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Broken Sleep

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Forever Kind of Love". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: First part of my A Forever Kind of Love Series. Buffy/Dean... Fluffy! Spoilers for SPN season2 and all BtVS but very AU from canon

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Supernatural > Buffy-CenteredmysticwhispersFR131656151,48526 Sep 0826 Sep 08Yes
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters remain the property of their owners. I make no profit from this or any other fiction.

Title: Broken Sleep.
Series: A Forever Kind of Love.
Rating: PG to PG-13 for language.
Summary: Awww it will give it away...Hmm how about, Dean and Buffy get their sleep pattern broken (no smut lol)


Buffy stirred in her sleep. The soft murmurs coming from the next room penetrated her much needed sleep and as she slowly realised the cause of the sounds, she came fully awake.

“Go back to sleep Princess, I’ve got it.” The deep, husky voice next to her sent shivers down her neck as his breath tickled her neck. He brushed a kiss against her naked shoulder and she snuggled back into the pillows, knowing everything was fine.

Dean made his way across the landing to the nursery, his senses on full alert. Logic told him that Tara probably just needed a change or maybe her tiny stomach was empty again; but his helpless baby girl was coming up on six months and he had never been more afraid in his life.

He picked her up, cradling her in his strong arms and brought her to her change table. After relieving her of her rather full diaper, he gently cleaned her up and replaced it with a new one; softly singing under his breath the whole time. He scooped her up again, holding her close and rocking her with his body.

Buffy watched from the doorway. How was it that the man in front of her could have so many sides to him? On the hunt, he was strong; his emotions hidden beneath a tough exterior attitude of kill of be killed, instilled in him since childhood by his father John. When he was alone with her, she saw his loving, slightly insecure side... the one no-one else saw. Then there was the cocky side, the don’t mess with me side. That side disappeared the second he held his daughter in his arms. He became protector, father. It was a good look on him. Buffy smiled as Tara gurgled and cooed at her daddy. She walked up behind him, knowing he was already aware of her presence. Her arms wrapped around his waist leaning against his strong back.

“She’s ok Dean,” Buffy whispered, seeing her baby’s eyes falling closed, “let’s put her down and go back to bed.” She stepped around him, kissed her sleeping child’s forehead and left the room.

Dean sighed, cuddling Tara close for just a moment longer. Buffy knew about Azazel. She knew about Sam and his mother. She also knew that Dean, Sam and the others had closed the Devil’s Gate, sending the Yellow Eyed son of a bitch back to Hell in the process. What she didn’t know was that Dean was still afraid. If Azazel had gotten out once, it could happen again. God knew the demons hated the Winchester family enough to help him out.

Pushing his fears aside for one more night, Dean laid Tara down gently in her crib. He covered her with her blanket, kissed his fingers and touched them to her head. She let out a contented little sigh as he stepped back.

He checked along the windows and around Tara’s crib, ensuring the salt lines laid there were still fresh and unbroken. Satisfied he crept out of the room and slipped back in to bed with Buffy. She rolled over, her arm going around his waist and he held on to it, finally closing his eyes again.

A few moments later, another noise came from the nursery. He held his breath, hoping Tara was still settling. A fully fledged wail erupted from a tiny throat. Buffy kissed his shoulder.

“My turn,” she said, hopping out of bed and stepping into the hallway. Dean tried to relax, listening to the sounds from the other room.

“Awww now, now Johnny, what’s all this noise about huh?” Buffy’s calming voice through the wall made him relax. After all he needed all the sleep he could get with twins in the house.

The End

You have reached the end of "Broken Sleep". This story is complete.

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