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Craft Users Wanted

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Summary: The hunter company has hired some fresh blood but they don't know about their hidden past.

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Anime > Witch Hunter RobinLadyOfTheRingsFR1511,837052,33731 Aug 0331 Aug 03No
Title: Craft Users Wanted

Author: Lady Of The Rings

Disclaimer: I own niether BTvS or Wtich Hunter Robin.

Summary:The hunter company has hired some fresh blood but they don't know about there hidden past.

Feedback: I love it! Nothing makes me more happy.

Pairing: Will/Micheal Ariel/Amon Xander/Robin

Rating: pg-13.....might change

A/N: This is a AU fic. This takes place right after Robin has been with the company a while. Some things will change here and there for the storylines to fit.

A/N2: This is completely AU, the only thing that's happened is them meeting Buffy. For info on WHR check this site out.
A/N3: There powers came about after running into there first vamp. Ariel is just a girl who went to the same school and had no friends so she asked the two if they could be friends.

The guys were coming in from a recent bust and were a little tired. A taxi stopped in front of the building and the people get out as they get their things from the truck. One of them pays the driver as he then leaves.

They were talking in the lobby like area trying to get so work done while downstairs on the first floor three new people entered the building.

"You sure this is the right address?" asked a male voice. "Yes this is the address he wrote down for us" said a light and airy female voice. The guy at the front door was watching them carefully.

Then he glanced over to the chairs the third one was sitting and doing nothing else. While the two he saw were standing looking somewhat confused on if this was the address or not the third one was sitting there content and patiently waiting for the person they asked for.

While the group was in a meeting the phone rang and the chief's assiant anwsered "Hello?" he said then "No he's in a meeting" then some more worda were exchanged till her said "We'll have them wait for now" and then hung up.

Yet again the doorman was still watching the group of three newcomers when another worked came in a made him jump a bit and turn around.

She looked like she just woke up or was trying to. She asked who they were and he said they were there to see Amon. He told she better hurry up there before the chief gets mad at her again for being late.

"I know, I know" "You don't have to rush me " she said as went in the elelvator to get to the third floor. Amon was in the bosses office looking out the glass in silence.

The boss looked at him and then started to say " Solomon is sending us some new replacements" Amon turned a little to him and said "Replacements? Has it been six months already?" he asked.

"You don't think this is a good idea?" said the boss but didn't get an anwser back. They the phone rings "Yes?" he said then "Ah I see" and hangs up "It's seems our new replacements are craft users" he said and Amon turned his head and said "Craft users?"

The others come out of the meeting walking pass her somewhat smiling. thought one of them "The chief is in a bad mood today" he said with a smile "You'll never learn, will you?" said the other as they both left.

The doorman told the three "I'm sorry, but you probably be to kill some time at the store or something" They look at him when one said.

"That one called Harry's?" she asked "That's the one" he replied "We'll go there then" said a female voice. As they walked off in search of this Harry's.

The chief was talking to Doujima about being late all the time while Micheal was working on his computer listening to some loud music.

The guys were in Harry's walking down the hallway to the bar section when while walking Amon pasted them.

In that moment he looked at one of the girls and she him till they turned the corner and out of sight as they went on.

"Here you go two coffees" said the waiter and looked at them. "Is it bitter?" "No it's fine, thank you" said a female voice. He nodds "So you lived overseas?" he asked.

"Yes we do, witch is why were out of place" replied the other female voice sitting the chair backwards.

"I see" he said pausing "We'll I don't have much to offer here, but please take your time" he said.

"Thank you" they said and he left to go back to the bar when he looked back at them.

Micheal was still working when he saw something out of place and went about correcting it or seeing what it was.

He leaned back to strech and saw Doujima behind him witch shocked him for a moment when the chief started shouting. "What the hell are you two doing?" they looked at him.

"Our new Hunters have gone missing at the airport." "At a time like this, why do you hunters have to keep causing problems" he said and Doujima was repeating him as she heard it a million times.

"Damn it!" he shouted mad "They didn't wait for us and went somewhere else on there own. What were they thinking?!" he continued on with his rant.

"Just thinking about them becoming one of you guys makes me feel hopeless" "Hattori-kun feels the same way!" he just kept talking as Doujima was sitting in her chair with her eyes closed.

"We'll, yeah, but I'm sure they had reasons" Hattori said being brought into the conversation.

"There 18 years old! What reasons can they possible have?!" asked the chief as Doujima lifted her head.

"18 years old?" said both Hattori and Doujima and then she had a sense of deja vu. she thought to herself.

"There just kids and they had to go wandering of by themselves" said the chief. They called down to the doorman "Yeah there was a group of three here" he said "But the chief told me to send them away" he replied in his defense.

"Yes. They will be back later this evening. I am watching there luggage for them." he said "I see. All right" said the boss and then hung up.

"As I suspected, the group that came to see Amon were the new replacements and one of them is Amon's new partner" he said to them.

He bowed in shame "I am very sorry. I will send Doujima to looke for them right away" he said to the boss and she looked at him.

"Why do I have to go?" he looked at her "Cause it's your fault" the boss cut them off "No. I know where they are" they look at him.

"I'll go pick them up" he said "No, no, we don't want you to take up your time with this I'll just send Doujima" said the chief as she looked at him again.

"She's not doing anything. She's just loafing around" he said as she was mad when the boss said "I see Doujima-kun would you please acompany me?" he asked her and she looked at him "Huh?"

Amon was talking to Micheal on the phone like thing. When she found something "Hold on a sec" he said as he scanned the computer "Ah found him I'll send the sketch through" he said and then viewed it "We'll done" he said.

They got up from the table after tipping to walk to the front. They were about to leave when the waiter asked "May I ask for your names?" they looked at him for a moment then they spoke.

"Xander Harris" "Willow Rosenberg" "Ariel Mazaki" all three of them said "Ah Xander-kun and Willow & Ariel-chan?" he said.

"How long will you be staying in japan?" "We don't know. It's not our decison" said Willow. "But for a while at the least" said Ariel.

"I see" he said "Please come back again" "Yes, we will" said Xander to him as they left.

They were out tracking the new witch down. Haruto and Karasuma went one way while Amon & Robin went another to cover more ground.

Micheal was talking to Amon through a ear piece. "Proceed as planned. Let's get started" said Amon to Micheal as he walked futher into the wherehouse.

There was a sand circle on the floor witch Amon didn't see and walked in it. It went back to it's orignal shape as Amon looked to the side of him.

Haruto & Karasuma were closing in on Amon's location as Micheal told them were to go.

They split up in the wherehouse and Haruto stepped in the circle as well and then it went back to it's orignal shape for a moment then it disappeared.

Amon and Robin were still searching when Haruto fell and they ran to him. "What happened?" asked Amon as he said "It's nothing I slipped on some sand"

"Don't scare me like that Haruto" said Micheal and Robin smiled at that for a moment.

"Let's go" Amon said and they continued. "Fools let's me show you the real power of a witch!" said the guy they were after.

Haruto fell again and the necklace was glowing "The orbo isn't working" he said in some pain. "Craft?" said Amon as he and Robin went after him.

But then Amon fell to the floor he was looking up and saw there man. "Amon!" She shouted as he tried to shoot him but missed and the guys turned him painfully again.

At the front of the wherehouse the three came in and looked around when Wills spotted a circle. "Think you can change it?" asked Xand.

Wills looked at him and smiled "Not a problem" was all she said as she went to work. The boss and Doujima were behind them watching them work.

The guy again made a chest rush at Amon and him dead on and fall over behind him. Robin went after his hand as it went up in flames but he put it out just as quickly.

She looked on shocked as he continued them not seeing the others enter.

When he did he tried to hurt them too, but it was repelled by fire & Electric pulse. He looked shocked "What the?" he said as he looked upon them.

Will was saying a spell as one sent out fire around him and the other sent out a low pulse electric current.

Amon and Robin said "What?" and looked over to the group amazed. "A craft user?" asked Amon and Ariel walked up to the guy the others trailed after behind her an he looked at them.

"The replacements" he said to himself. "I have changed your Ogham Symbols in the rings your Mandala" "This is OUR field now" said Willow.

He tried to attack her but she dodged his attack as Xander distracted him with another fireball to his jacket arm.

He went about putting it out as Ariel stunded him with another low volt charge to slow him down that's when he got shot. He stopped for a moment then three more shot and he was down.

Haruto went to check his signs "The brain distortion rate passed the redline" he said as they looked at these new people "Micheal, you can let the boys from the factory in now" he said over the ear piece.

Then he looked at Will and the others "So your the new replacements?" Haruto said as they looked at them blankly.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Craft Users Wanted" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Aug 03.

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