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Summary: Dean and Cordelia have a run in.

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Supernatural > Cordelia-CenteredPunctualGodotFR131801021,10126 Sep 0826 Sep 08Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

A/N: Takes place after Season 5 of Angel and Season 3 of Supernatural. Spoilers if you haven't seen either show up to that point.

"Cordelia," he whispers at the sight of her. His breath catches in his throat.

She sits on the floor of a rundown hotel, the Hyperion. A photo album rests in her lap and tears run down her cheeks. She doesn't look up as Dean steps closer.

All of this time he had never thought that she could possibly be the one he was hunting. Could she really be the killer that he was after? He had seen her die.

"I'm not the one you're looking for," she says at last. She pulls her eyes away from the photos in her lap and lifts her head to look at Dean.

" You sure about that?" Dean runs through possible scenarios in his head as to how she could possibly be here. Spirit? No, she certainly looked real enough. Demon? More likely but he really hoped that that wasn't the case. Please, don't let her be a demon. Please, don't let her be a demon, he thought to whomever might be listening.

"I'm not a demon,"Cordelia tells him as she wipes away her tears. "Well, I'm part demon but the good kind."

"There's a good kind?" Dean is unbelieving.

"Let's get into that later, shall we? The point is that I'm hunting a demon. And I'm willing to bet that we're after the same one," she says, her tone back to it's snarky self. She stands, placing the album on a nearby desk. "I just got a little sidetracked along the way."

"Ok. So this demon that we're both after, it wants me to think that you're the demon so that I'll kill you?" Dean watches her carefully but doesn't make a move.

"That would be my guess." Cordelia tells him.

"Well, I gotta tell you, I have a problem with that theory," he tells her as he raises his shotgun. "Last I checked, you were already dead."

"So?" Cordelia shrugs off the comment. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you dead too?"

"How do you...," Dean begins to ask, lowering his gun a little due to the distraction.

"Visions," She points to her head. "I saw you coming. But, more importantly, I saw you, Dean. Who you really are. What you long for. What you love most in this world." Cordelia pauses and takes a step toward him. "You know me,"she says. It isn't a question.

"Yeah. I saw you, a few months back. I was hunting a vengeance demon and chased it into a hospital. Into your room. I searched but I couldn't find it. It was like it had vanished. Then, I saw you laying there and all thoughts of demons flew out the window." He stops, lowers his gun. He doesn't know why he's telling her this but he feels compelled to finish. " I looked at your chart. Memorized your name, your face." Dean's guard is completely down now. He takes a step closer as if he is unconsciously drawn to her. "You are so beautiful," he says reaching out a hand towards her cheek. But it drops again and his gaze falls to the floor. "Then, you flat-lined."

There is a moment of complete silence.

"Yeah, well. Luckily, I have friends who don't know when to mind their own business," Cordelia says, not sounding like she feels lucky at all.

"Yeah, me too," Dean agrees.

Cordelia turns and starts walking towards the door. Dean desperately doesn't want her to leave.

"There's something else I was curious about," he tells her, stopping her in her tracks.

"What's that," she asks, turning to face him again.

"You whispered something before you died."

"And," she prompts. "What was it?"

"Angel. You said 'angel'. I was wondering what that meant. Did you see one," he asks.

A sad smile tugs at the corners of Cordelia's lips.

"Yeah, I saw one. Actually, he was a friend of mine," she tells Dean as she walks back over to the photo album and flips through it until she finds the page she wants. "But he's dead now. They all are," she sighs with grief just barely held in check. "The kind of dead you don't come back from."

Dean can see the photo that she's looking at now. A group of friends huddled together smiling happily for the camera.

"They fought to protect everything that we live for," Cordelia tells him. Dean doesn't realize that he has walked over to her until Cordelia turns, facing him suddenly. "I bet you didn't know,"she says," that you can change the world with a kiss."

But she's wrong, Dean knows what kisses can do. How dangerous they can be. Dean looks into her eyes, bedroom eyes, and despite it all, then and there decides to do as she has asked. And change the world.

The End

You have reached the end of "Unexpected". This story is complete.

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