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Slayer Apocalypse

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayer Evil". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Having been recaptured by the Umbrella Corporation, Buffy and Alice find themselves in Umbrella's hands once more. If they can survive Umbrella will they find they've only escaped from the frying pan into the fire?

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilBillGopherFR181342,42744417,6312 Oct 089 Apr 10No

Chapter Twelve

Slayer Apocalypse

Author's Note - another chapter so as not to leave things hanging too much on the action :)

Chapter Twelve

Tara sat in the back of the car next to Anglea while Nicolai and Olivera, the ex-Umbrella soldiers were by either back car door, while Jill drove and J.T. sat next to Valentine. Tara didn't know the city well enough to recognize the landmarks as they drove through it so she kept herself occupied by looking out the back window. After a more than a few minutes Tara realized there was something moving on the buildings above. As she was about to turn and say something to Nichloai whatever it was that was following them seemed to disappear and didn't reappear so she turned back around.


Food. It could smell food and so it followed the scent down below...


Nicholai had that itch on the back of his neck, the one that told him trouble was coming...

Jill saw something and then one of the overturned cars up ahead suddenly flew through the air at them. Jill made a sharp right to avoid the other car but it wasn't enough to avoid it completely as it hit the right-side rear of the car and they were sent into a spin. Hitting the brakes Jill also fought to control the car as it swerved wildly left and right before it connected with the pole for a traffic light that stopped their wild swerves and finally allowed Jill to get control of the car. Jill hit the brakes again to avoid an overturned car in the middle of the street and their car stopped mere inches away from the other one.

Nicholai had braced himself for the impact when the female cop finally got control of the car and brought it to a screeching stop. Not bothering to try opening the door Nicholai instead swiveled himself so he could kick the window out two kicks later. With his SIG SG552 Assault Rifle in front of hm Nicholai worked himself through the window and dropped onto the ground. "OLIVERA!! COMPANY!!" Nicholai yelled as he moved into a lying position and opened fire, only to see all three 5-round bursts hit the creature dead center on its chest and the creature shrug the bullets off. Nicholai moved onto his knees as he kept firing at the creature and looking for a weak point. Just to his left and behind him Nicholai heard the sound of Olivera's Micro Galil as he started firing, but all it seemed to do was just piss the thing off. Raising his sights Nicholai aimed for the creature's head with two bursts that should have reduced the head to a pulp but instead only made the creature slow as the bullets only bounced off once again.

Tara heard the gunfire and looked out the back window to see a dark looking creature, it's face was deformed with oversized fangs and a its head was covered by a thick helmet of bones and spikes. By the time she got out of the car Jill was outside and firing at the creature as well, but the bullets only seemed to be annoying the creature and making it pause, but not stopping it in the least. Quickly Tara started weaving her magick, when Tara pointed towards the creature a basketball sized ball of light suddenly appeared in front of her. A moment later the magic ball flew into the creatures face and exploded in an enveloping corona of heat and blinding light that completely lit up everything in a five block radius. Tara watched as the creature screamed in agony and pawed at its eyes and face, when the light died Tara saw the creature's face was blackened as it turned and looked right at her...


Buffy saw the bright light that lit the city up, "Alice."

"I see it, Alice answered as she picked her pace up. "Trouble." And Tara's in the middle of it.


Olivera had signaled Nicholai they were pulling back while the creature was distracted and he started backing and firing as he moved. "Valentine! Get Angela out of here, now!!"

Tara felt J.T. grab her arm and start pulling her backwards before she turned to run to catch up with Jill and Angela. "What about them?" Tara asked J.T.

"They'll be fine, it's us who aren't soldiers who need to worry."


The others weren't a threat, it would get to them later. But the Witch was, she had hurt it, so getting her first was what it needed to do next. Then it could hunt the others down at its leisure...


Nichoai had just pulled back behind him, right now though he'd give his first born child to have a grenade launcher or something that might actually make a dent in that thing.


Tara was almost up to where she saw Jill when a look of fear passed over her face. Turning to look behind her Tara yelled as she saw the creature bounding straight towards her. J.T. tried to get the creature's attention with his gold plated pistols, but it only seemed to ignore him, at least unil it was close enough and batted him across the street. Then it focused its attention on her, and Tara watched unable to tear her eyes away from the creature that was about to kill her...


Buffy ran with every ounce of speed, knowing *somehow*, that Tara was in danger. In a blur of speed Buffy passed the two ex-Umbrella soldiers, but her attention was focused on the creature as it started to leap towards Tara. With a last, desperate burst of speed Buffy slammed into the T-vamp, carrying it away before its claws could touch Tara. Shifting so that she was on top of the T-vamp as it slid down the street, Buffy pounded it with her fists over and over, but the thing's bone armor was as thick as steel.

Alice had had problems keeping completely up with Buffy but something had happened because Buffy had literally disappeared only to reappear all the way down the street where she could hear the automatic gunfire. By the time she arrived just after Buffy was already fighting the vamp and Alice ran to help her friend.

A long, bone spike had suddenly appeared on on the T-vamp's right arm and Buffy hadn't had time or the inclincation to try and dodge it before it impaled her in her stomach. She'd cracked the thick bone and row of spikes that protected its head. So, with her left hand Buffy snapped the bone spike and pulled it out of her before she turned it around and impaled the T-vamp through the chest and as she'd thought, the bone spike had gone through the T-vamp's armor like a hot knife through butter. The T-vamp must have sensed or even finally figured out what she was up to as it rained blow upon blow on her, but Buffy just shrugged them off, ignoring the pain as she focused on her goal. The T-vamp's heart. Ripping the bone spike out of the T-vamp with her right hand, Buffy's left hand speared forward and into the hole created by the bone spike and grabbing the breastbone before she started pulling with all her strength. Buffy started to hear the bone crack and her arm flew up as she tore a large whole section of the bone, but to Buffy's growing anger, the T-vamp's body had already started reforming over the hole before she could reach in. Trying again, Buffy grabbed another section of bone but she got the same results once more.

Alice had caught up with Buffy who was literally tearing into the monster when she joined the fight by grabbing the T-vamp's arm. She started twisting it and trying to break it which hadn't been too hard at first but a spike tore through one hand and another just missed impaling the other. As fast as they could hurt this thing it kept healing itself and so she was getting nowhere fast...

Buffy could feel her rage burning inside of her, this thing had almost hurt Tara and it would have if she had been even a few seconds slower, but it was also tougher than the other T-vamps they'd run into back there. Well, if trying to tear this thing apart wasn't going to work than maybe she needed to change directions. Jumping back to avoid a wild swing from the T-vamp, "Alice, tag!" Buffy yelled as she jumped back once again and Alice moved in to fight the T-vamp. Pulling her backpack off and opening it, Buffy reached in and pulled out one of her last *special* grenades. Securing it Buffy ran back towards Alice and the T-vamp, "Alice, knock it down!" Buffy yelled and a moment later it was flying through the air before hitting the wall of a building across the street. Before the T-vamp could get back up Buffy was on top of it and pounding on it with her fists, finally Buffy saw that the T-vamp was reacting slower. Taking this as her chance Buffy hit the T-vamp in the head one last time, two hard blows later Buffy saw the bone on its chest crack, but as the T-vamp tried fighting back it found itself pinned by Alice. Buffy kept pounding the crack until she started to see it become large enough for her to fit her fingers in. Buffy felt one of her fingers break, but she ignored the pain as she forced her hand deeper in to get a more solid hold on the bone plate. It took more than a few pulls and all her strength to crack a piece of the bone covering the T-vamp's ribs off and tossed it away leaving a gaping hole into its chest. Pulling out the white phosphorous grenade Buffy pulled the pin and shoved it into the T-vamp's chest. As soon as the grenade left her hand Buffy grabbed Alice and pulled her away, as she turned back to look Buffy saw the T-vamp writing in silent agony as it was devoured from the inside out as the insides of its body were heated to over 5000 degrees farenheit in seconds. After turning into a living torch for minute or so Buffy saw the body of the T-vamp finally stop moving before she walked over to where Tara was standing and watching.

"Hey, are you okay?" Buffy asked worriedly and she looked Tara up and down for any injuries.

Tara smiled as she saw Buffy checking to see if she was hurt. "Yeah, I'm good now. I'm glad you made it back when you did,"

"Can we break up this little 'love fest', I'd like to be out of this city *before* it starts glowing," Jill said in a annoyed and impatient tone of voice.

It was on the tip of Buffy's tongue to say something snarky back but she settled for just glowering at Valentine after she felt Tara's hand lightly resting on her upper arm.

"Alright, let's get moving and over to City Hall. We've got a chopper waiting for us..."

Continued in Chapter Thirteen

The End?

You have reached the end of "Slayer Apocalypse" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Apr 10.

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