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Summary: When Senator Kinsey tries to manoeuvre his way into control of the SGC, General Hammond does not call Thor, he calls in his oldest granddaughter.

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Title: Manoeuvring
Author: David A. Knapton


Archived: If you want but it is polite to let the author know you are doing so.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The characters belong to the owners of BtVS, Stargate SG-1, and West Wing.

Spoiler: All of Buffy (If I continue this) and SG-1 up to Disclosure in mid season six. West Wing is late season four before Zoey Bartlet’s kidnapping. (I know this screws up the election of a new President in SG-1 but hay my story.

Rating: PG tops.

Pairing: None but will have at least one if I do more.

Summery: When Senator Kinsey tries to manoeuvre his way into control of the SGC, General Hammond does not call Thor, he calls in his oldest granddaughter.

Notes: Just something that came to me as I watched the SG-1 episode Disclosure. Much of the first couple of pages are taken from the Disclosure script on Twiz. I decided to include President Bartlet rather than make up someone of my own and I just love the Lord John Marbury character. Oh and although Dawn is/was the Key she always existed as Buffy’s sister.

Thanks so much to my great beta Tamara.

Feedback: If you wish.

Please note I am English, so is my spelling. Live with it.


“Thank you all for coming. First and foremost Gentlemen, welcome to the Pentagon,” Major Davis formally greeted the British, French and Chinese ambassadors as well as the military personnel seated before him. “Please forgive any security measures you’ve had to undergo in order to get here. In America, we try never to underestimate the competence or curiosity of our media. We’ve asked you here to inform you of a top secret operation the United States Air Force has been operating out of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. It’s called the Stargate Program.”

Major Davis then went into detail of what had been happening with the program over the previous five and a half years. The British and French ambassadors were not very happy and the Chinese ambassador was close to walking out in fury at the things they had heard.

“Gentlemen, please!” exclaimed Senator Kinsey who joined the meeting while the Major was explaining things. “Perhaps I can offer a compromise. Please? I sympathise with the ambassador’s position.” The Chinese ambassador reluctantly retook his seat. “A device as powerful as the Stargate in the hands of a military organization. It’s a recipe for abuse. Despite everyone’s best intentions.”

“What are you suggesting?” asked the Chinese ambassador.

Kinsey glanced at Hammond for a moment. “We have a civilian agency known as the NID. Now its mandate has been to keep an eye on top-secret projects like the Stargate program, and has done so from the beginning. I propose that we give this organization direct control over the gate, effective immediately.”

“You can’t be serious,” snapped Hammond.

Kinsey got a gleam in his eye. “I’m completely serious General. The NID is the only organization, besides the Air Force, that has the knowledge, experience and skill to run the Stargate.”

“They tried to kill you Senator,” Major Davis pointed out.

“Come now, Major. Those were rogue agents working for outside interests,” countered Kinsey. “Under the NID, I’m sure that we can determine a suitable level of participation for all the great nations represented here at this table.”

“Senator could we speak in private?” asked Hammond.

“I find your reluctance to relinquish military control of the gate disturbing General,” observed the Chinese ambassador.

“You’d do a lot better to trust the United States Air Force than the NID, Mr Ambassador,” replied Hammond.

“The General has an understandable personal prejudice against the organization,” explained Kinsey.

“Personal prejudice? Senator, their record speaks for itself. We’re talking about a borderline criminal organization whose true mandate has always been to acquire alien technology at any cost,” growled Hammond.

“If the threat posed by this Anubis is as serious as you say, acquiring alien technology should be our first priority,” observed the French ambassador.

“Tell that to the people of Madrona sir. The NID stole a weather control device from that planet causing a complete destabilisation of their atmosphere. They would have died if SG-1 hadn’t have tracked down the culprits and retrieved the device,” interrupted Davis.

“And in the process of playing with it, the NID disrupted our own weather,” added Hammond.

“Granted, the NID has employed some questionable methods in the past,” answered Kinsey a little annoyed that the Air Force would bring the weather device up. “But we’re all agreed the status quo won’t do. And I would hesitate to point fingers, General Hammond. That you and Jack O’Neill are still in charge of the Stargate program.”

“If you’re questioning our record!”

“I’m questioning your competence. But, if you want to look at your record in the company of these fine gentlemen that’s just fine,” said Kinsey picking up his briefcase and pulling files out. “Each of these reports details an incident in which the operation of the Stargate program has brought this planet to the brink of destruction. For example, four years ago despite indications of extreme danger you opened a wormhole to a planet that was in the process of being destroyed by a black hole.”

“That was unforeseeable!” Davis pointed out.

“Gravitational and time distortions had been translated back through the gate, which you had been unable to disengage,” Kinsey ignored Davis. “And the Earth came within a hair’s breadth of being torn apart.”

“We did manage to shut down the gate by directing an explosive device through the wormhole, and I believe it was Jack O’Neill who risked his life to pull it off,” countered Hammond.

“What else do we have here?” smiled Kinsey opening the next file while ignoring the General’s explanation. “Ah yes, isn’t it true that while under your command the Stargate facility has been completely overrun by alien life forms.”

“The situation was successfully contained,” replied Hammond.

“The situation should never have arisen. Not if you had been doing your job. And these incidents are just the tip of the iceberg. Face it General, under your command the Stargate program has lurched from one crisis to the next. Never averting disaster by anything more than the skin of its teeth. We can’t afford to let you roll the dice any longer,” surmised Kinsey.

“Would you excuse us please?” asked Hammond as he moved away from the others and joined Major Davis.

“Made a few phone calls sir,” whispered Davis who had stepped out while Kinsey was confronting Hammond. “Turns out Senator Kinsey’s moving from appropriations to intelligence oversight.”

“Which would put him in a position of direct power over the NID.”

“He’s manipulated this whole situation to gain control of the Stargate.”

“I may have my own ace up my sleeve,” Hammond gave the Major a tight smile before quickly leaving the room.


Major Davis was beginning to get worried as General Hammond had been gone for over an hour and despite his own best efforts, Senator Kinsey had all but persuaded the other representatives to agree to his proposal. He audibly sighed when the General reappeared with a smile on his face.

“I apologise for my absence but I needed to make a couple of phone calls,” explained Hammond remaining standing as President Bartlet entered the room. “Attention,” Hammond barked.

Major Davis and the airmen at the door came to attention immediately as did Colonel Chekov and his aide. The ambassadors also rose. Hammond looked pointedly at Kinsey who rose somewhat reluctantly.

“Mr President, I was under the impression you would not be attending today,” said Kinsey somewhat flustered.

“I wasn’t Senator, until General Hammond was good enough to inform me of your proposal to turn the Stargate over to the NID,” replied the President walking over and taking the seat between General Hammond and Senator Kinsey.

“Mr President, although much of what we have heard here today about this NID is somewhat disturbing, with the proper safeguards in place it is a far better organisation for the running of the Stargate Program than your military,” said Lord Marbury.

“I agree with your assumption that they would be better than the military,” acknowledged the President. “In fact that had been my plan when I signed off on the Program after becoming aware of its existence. But to be frank they are in the pockets of too many outside influences.”

“So what are you proposing Mr President?” asked the French Ambassador.

“After receiving General Hammond’s call and at his suggestion. I contacted an organisation known to most of you and after talking it over with President Mikhailov, we have agreed to turn over control to them, effective immediately.”

“And this organisation’s name?” asked the Chinese Ambassador.

“The New Watchers Council,” smiled the President.

“WHAT!” shouted Kinsey standing up and turning to his President.

“You heard me, Senator,” replied the President his voice deceptively quiet. “You, I’m afraid, have shot yourself in the foot. If you had not pushed for the NID to take charge of the Stargate, you and the NID would still have a say in its operation but now I don’t think your presence here is needed Senator. The Stargate Program will be in private hands, the government of the United States has no place here. We are expecting the Council’s representatives shortly and to be honest with you, they don’t like you.”

“Airman, please escort the Senator out,” ordered General Hammond.

Kinsey’s eyes were like thunder as he quickly gathered his things and stormed out.

While this had been going on, Lord Marbury and the French ambassador had been conversing quietly. “Mr President, while we will need to consult with our own governments, I feel confident that both will gladly accept your proposal to allow the Watchers Council to operate the Stargate,” said Marbury.

“Excellent,” nodded the President. “And you Mr Ambassador?” he asked looking to the Chinese Ambassador.

“I will speak with my superiors but our own relationship with the Council has not been good in recent years,” he stated.

“I hope that changes, because with or without your cooperation or even ours, the Council will be taking over full control of the Program within the week,” the President informed him.

“I will pass on your concerns, Mr President,” he replied solemnly.

President Bartlet nodded again before looking to Major Davis who wore a look of shock on his face, “Major would you please escort the three young ladies waiting in the lobby in here please,” he asked. “Oh and please have a couple of chairs sent in.”

“Yes sir,” answered Davis coming to attention for a moment before turning to leave.

“Oh and don’t bother with security, just bring them here,” the President ordered.

“Sir!” protested Davis with a frown looking at his Commander in Chief.

“If Ms Summers or Ms Rosenberg wished to get in here on their own, there is nothing anyone in this building could do to stop them. Just bring them here,” smiled President Bartlet.

“Yes sir,” replied Davis somewhat stiffly this time before leaving.


It was some ten minutes later that Major Davis escorted the three young women into the room. President Bartlet rose to greet them, “It’s nice to see you again Buffy,” he smiled warmly at the Slayer shaking her hand.

“It’s nice to be here, Mr President,” Buffy returned his smile.

“And Dawn, how is Oxford?” he then greeted the younger Summers.

“Good, thanks, Mr President,” replied Dawn. She turned slightly to gesture at the redhead standing next to her, “I don’t believe you’ve met our friend. This is Willow Rosenberg, Mr President.”

“No I haven’t had the pleasure but I have heard about her, mainly from her Uncle Toby,” replied the President.

“A pleasure to meet you, Mr President,” smiled Willow shaking his hand. “And Uncle Toby has told me about you... Ah not state secrets or anything else he shouldn’t,” she added.

The President smiled warmly at the redhead. “Now would you care to each take a seat so we can continue the meeting?” he asked.

“Of course, Mr President,” nodded Buffy moving over to where General Hammond stood smiling at her and her sister. She hugged him warmly, “Hi grandpa.”

“Buffy, Dawn,” Hammond greeted his granddaughters warmly. More than one person present raised an eyebrow at that. After also hugging Dawn and shaking Willow’s hand, he took his seat with everyone else.

“So what can we do for you, Mr President?” asked Buffy. “Giles wasn’t that clear on why we had to come here.”

“I’m sorry about that Buffy,” the President apologised. “George,” he looked at General Hammond.

George Hammond smiled fondly at his granddaughters as their eyes were almost popping out of their heads over the next hour or so as the Stargate Program was explained to them.

Finally, Buffy turned to look at her grandfather, “All this time. Why didn’t you tell us?”

“I’m sorry Buffy, but I was under orders.”

“He’s right Buffy. There was no way grandpa could have told us anything,” replied Dawn. “We only told him about us last year. There’s no difference really.”

“Okay. I guess you’re right,” sighed Buffy. “So now we know about this stargate what do you want us to do?”

“After your grandfather contacted me, Buffy,” explained the President. “I had a quick phone conversation with your Mr Giles. Without being able to go into any detail with him, I asked if he would be willing to take overall control of a highly secret military operation.” He smiled, “I think he was under the assumption that I was talking about Colonel Finn’s operation. Please apologise to him for me when you talk about this later...”

“You want us to take over the Stargate?” interrupted Willow. She blushed as the President smiled at her, “Sorry Mr President, you were saying.”

“That’s alright Ms Rosenberg; I can understand your shock. That is what I am saying, one week from today; I wish to place overall control of the Stargate and our ongoing fight against the Goa’uld, as well as any future threat to Earth in the hands of the Watchers Council. Each country represented here today will provide any necessary personnel needed to maintain and operate the program as well as teams to explore the galaxy with the agreement of the Council.”

“Wow,” gasped Dawn.

“Wow indeed Dawn,” chuckled the President. “I have arranged for all three of you to have unfettered access to all documents relating to the stargate and set aside a secure room for you to go over them. Until you finish, Major Davis will be your liaison. He will provide any answers you may wish to ask and can arrange for any of your colleagues to come to discuss it with you.”

Buffy nodded absently, “Okay. I’ll need to have Giles and Xander here. We may be on the board of the Council but this is too big a decision for just the three of us to make on our own.”

“Of course, Buffy,” agreed the President. “I must press upon you the urgency of your agreement to take control of the stargate and will hold myself ready to discuss any problems you may envisage with an operation of this magnitude.” Everyone rose with the President, “I will leave you now. I still have a country to run,” he chuckled as he left them.

“I believe this concludes the meeting,” said Hammond looking around at the assembly. “I would suggest each of you also hold yourselves available for another meeting in a few days,” he suggested before going over to his granddaughters and their redheaded friend. “Call when you’re ready to leave and I will meet you for dinner,” he said giving Buffy and Dawn each another hug and shaking Willow’s hand.

After everyone else had left, the three women just stood staring at each other. Major Davis smiled; he had often seen such shock on the faces of people after they had been told of the Stargate Program. “If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you to an office,” he said.


Buffy, Dawn and Willow did not get to have dinner with General Hammond that day or lunch the following day. Giles and Xander had arrived early that morning at the request of the President.

Major Davis escorted the two men into the office the three women were using, smiling as he watched the five greet each other.

As he was about to close the door Buffy called out to him. “Paul, could you arrange for some tea for Giles and coffee for the rest of us, please?”

“Of course, Buffy,” he nodded and left them to it.

“So Buff, what’s the 411 with the military this time?” asked Xander stepping back from the hug and glancing around at all the boxes marked ‘Top Secret, Eyes Only.’

It was Dawn that answered, “Giles, the Chaapa’ai was dug up and the US government are currently operating it out of Cheyenne Mountain.”

“Good lord,” frowned Giles as he immediately removed his glasses and began vigorously cleaning them.

“Oh god, this is bad,” exclaimed Xander.

“You know about the Chaapa’ai?” asked Willow looking at her oldest friend.

“What?” frowned Xander. “No, why would I? I’m construction guy not research guy! But Giles saying, ‘Good lord,’ AND he’s cleaning his glasses. It can only mean badness,” he explained.

“Quite,” sighed Giles replacing his glasses. “How bad is the situation?” he asked looking at Buffy.

“Actually the military are not doing such a bad job,” smiled Buffy. “My grandpa George is running it and from what I’ve seen and read... Okay what Dawn and Will have read,” she amended at the other two women’s looks. “He has some good people under him.”

“If everything is good. Why are we here?” asked Xander.

“Things changed yesterday,” explained Willow. “The US decided to reveal the details to the other permanent UN Security Council members, the G8 were going to be next. Then our friend Senator Kinsey thought he could use his knowledge to get control of the operation. It got to the point that the only way to stop him from getting control was to ask us to take it over - Both Britain and France are supporting the suggestion but not so much the Russians or Chinese. The Russian President is okay with it but some of his military aren’t so keen. I think they will fall into place though ‘cause they won’t want to be left out.”

Giles took a seat and gestured around the room, “And all this?”

“Is everything the SGC - that’s what they call the operation,” answered Dawn, “Has been doing over the last six years plus some reports on some kind of experiments in world war two.”

“You do realise we’re gonna hafta keep this from Andrew, don’t you,” laughed Xander as he grabbed a folder from one of the boxes and began flipping through it.

“Oh god, I didn’t think about that,” groaned Buffy.

“Hey maybe we could use him as a threat if someone gets outta line like we do with any uppity watcher or slayer that does something wrong!” smirked Xander. Soon after taking over the Council, the Scooby gang started running into watchers that had somehow survived the bombing in London and wanted to continue doing things the old way. Faith had jokingly suggested they sic Andrew on them. They did just that, the watchers had caved within two days - being mostly stiff upper lip Englishmen their own politeness worked against them - they all but begged Giles to take him away and offered to help run the Council however he thought fit. As for any slayer that did something wrong! Well Andrew was still the whiny, pouty, pathetic individual he had been in Sunnydale. The girl soon found out that she could not hurt him because it would be like kicking a hurt puppy, as Faith had once said.

“So what do you think, Giles?” sighed Buffy sitting next to her Watcher. “Do we agree to take it over?”

“I don’t know. There would have to be some major changes - for one we might need the Chaapa’ai moved. If we were to take control it would mean someone from the board needs to be stationed at this SGC on an almost permanent basis.”

“I’ll do it,” piped in Xander.

“No Xand,” vetoed Buffy. “You’re the best with the new girls, they all like you. Plus you’re needed to keep an eye on the construction people, no one else understands half of what they say,” she smirked.

“Yeah Xand. I’m good with languages but even I can’t understand them most of the time. I mean what’s a dry wall? Don’t all walls need to be dry?” laughed Dawn. “I’d do it but I have college and being so young I can’t see them listening to me.”

“I’ll do it. Rome’s been getting a bit boring lately.” She had just broken up with the Immortal after finding out he was connected to Wolfram and Hart. “I think I’d like to come back home for a while and I haven’t seen my grandpa in over a year. He’s our last link to mum.”

“Very well, Buffy,” nodded Giles. “Now let’s talk about safeguards...”


“One, General Hammond is to remain as military commander of the SGC and any replacement would be at the discretion of the Council. Two, with the agreement of the Council each nation will be allowed to contribute at least one full team to continue exploring the galaxy - Their salaries to be paid by their country. They will have spells placed on them to prevent them revealing any information they obtain while members of the SGC to their governments etc. without it being cleared by both General Hammond and the Council representative. Three, the same spell will be placed on all present SGC personnel that wish to remain with the program. Four, all scientific discoveries must be cleared by a committee of one scientist and one diplomat from each participating country before being passed on to ALL member countries. This last can be vetoed without explanation by the Council. And finally, Five, any diplomatic overtones to other worlds for whatever reason, can only be made through the SGC with the agreement of all members states.” Giles read the conditions by which the Council would agree to take over the running of the SGC. Sitting he looked around the large table that not only held everyone from the previous meeting, except Senator Kinsey but also a senior member of each government that had the authority to agree or disagree with the proposal. Also present were the US Joint Chiefs, who did not like the idea of giving up the Stargate to civilians but were there only as a courtesy.

“What about the F302’s and 303’s?” asked General Hammond.

Xander smiled at Buffy’s grandfather knowing what would happen next. “All long range ships will come under the SGC and Council. The F302’s not stationed on other ships or offworld will remain under their governments control but are to be used for the overall defence of the Earth as a whole. To that end the technology must be made available to all member...”

“That’s totally unacceptable,” interrupted one of the Joint Chiefs.

“I’m sorry but I was under the impression the United States military are only here as a courtesy,” pointed out Lord Marbury.

“Quite correct,” nodded Leo McGarry. “General, this has already been agreed to by the President. You may not like it as a citizen but as a member of the US military, you will follow the dictates of the Commander in Chief. Of course you are free to voice your objections directly to the President but after your involvement with the Initiative I wouldn’t advise it.”

The General in question paled as the five sets of eyes of the Council’s representatives turned with what could only be described as murder in them.

“Of course you only signed off on the overall operation and knew nothing about the Adam project. So I’m sure the President wouldn’t hold it against you that you failed to inform him,” smirked Leo having got the reaction he wanted.

“As Xander was saying, the spaceships, both present and future, will fall under the control of the SGC and Council,” said Giles. “So anyone that is in agreement with this proposal will you please sign the documents in front of you with the special pens we provided you. For those of you who do not know, they will pull blood out of your fingers and with the enchantments that have been placed on the documents it will make them binding on you and your governments for ever.”

The British Deputy Primer Minister and the French Foreign Minister picked up their pens and signed without hesitation. Leo looked at the pen with a little trepidation. “It’s perfectly safe Gerald,” smiled Lord Marbury.

“I know your lordship,” sighed Leo having given up several years ago of reminding the British Ambassador that his name was not Gerald.

Giles received the three signed copies before looking over at the Russian and Chinese contingents. “Is there something unclear gentlemen?” he asked.

“No,” snapped the Russian Foreign Minister finally picking up the pen and signing his name before handing it to the airman who in turn delivered it to Giles.

“So Mr Li are you going to join us?” pressed Giles. “You have much to gain through this agreement. Dare I say, much more than you probably would if the United States had retained control of the Stargate?”

“Very well Mr Giles, under protest. We were not advised that this agreement would be binding for all time,” stated Mr Li before signing his document and handing it to the airman that stepped forward.

It was only minutes later that the meeting broke up and everyone adjourned to the next room for the light lunch that awaited them.

“So have you told Tessa and Kayla that Dawn and I will be coming back with you?” asked Buffy standing with her grandfather, sister, and Watcher.

“Yesterday,” smiled George. “They are very excited; they’ll be thrilled when they learn you plan on staying.”

Just then, Leo McGarry joined them with Major Davis. “George,” Leo greeted his old wingman.

“Leo. I’d like you to meet two of my granddaughters, Buffy and Dawn Summers and Buffy’s Watcher, Rupert Giles. Rupert, girls, this is Leo McGarry, the President’s Chief of Staff. We served together in Vietnam.”

“A pleasure to meet you. Grandpa has told us lots of stories about you,” smiled Dawn as she shook his hand.

“Did he tell you about the bar fight he started with a room full of Marines then managed to slip out the backdoor before the MPs arrived?”

“He told us it was you that started it,” smirked Buffy.

“Oh no, definitely your grandfather’s work,” chuckled Leo.

“Did you just come over here to embarrass me or is that just the icing,” asked George.

“That’s icing but I just wanted to say hi before I had to get back to the White House to brief the President. It was great to see you again George. Next time you’re in town.”

“Of course, Leo,” nodded George as he shook his old friend’s hand.

“Oh and good luck when you tell Colonel O’Neill. I think I’ll request a copy of the security tape,” laughed Leo as he and Major Davis left.

“Who’s Colonel O’Neill?” asked Giles.

“He’s the leader of SG-1 and is second in command under grandpa,” replied Dawn before George could.

“Yes and there’s a theory around the SGC that has it that he is the reason I lost what hair I had when I took over command of the SGC,” chuckled George.

“When do we leave?” asked Dawn.

“Tomorrow morning O nine hundred hours,” answered George.

“Grandpa,” whined Buffy getting laughs from the others.

“Nine o’clock tomorrow morning,” he smiled fondly at his eldest granddaughter, so much like her mother he would occasionally find a lump forming in his throat.


When they landed in Colorado Springs, they were met by General Hammond’s car. Major Davis sat in front with the driver, he had been appointed as liaison to the Watchers Council as well as the SGC. Buffy, Dawn, and Willow sat in the back with the General. Willow was there to perform the spells needed to seal the SGC from the NORAD section of the Cheyenne Complex. Once performed, no one that had not signed the Councils own non-disclosure documents could enter the area unless they were accompanied by someone that was doing so willingly.

While still in the air, General Hammond had contacted the SGC and ordered SG-1 and all other SGC offworld team leaders as well as all department heads to assemble in the Conference room. All offworld teams were to be recalled immediately and gate travel was suspended until he had met with everyone.

The Council representatives had been issued with visitor passes until everything could be sorted out. So entry into the mountain went smoothly especially with the commanding officer as your escort.

Willow smiled at the twin scowls Buffy and George gave an airman that exchanged smiles with Dawn as he handed her pass back. “I think there’ll be a lot of transfers going on around here if Dawnie is around for any length of time,” she observed as General Hammond and Major Davis stood aside to allow the three women to enter the lift first. Davis pressed the button for level eleven and the doors closed.


“So, Jack. Any idea what’s going on?” asked Daniel as he looked around at the various SGC personnel standing and sitting around the room.

“No idea, he said we needed to hear it face to face and to get everyone here for twelve hundred hours,” replied Jack stood with Teal’c and Sam, his hands in his pockets rocking back and forth on his heels.

“Wasn’t it Monday that he was going to be at the meeting to reveal the details of the Stargate program to the permanent members of the UN Security Council?” asked Daniel with a worried look.

“Yeah,” nodded Jack before taking in his friend’s demeanour. “You think that’s got something to do with it?”

“Well he probably would have come straight back if everything had gone as planned,” put in Sam.

“Well we’re about to find out,” smiled Jack as the door opened and General Hammond entered with Major Davis and... “Buffy, Dawn, what are you doing here?” he asked stepping forward to hug two of the women coming in behind his CO.

“That will become clear in a moment, Colonel,” replied Hammond as Jack released Buffy and moved onto Dawn.

Jack frowned, “Of course sir. Welcome back.” He stepped back to join his team.

“First, I would like to introduce you all to Buffy and Dawn Summers and their associate, Willow Rosenberg. They represent an international organisation called the Watchers Council. As of oh six hundred hours on Monday next, the stargate and the SGC as a whole will be handed over to the Watchers Council.” General Hammond held his hand up as outbursts started, mainly from SG-1. “The President was left with little choice after Senator Kinsey became involved with the talks with the other permanent members of the Security Council.” This mollified the murmurs somewhat. “All military and civilian personnel that wish to remain with the program will be required to sign non-disclosure documents with the Council, no one, military included, are required to do so but will be transferred out of the mountain and will have no more to do with the program if they don’t. Other than that the SGC will continue as it is now with myself in military command but answerable to the Council representative on site at the time, who will have no part in the day to day running of base but will have the authority to override any order if they think it necessary for the interests of the Earth as a whole.

“Now over the next few days each of you will be required to speak with either Ms Summers or Ms Rosenberg to give them an overview of your department or in the case of the offworld teams, their latest missions. Ms Rosenberg and Dawn Summers will also be installing the Councils own security system over the weekend, this may cause few problems but they assure me they will keep it to a minimum.”

Hammond looked around the people gathered in the room; they all had various degrees of shock on their faces. He could appreciate what they were thinking. “People, this may sound like a recipe for disaster but I assure you it isn’t. As I said, the program will continue, without the interference of the NID I might add. Your salaries will still be paid by the government. If you have any legitimate questions, I will be in my office from fourteen hundred hours to try and answer them. In the meantime, while I conduct the Council representatives on their tour of the base, Major Davis will be happy to provide any answers he can to those concerns. Dismissed.” He turned to the three women, “If you’ll follow me ladies,” he smiled as Major Davis gave him a look of betrayal when he realised that SG-1 were bearing down on him.

Buffy burst out in giggles as her grandfather closed the door as the noise level in the conference room began to rise. “That was so mean grandpa. What’s Paul ever done to you?”

“He’ll take the edge off Jack’s anger. If he survives, I’ll put him forward for a Presidential citation,” chuckled George as he guided them into the gateroom.

The End

You have reached the end of "Manoeuvring". This story is complete.

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