents in the metal, but she wanted the door unlocked. She heard the gun cock before the door swung open. She ignored Micheal and his weapon as she barged past him, throwing her swords onto the floor, her clothing following quickly.

"I'm using your shower, I'd draw a bit too much notice at the hotel," She informed him darkly, kneeling to untie the boots on her feet before skinning off the snug jeans, made even tighter by whatever it was that had made them wet in the first place. Demon sludge, blood and some other random fluids she didn't want to think about. At least Micheal's floors were concrete. She'd clean it later. Though from the wrinkling of his nose he might do it for her.

"You know where it is. I'm burning those clothes," He called after her.

"Not the boots," She shouted back, tossing her underwear behind her as she went through the bathroom. Her underwear had gotten whatever on it too. Sometimes it sucked being a Slayer. Still, she got a clothing allowance based off the demons she had to fight. She tended to fight the ickiest demons and got the highest allowance. It made Buffy jealous, but B didn't go out much anymore. She'd gotten burned out a long time ago. Faith turned the knob, sighing as the water shot out, steaming up the mirror that showed her too many bruises. Her theory about the three demons watching her had been partially right, they hadn't come to fight her, but a few more did.

She scrubbed her hair with Micheal's shampoo, noting that the '2 in 1' cleaner never left your hair as soft as using shampoo and conditioner separately. She smiled as she realized how spoiled she was becoming. Her life was a lot better that it could have been. Or than how it used to be, though she wasn't always happy. Happiness was a luxury she didn't always have time to deal with.

Who's to know if your soul will fade at all
The one you sold to fool the world
You lost your self esteem along the way

"Do I want to know what happened?" Micheal asked dryly, passing her a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt as she came out of the bathroom in a towel. Faith dropped the towel and pulled on the clothes, completely comfortable in her nudity. She shrugged a little and glanced at what had once been a disgusting floor. Micheal had cleaned her mess.

"Sorry about the floor," She told him with a tired smile, heading toward his kitchen because she knew he wouldn't mind. She snagged a yogurt out of his fridge and a spoon from the drawer before hopping up on the counter and starting to eat.

"Should I take that as a no?" He asked her, his dark eyes watching her intensely. She didn't answer until she was finished with the yogurt.

"Let me ask you something first. Do you want to be involved with the Council?" She asked him. He frowned for a moment.

"Not really no, but your question answers a lot more of mine," He told her with a small half smile. He leaned against the opposite counter from her, noting that she looked a hell of a lot younger without make up and covered in baggy clothes, her hair hanging in wet curled locks around her shoulders. It was as though her armor was missing.

"Just know that my business in Miami is almost done, and when I go the council will go with me," Faith told him, hopping off the counter and moving toward her fallen weapons. Micheal had cleaned those as well. She turned to look at him with her big brown eyes, a vulnerable look in her eyes that he didn't like. She couldn't tell him that she'd never had a guy be nice to her without his having ulterior motives. Not even Xander or Giles. She snagged her boots and left without another word.

Good god, you're comin' up with reasons
Good god, you're draggin' it out
Good god, it's the changin' of the seasons
I feel so raped man
Follow me down...

"It's all taken care of, my written report should be in all of your e-mail boxes," Faith told her fellow Council Chairs.

"Finally," Buffy groaned, drawing glares from the rest of the council.

"Acting the princess part a bit too well there Buff," Xander admonished.

"Quite," Giles agreed. Buffy glared at them and sighed.

"It's been 3 weeks, she only had a few days left anyway," Buffy told them.

"Not the point Buffy," Willow told her friend, "Was there anything you wanted to add off the record?" Willow asked Faith this time.

"One thing," Faith agreed.

"What happened?" Buffy asked, worry lightly in her tone. As obnoxious as she sometimes was she did worry about Faith and the mini-slayers sometimes.

"Something that will benefit all of us hopefully," Faith told her, an unsure frown on her face.

"What is it?" Giles asked gently.

"As you'll see in my report the various supernatural commodities down here don't want the council in their business, the last one destroyed any trust we could ever hope to have. They don't really have anything against Slayers in general. I was thinking a rogue slayer, or a retired slayer could settle down here," Faith offered.

"I'm not moving from Italy to Miami," Buffy said flatly, the world once again revolving around her.

"That immortal of yours is teaching you bad manners," Willow told her friend with a pout.

"She has a point though, she's our only retired slayer and the rogue-" Giles cut himself off and stared at the screen for a few moments.

"Don't leave us in suspense here G-man," Xander groaned, giggles coming from his part of the screen. His slayers were never far from him when he was on the laptop, even when conferencing. Africa was a tough continent to survive and the girls, especially the younger ones, had latched onto Xander.

"I'm tired and I need to get away for a while, I'm thinking Miami's as nice a place as any, nicer than most," Faith told them.

"Life without solid black leather? What would we do to mock you?" Xander asked in faux shock.

"Seriously, I'm out. I can't do this anymore. I can't be the one to lean on and rag on and depended on all while everyone tells the minis that they shouldn't trust me or depend on me because I was bad once," Faith told them, her shoulders slumping.

And just fake it, if you're out of direction
Fake it if you don't belong here
Fake it if you feel like infection
Whoa, you're such a f**kin' hypocrite

"So you're staying?" Micheal asked as she tossed her duffel bag and suit cases into the corner of his loft.

"Yup. I'll have an apartment by the end of the week. I'm still officially a one of the Council's Chair Members, but I get to act as more of a casual liaison. Much better for me. Half the work, all the benefits and paid housing," Faith shrugged her shoulders. Micheal tried to hide the smile the was fighting it's way onto his face at her catlike smug grin. He failed. She raised an eyebrow at him as Fiona and Sam came into the loft.

"I thought you finished your business here," Fiona frowned at the girl as she came in her hand lowering to caress the faint outline of the glock on her thigh. Faith smiled sweetly.

"I'm moving to Miami, Micheal's been nice enough to let me stay here while I look for an apartment," Faith told them as Micheal lost his smile and Fiona glared at the tall man.

"Welcome to the sunshine," Sam said, opening his arms wide and smiling.

And just fake it, if you're out of direction
Fake it if you don't belong here
Fake it if you feel like infection
Whoa, you're such a f**kin' hypocrite

The End

You have reached the end of "Fake It". This story is complete.

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