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Gundam Faith

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Gundam Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What if Faith had been present during the Gundam Wing story line? Not as a major character but in a supporting role to the events that would unfold. This is that story.

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Anime > Gundam WingPlutronFR1537,075001,7641 Oct 082 May 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

The Victoria Massacre Part 2

Gundam Faith


Chapter 1: The Victoria Massacre Part 2


Disclaimer: Don’t own GW/BTVS or the quote.


“Justice belongs to those who claim it, but let the claimant beware lest he create new injustice by his claim and thus set the bloody pendulum of revenge into its inexorable motion”

~ Frank Herbert


Stealthily; Faith moved about the base moving from shadow to shadow. Supposedly she was supposed to be in her room about two hours ago but, as on most nights, she found herself restless. Tonight, however, was different from most nights in one very big way and that was she couldn’t stay in her room. Tonight she just had to get out and hunt that which was no longer lurking in the dark of night.

The lack of prey, however, couldn’t have been further from her mind. The reason for her strong restlessness tonight, which was different from what it was most other nights, had to do completely with a conversation she had with Rodney just before heading off to the barracks. This conversation had been on a topic that she hadn’t even thought about until he had brought it up.
“What do you think it’ll be like… killing someone that is?”

At first she had opened her mouth to say ‘it wasn’t so bad’ and that she had done it once but something had stopped her. She actually thought about the question and the memories of the night she staked that man by accident fled into the front of her mind. She remembered that night clearly and she remembered the horror she had initially felt when the body hadn’t turned into dust.

She told Buffy that night, after the blood had been washed from her hands;

“You don’t get it. I don’t care!” It had been a lie and a good one. As long as she didn’t think about it and kept the whole thing at the farthest reaches of her mind it was still very true. The lie had done well by her after joining the mayor and kept going strong right up till she had been put into a coma by the blonde bitch.

Then she woke up here where all the rules had changed on her. In this world she felt no connection to anything; thus she had no need for her lies and excuses as no one knew anything about her… not really. All she really knew they thought of her, and this she got from questioning Treize, was that people saw her as the Yin to Buffy’s Yang.

So with her lack of connection with the world around her she was left with too much time to ponder over things; until she had entered the academy that is. Here at the academy they worked you so hard it was hard to think about anything. So until Rodney had asked her that question she had never really deviled too deeply into the darkest moments of her life.

“Screw this I have no reason to feel guilty.” And killing people she never knew and never met would be as easy as pie.

The sound of steady but quick footsteps brought her back to the present and out of her thoughts. Quickly she receded into the nearest shadows and prepared to wait till the solider passed. She had been dodging them all night and felt she was doing a pretty good job at it. They hadn’t even suspected she was there.

So she was sufficiently surprised when as the solider rushed around the corner he suddenly froze in place with a shocked look before his eyes rolled back and he collapsed to the ground. Behind him, straitening from a crouched position, was a young Asian kid. The look on his young face was very professional as he didn’t look scared or excited only determined. Any other emotions he might have been feeling were blocked from her. She watched him examine his immediate area before he dragged the dropped solider out of the way of wandering eyes that might come by.

When he finished with that he took off and Faith realized for the first time how close she was to the land vehicle hub. Her eyes narrowed when she realized the guy was on his way out not in. This in turn meant one of two things; the security at this base really sucked or the kid was really that good.

As the kid’s back was to her at the moment she risked stepping out of the shadows and ran over the fallen solider. A quick check of his pulse confirmed that he was still alive and Faith had a feeling he was very lucky. Now Faith was at an impasse should she follow the boy or inform about the break-in.

It didn’t take her long to decide and she took off after the boy while still keeping to the shadows. Following the boy wasn’t particularly hard as he didn’t particularly keep to the shadows or walk too stealthily. In fact if Faith had to use one word to define how he was moving through the base it would be ‘arrogantly’ or like he owned the place. Cockily Confident.

But that could work for her as it made following him so much easier.

Moments later she had caught up to the point that she was only a few feet away from the boy. He still didn’t seem to notice he was being followed or if he did he didn’t find her to be worthy of his time. But if she had to bet she would say he still didn’t know she was there as slayers were made for stealth; among other things.

Now all she had to do was step out of the shadows and knock the arrogant bastard on his ass before turning him over. As she put one foot forward the boy turned 45 degrees and was now facing the general direction of the barracks. Faith’s eyes widened and she slipped back into her hiding place and watched with a sick fascination as the boy pulled out thin device and pushed a button on it.

“No!!” But it was too late and far in the distance she watched as the student barracks, were all her friends were, go up in a fiery blaze. In a millisecond memories flashed in front of her eyes. Rodney lecturing her on not helping the team in practice simulations, Rodgers annoying her while she was trying to study before getting her to participate in some after hour activity, and their graduation just hours earlier. Oddly her first thought was that what the kid did was smart and in a way that completely horrified her. He took out not the mobile suits but the pilots and without the pilots the suits were just really big paper weights.

Who was this kid?

Narrowing her eyes she turned to face the boy who was now looking at her intently in a relaxed pose. Her anger fueling her she charged the guy and swung a fist aimed for his face. Naturally she was surprised when he caught her fist with ease before flashing her a mocking smile. She quickly glanced between her fist and his face before jumping backward and regrouping.

“Hm, just what I’d expect from a woman.” This guy was totally asking for an ass-kicking but she couldn’t help but notice something odd about the way that line came out of him. Before she could think more about it he came at her and she got herself back into the fight just in time to block his kick. Again they backed away from each other and it was beginning to worry Faith that this kid didn’t seem to look concerned at all. With this fresh wave of anger pushing her forward she went to punch him again and this time she clocked him good.

The kid stumbled back a bit his head turned slightly to the left. She watched in satisfaction as he spit out blood and narrowed his eyes as he refocused on her. Good, he was going to be serious now. Taking up a defensive position she decided to let him make the next move. Unfortunately that was a very bad idea. Faith’s eyes widened in shock as the kid jumped high in the sky and over her head. She had no idea that a normal human was capable of such skill. She started to turn around to face him but before she could move an inch something connected with the back of her neck. Hard.

She blacked out to the sound of a revving engine.


About ten minutes later Faith blinked. She most definitely wasn’t in her bed. Fire. Intruder. Escaping. Rodney. Quickly shaking aside her disorientation Faith jumped to her feet and looked around her immediate area. The intruder was long gone by now and all Faith could do was look around rubbing the bump on the back of her head. He obviously intended her to go down for much longer as the base was still in a frenzy. Again she was thankful for her slayer constitution as it loud her to awaken much sooner then a normal person.

Looking in the direction of the barracks she saw the smoke billowing into the night sky.

“Rodney!” she broke out into a sprint and ran towards the barracks full tilt. She skidded to a stop when she got close and saw all the rubble lying around. Apparently the cadet dorms were hit the worst. Immediately she began digging through the rubble where Rodney’s dorm had been. After a minute or so of digging she froze when she unearthed a bloody hand.

“Damn him. He’ll pay for this.” Rodney was a great guy and defiantly didn’t deserve to die like this. It should have been her… it would have been if she had stayed in the dorms. Her last thought surprised her a bit so she pushed the thought away and focused on the problem at hand. The intruder.

“Cadet Lehane… are you all right?” Turning around Faith saw one of her superior officers and if Faith wasn’t mistaken it was the one in charge of teaching the cadets to use firearms… she really hated this guy. But right now he seemed like a port in the storm that was her mind. Saluting she said;

“Sir, I’m fine, Sir… has anyone else survived?” She risked breaking protocol but figured that in this situation he wouldn’t mind too much. That and she really wanted to know if she was the only surviving cadet of her graduating class.

“Sorry, as of this moment you’re the only survivor. Follow me Cadet.” He was a bit to cold in this situation for her liking but then again this was no time for hand holding. There was still that intruder to kill.


Zechs watched as LT. Smith climbed onto the platform followed by a very angry looking Faith; if her clenched fists and stony face were anything to go by. When Faith was fully on the platform their eyes met. It was small and if Zechs hadn’t known the girl he would have missed the look of relief that eased the tension in her face.

On another note he wasn’t at all surprised to see the girl alive and he had his doubts, now that he’s seen her, that she was even in her room when the explosion occurred. It was very much like her and as much as he was glad she was still alive he was also a bit disappointed she was sneaking out of her room.

She was now standing next to him and he watched her look around the hanger no doubt looking for Noin. Lt. Smith said something to the solider stupidly monitoring the evacuation of the suits before he left. Apparently Faith was under his watch at the moment.

“She’s out there chasing down the enemy.” Faith’s head snapped to him when he spoke and then, slowly, she nodded.


In truth Faith hadn’t been looking for Noin; well that hadn’t been the only thing she was looking for. She had also been looking around to see how easy it would be for her to sneak out a suit and join Noin. Unfortunately Zechs had decided to watch her like a hawk for the duration of the intrusion. She hadn’t even been aware he had been watching her till he spoke.

“Hurry! Lift off as soon as we get the Taurus suits loaded! Orders from Lieutenant Noin! Hurry!” Orders? What had happened since she last encountered the intruder? Were things that bad already that they had to pull off an emergency evacuation of the suits? Faith glanced at Zechs to see him give a minute frown.

“The enemy isn't headed this way. No need to panic.” Zechs said calmly to the solider who, to Faith’s eyes, looked like he was crazed with fear.

“We'll handle things at the base. Get your aircraft moved out from in front of Aircraft Number One!” Faith moved to the edge of the platform and leaned over the edge and there it was in front of one of the aircrafts. Zechs’ cool blue jet. Turning around she looked at Zechs and was surprised when he said;

“I don't care if you're following Instructor Noin's orders. The enemy's not coming. Don't move the Taurus suits.” This was Noin’s base though and why would it matter if they moved the suits? Did Zechs think a Gundam or enemy suit was nearby? Could the boy have been a Gundam Pilot? If there was a suit nearby then that meant the intruder could blast the plane when it took off.

“Look, never mind! Aircraft Number Two out! Lieutenant Zechs, I could get you court-marshaled.” Faith watched in silence as the second aircraft carrier slowly peeled out of the hanger. She really hoped Zechs was wrong about what she was sure he was thinking; that the plane would be attacked. Faith listened as Zechs made one final plea to the frantic man.

“I'm much more composed than you right now. If one makes a decision with a cool head, he won't find himself regretting that decision later on.” But his words fell on deaf ears and the plane kept moving. In the pursuing silence Faith decided to ask a question.

“Zechs what’s going on?” Zechs glared at the solider before looking over at her.

“A Gundam Pilot has targeted this base. Where were you during the initial bombing?” Faith hardened her eyes. It wasn’t her fault that she hadn’t been there, not really. It all came with the Slayer package that she hadn’t asked for and couldn’t get rid of. Luckily Zechs was in on the slayer thing and she could be excused for something anyone else would have been demoted for.

“I was Patrolling. Some things can’t be fought no matter how hard you try.” Zechs nodded but she could tell he wasn’t happy with her answer.

“We’ll talk more late...” Before he could finish his sentence a large beam of light flew through the sky and impacted the aircraft carrier that had just taken off. The resounding explosion caused a shock wave that almost blew the three people on the platform clear off it. Faith could only hope that Noin was still alive.

It had occurred to her then that she had fought a Gundam pilot earlier that night which meant she could id him. There would be no pubic place that he could hide. He shouldn’t have left her alive and in truth she was at a loss as to why she was, in fact, still alive.


*“Do you think we’ll have to fight one?” Rodney asked.*(1)

*“I suppose.” Faith said distractedly.*

*“Don’t worry about it. If they attack or not; we’ll win. Our little group together nothing can beat us. Those chickens better run and hide.”*

Faith remembered their conversation that day. Now two thirds of them were dead in the next room and the last third was… kinda worried.

*“Too true, too true. To the future kicking of some Gundam ass!”*

When she’d said that she had no real idea what she was talking about. She’d never seen a Gundam before. In truth she still hadn’t seen one; not in person. But the footage she had pleaded Zechs into sowing her was enough to scare the shit out of her. It was almost like those colossal giants were alive when compared to the suits OZ used. She was an idiot to think she could take one in a suit as she could barely get hers off the ground 10 percent of the time. Out of the suit was another story all together there she was sure she could win… despite the 0-1 them score card.

“Can I see them?” Faith asked as a doctor came out of the room where the dead had been cleaned to the best of the hospitals ability for being sent home to their families. The doctor looked at the door then at her and frowned.

“I suppose that would be ok. Don’t take too long.” Faith nodded and rushed for the door while trying not to appear too eager. When she approached the doors she slowed down and slipped into the room.
The room was cold and smelled like death. When she breathed out her air formed in a burst of mist. Before her were rows of her class mates; people she had learned to fight beside… well the way this world fought. Slowly she moved down the rows glancing at the names on the clipboards as she went. Halfway down the row she froze.


She could still remember his bloody hand as she dug through the rubble for him. At the time part of her had hoped he’d still be alive under all that rock and debris. It was all for naught though as here he was dead under a white sheet.

Slowly she pulled back the sheet that covered her friend and there before her eyes was the pale face of her friend. He almost looked like a vampire but she knew he held no live in him, undead or otherwise. Part of her almost wished that a vampire had been on hand to turn him, then they could get there bloody revenge on that Gundam pilot who did this together.

“Poor, poor Faith. All alone again.” Faith felt a cold chill go down her spine as a familiar voice whispered into her ear. She couldn’t move for the person she knew she heard was dead and she sure as hell didn’t feel any vamps nearby.

“B.” her voice was breathy and low but when she finally got up the courage to whip around and face the phantom that continues to haunt and mock her she was faced with nothing but air. Was she going crazy, did her mind pick this moment to return to la la land? She had a really bad feeling; a feeling that something was wrong.

“You thought you could turn yourself around become someone. That was an honorable notion.” This time when she turned around she saw the person she expected… The Mayor. She slid to the ground and prayed with all her might that this was an illusion caused by the stress of the past few days.

“But you’re my girl and I know my girl. You’re going to kill them all.” Stumbling to her feet she ignored the phantom before her and made her way out of the room as all color drained from her face. It wasn’t so much what he said that was affecting her but the fact that she was seeing him at all. The second she was out of the room the creepy feeling dissipated and she knew she wouldn’t mention this to anyone as there was no one left on earth who’d really believe her. For as far as everyone who knew about the supernatural was concerned the demons and creatures off darkness were extinct.

(1) If you see words between '*' the stuff between them are flashbacks.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Gundam Faith" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 May 09.

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