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Executive Non-Orders

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Summary: Buffy / Seven Days drabble. Looks like the expected mission isn’t a go.

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Television > Seven DaysBoosterFR71144192,55331 Aug 0331 Aug 03Yes
Title : Executive Non-Orders
Author : Booster
Rating : U
Setting : About six days after the end of Buffy season 7.
Disclaimers : Buffy and co belong to Joss Whedon. Seven Days belongs to UPN, I think. Either one has nothing to do with me.
Distribution : Twisting the Hellmouth, FanFiction.Net. Anyone else wants it, just email and ask.
Feedback : Yes, please.
Summary : Buffy / Seven Days drabble. Looks like the expected mission isn’t a go.
Special Thanks : Laney for help, support and beta reading.

~ + ~

You’re about to be let in on the most highly classified data America holds…

We have a device that can allow us to send one human being back in time….

Seven Days…

Frank Parker looked up in disbelief at Donovan.

“Doesn’t The President understand the time limit? We’ve only got six hours left before it’s impossible to stop an entire US city from collapsing into a great big hole in the ground!!”

Donovan looked sadly at Frank. “And yet, Frank… not only has he refused to let the mission go, but he’s issued strict orders forbidding the saving of Sunnydale.”

~ + ~

The End

You have reached the end of "Executive Non-Orders". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking