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Gundam Faith

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Gundam Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What if Faith had been present during the Gundam Wing story line? Not as a major character but in a supporting role to the events that would unfold. This is that story.

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The Victoria Massacre Part 1

Gundam Faith


Chapter 1: The Victoria Massacre Part 1


Disclaimer: Don’t own GW/BTVS or the quote.


“The world will never have lasting peace so long as men reserve for war the finest human qualities. Peace, no less than war, requires idealism and self-sacrifice and a righteous and dynamic faith.”
John Foster Dulles


April 10 AC 195, Lake Victoria Base

Faith slumped in her seat at the mess hall as she flipped through the channels on her hand-held TV. It was a special TV that Treize had gotten her before she started training and one she wasn’t allowed to really use until her last few months in the academy. Stupid rules.

“… attack at Corsica Base yesterday…” The news channels were covered with reports of attacks on various military bases around the world within the last few days. Some channels claimed they were accidents while others were claiming rebel mobile suits were responsible for the attacks. The claims of the origins for the suits, for the channels that told that story, ranged from the colony, rogue military units, to aliens.

All of this Faith didn’t really care about as she flipped through the channels before finding what she was looking for. She smiled and settled in to watch with a bowl of cereal in front of her.

“What are you watching?” Faith glanced up and saw Rodney trying to glance over her shoulder. Faith smiled; he had sounded both appalled and curious as he asked that question.

“Shh… it’s Tom and Jerry.” He raised an eye bow at her before coughing into his hand to regain her attention for she had started to ignore him to focus solely on the television. Faith ignored him so he coughed again before hitting her in the shoulder when she didn’t respond again.

“Hey!” Faith yelled as her balance was compromised. Before she could fall she righted her self and it him back; being careful not to use too much of her strength.

“What was that for?” He sighed and looked at the watch on his wrist.

“We have those space simulations this morning, remember? You could get extra duties if you’re late again.” Faith sighed and got up from her seat.

“Damn. All right I’m coming, I’m coming.” As they started to leave the mess hall she yelled at the ceiling;

“And what is with the 24/7 techno lights.” Rodney laughed at her outburst. After all she had been the one to both suggest and push the look; although, Noin did have an odd attraction to the strobe lights.


Faith sat in her simulation seat within the white room and adjusted herself anxiously a few times before glancing at the door. Noin was never late to a simulation test of course as she and Rodney had been late it was in there favor for her not to be here. All the same Faith wanted this over with.

“Where is she?” She questioned the room and was answered with snickers. It was well known that Faith and any type of mobile suit workings were non mixy things. At the beginning of the mobile suit portion of training it had taken her forever to get used to the controls. It wasn’t her fault though. Most of the other kids grew up knowing they’d be going to this academy and had been allowed in a cockpit a few times growing up while their parents or family friend explained the controls.

Faith had none of this except for the few times Zechs had let her in his during the months they had been on the colony. At the time she had been in awe of the coleuses machine and could hardly focus on what he was saying. Every time she said ‘what?’ though he just smiled like one would at a kid whose seen snow the first time.

“Is big bad Faith nervous about the tests?”

“Just wait for me to get out of this fucking chair and I’ll show you nervous.” She started to struggle out of her seat to the sound of laughing in the room. The laughing grew as she finally got out and rushed over to her team mate, who unfortunately couldn’t get out of his chair quick enough, and pulled back her arm.

“What’s going on in here?” At the sound of Noin’s yell Faith swung but missed her targets face by an inch hitting his chair harmlessly, after all she wasn’t really angry (or at least much).

“Just teaching a bit of teamwork, L-T. This boy forgot the lesson and since I get it so often I figured I’d offer my help.” The cadet gulped, the other cadets snickered, and Noin rolled her eyes at Faith.

“Get back to you seat Cadet Lehane. As for your display both you and Cadet Rogers have latrine duty.” Faith scowled and when Noin saw it she added;

“Would you like to say something Cadet?”

“No, ma’am!” Faith saluted and got back into her cockpit seat.

“Alright everyone lets get started!” Noin ordered as she came to the center of the room. The students chorused in response;

“Yes, ma’am.” Then Noin turned to one of the students, Jake, and said;

“Monitor our progress to Zero-G” Faith and all the other students repositioned themselves and Jake started their descent. The pressure-sealed doors locked in place, and the Zero-G Training elevator took them down to the training area.

“We've passed the 100 meter-point below the surface! We've arrived at Zero G!” Jake said when they arrived. Faith was now floating in the simulation camber in her suit. She looked over at Noin who was floating in the center of all of them; not in a mock cockpit. Nervously she looked down at her controls preparing for the order to commence the test.

While she waited a thought crossed her mind. The person she was when she woke up in this world wouldn’t have cared about the results of this test. In fact she wouldn’t even be here she’d be cutting… or in solitary. Now, not only was she here but she was actually nervous. As the others teased her for being before; her hands were even sweating a little. This was of course ridiculous as it wasn’t her first time doing this or even her second. It was just that every time she managed to make at least one mistake

“Right! Commence final testing for space mobile suit operations.” Noin said and all the students moved at once. Faith did well at first moving forward and then to the right. Suddenly she felt the need to move the seat upward. She did so quickly, too quickly, and hit the ceiling with a curse. Below her the other students had crashed into each other.

“We ain’t living this one down.” Faith whispered to herself while Noin started to berate them for screwing up the simple test.

“What are you doing?! You shouldn't have problems at this speed! You must sense the movements of your craft! Lieutenant Zechs is coming! Don't go embarrass yourselves!” The room grew silent at this information. Faith didn’t know much about this world yet or even the ‘heroes’ of the special forces but she had an inkling that both Noin and Zechs were pretty big deals and looked up to by most of the students. True she kinda looked up to them too but she knew it was for much different reasons.

“Lieutenant Zechs is coming?! Wow, I'll do my best!” One of her fellow cadets exclaimed and Noin nodded at everyone.

“Good!” After their first screw up they unfortunately screwed up again a few times. Probably due to added nerves brought on by Zechs imminent arrival; not that it affected her as she would have made errors anyway. The only one who didn’t screw up was Rodney, much to Faith’s annoyance as she kept hitting the ceiling until about halfway through the session. By the time it was over all the kinks had been worked out but Faith couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off.


“Do you think we’ll have to fight one?” Rodney asked. Both he and Faith were staring at their drinks but Rodney was looking at her after asking his question.

“I suppose.” Faith said distractedly spinning the straw in her glass. She kept thinking about Zechs. Part of her had hoped, for Noin’s sake of course, that he was coming to see their progress. Then she would think about all the attacks the Gundams have been making within the last few days. She had to admit that it would make more sense if he was coming as a result of the Gundams. Finally she turned to Rodney and pulled him close to whisper in his ear.

“Do you think we’ll be attacked soon… here?” Rodney looked pensive for a second and shook his head;

“No, this is just a training facility.”

“Ha, you know that ain’t true Tin Man. What else is done here… think about it?” Rodney thought looked at her with a raised eyebrow indicating he had no clue what she was talking about and she rolled her eyes at him. Hitting her palm to her fore-head she said;

“The Taurus Mobile Suit factory; making and adjusting our suits as we speak? Any of this ringing a bell?” Rodney said a silent ‘oh’ and blushed ever so slightly at his memory slip. Then he went to counter her proposal.

“But…” But he was cut off as Rodgers cut in draping a hand over both their shoulders.

“Don’t worry about it. If they attack or not; we’ll win. Our little group together nothing can beat us. Those chickens better run and hide.” He was obviously drunk (where did he get his hands on alcohol?) and the whole room laughed at his outburst. Faith smiled too but all she could think of was how lucky he was that a commanding officer wasn’t here to hear his statement or see his current state.

“Too true, too true. To the future kicking of some Gundam ass!” Faith toasted and soon all were clicking their drink glasses together. Far too soon however the time came when Rogers and Faith had to go out and finish their punishment duties. After they left the small party broke up and everyone went to bed excited about tomorrow’s graduation, getting their space postings and Taurus mobile suits. Of course some of the lesser cadets would end up with lower postings but that’s how tings went.

Still Faith couldn’t help but feel out of place and nervous. This new world just kept taking her confidence and shoving it back in her face. Then Treize, her benefactor, wanted her to pilot a suit for him and she has worked towards that goal but…

Piloting a mobile suit on earth was one thing; piloting one in space was another story entirely. The idea actually frightened her but it was where Treize said he wanted, no, needed her. If he needed her there then that was where she’d go.

Even if she didn’t like it.


April 11 AC 195, Lake Victoria Base

Faith stood at attention sweating in her full military attire. If anyone had told Faith four years ago, not counting her ‘frozen’ years, that she’d be working for the government she would have laughed then promptly punched the persons lights out. Yet here she was a pawn of the military of her own free will. Well, she had resisted at first and there’s not a one who can say it wasn’t a long and hard transition. If fact, according to many of her instructors, she probably still had much to learn.

But that didn’t matter anymore as she was graduating. Anything she didn’t know by now or didn’t do she’d have to learn the hard way or not at all.

After all, all that happened to her since she woke here wasn’t her choice. Not really. But what could she do? Even if she ran after learning all she could about this world she wouldn’t have been any safer or freer. The world was a different monster these days. Better weapons and stronger people, well either the people were stronger or she was weaker as even after all these years it was hard to tell which it truly was. Anyway, the point was she could actually get her ass kicked out there if enough people ganged up on her. As for the freer she was pretty free working for Romefeller. As they knew her story they made allowances for her that not many others got. Working for them was just so win-win.

So here it was, the day she officially became one of Treize’s pawns. She just wished it wasn’t so stifling hot and she didn’t have to wear the full uniform.

She was shaken from her thoughts as she heard Noin say;

“Today is your last day of training. You've followed my strict command very well. Today you will become a member of the elite Specials force.” Next to her, Rodney had an immensely proud look on his face as he listed to Noin talk on and on. Faith was hot and would be happy when this whole pomp affair was over. She would probably have had the same look Rodney had, though, if Treize was here to see her.

That wouldn’t be happening, however, as he had more important things to worry about in the form of the Gundams.

“The enemy is targeting your space mission Taurus suits! And your first mission as a member of OZ is to get your suits off base!” Faith’s eyes narrowed and her attention was recaptured as she remembered her conversation just last night. She hated being right. Well she liked being right just not about this. She was a good fighter and she was sure she could take one of those Gundam things. It was the others abilities she was worried about.

“Damn” she whispered under her breath hoping Noin didn’t catch her slip. She wanted to look over at Rodney but the last thing she needed was extra duties on her last day.

“Shouldn't we be leaving that for the transport division?” Faith had to bight her lip to hold back a laugh. Leave it to Rogers to completely miss the importance of a statement and work out some personal inconvenience. One would think he’d be more concerned about the fact that we might be fighting an enemy in less then a day after graduating then by the fact that he has to move his own suit.

*slap* ouch. ‘Glad it wasn’t me.’ Faith thought as she kept her eyes forward while Rogers got slapped. That could have easily have been her as she, too, was prone to sudden outbursts. However today she had made a personal goal not to step on anyone’s toes; no matter how much fun it was.

“I didn't train anyone who couldn't take care of his own machine. Prepare to leave immediately! Get a move on!”

“Yes, ma’am!” The cadets saluted and Faith saw a jet land in the airway. Zechs was here. Knocked from her stare by Rodney the group of them went about the task of preparing their suits for departure. They wouldn’t be leaving till 0700 hours tomorrow but it wouldn’t look good if they were late for their first day of active duty.

It was too bad really as Faith, too, would have liked to have seen Zechs.


Unbeknown to Faith and the others in the base a young boy of about 15 was busy moving about the base with stealth enviable by even a Slayer. In the area of the dorms he set up the most of his explosives and now all he had to do was wait until nightfall.

That would be when the real show begins.
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