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Summary: Willow's in NY helping a slayer. And at home. Trying to figure out what went wrong (First person present, third person past.)

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CSI > CSI New YorkMistyFR131912,8580310,84129 Sep 0813 Sep 09No

Chapter 19

Thank you to my Beta Lori & CSI & Buffy are not mine.

Giles and Robin are nursing whiskies, Connie has a vodka straight and me and Eloise are kicking back plain orange and pineapple juices.

"My Goddess! You would have thought the world would've ended!"

"But it's...."

"Faith, your ex, who is -and has been for quite a while- dating Dawn."

"I didn't know Dawn was..."

"She isn't." All look at me. "Loving Faith doesn't make her gay." All still look at me. "Being 'gay' is a label. I don't like labels. I mean, what happens if Dawn next dates a guy? Does that mean she's back to being 'straight'? Does that mean after him, Dawn has to date a guy or a girl? Why can't she be Dawn and in love? Or is that too hard for you guys to accept?"

Nice one Will! Way to project your life as someone elses!

"I quite agree, Willow," Giles starts, "but we didn't see this coming."

"That's because you didn't look, Giles. Those two have been flirting under your noses and you haven't noticed. Heck, they could've stripped naked and had sex on the table and you wouldn't've noticed!"


"But you wouldn't've. It's been alive for the last two years, give or take."


"Yeah. It started slow, then just became this beautiful, alive, meaningful relationship. I like them together."

"We are talking about Faith here?"

"Yes, Robin. We are talking about your ex and the lover who's managed to do something you couldn't."

"Which is?"

"Make her a person. Not a slayer, living for the thrill of the chase and the danger. But a living, breathing, stopping-to-smell-the-roses person. In fact, compared to Dawn, all you did was 'sleep' with her."


"No, Robin. This is real and I will not have you ruin it because Faith's had some issues."

"And if I try?"

I smile at him, I can see a shudder. "You'll find out what my boundaries are. Personally." I see the sneer on Connie's face and I suddenly think it's time Connie got a reality check. "Connie?"

"Yes, Miss Rosenberg?" She shoots! She scores! Total respect in her voice for the first time ever! Pity it took me threatening someone to get it.

"Put a leash on your pet. Before I do."


Chapter 19: One million green bottles, standing on a wall.

"He did what!?!" Willow pauses mid-bite to look at Don.

Don smiles at her. "He sold his life."

"Ok. That's new."

"A first for me too."

"For how much?"

"Half a mill."

"His WHOLE life?"

"Yeah. From name to job."


"Could you do it?"

"What? Buy a life or sell my life?"


Willow thinks for a while. "No. To both."

"Why not?"

"I'd have to learn someone how to do magic and computer skills. Too much hassle."

"And to buying a life?"

"I'd have to forget everything I knew. Also too much hassle."

"You like your life too much?"

"Pretty much. What about you? Would you do it?"


"That's pretty firm, why not?"

Don smiles at Willow. "I'm enjoying my life too much and I kinda like this girl."

"Do you? What's she like?"

"Beautiful, brilliant."

"Anything else?"

"Oh yeah."


"She can do magic."

"And cue the cheesy smiles." Snarks Danny, sitting with Stella, a few tables away.

"Leave them alone."


"Because it's cute."

"Gag me."

"With pleasure."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Something" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Sep 09.

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