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Slayer Apocalypse

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayer Evil". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Having been recaptured by the Umbrella Corporation, Buffy and Alice find themselves in Umbrella's hands once more. If they can survive Umbrella will they find they've only escaped from the frying pan into the fire?

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilBillGopherFR181342,42744417,6312 Oct 089 Apr 10No

Chapter One

Slayer Apocalypse

by Bill Gopher and Iceflame55

Disclaimers - I do not own Buffy or any of the characters from the series, they belong to Joss Whedon., The same goes for Alice and Co from the Resident Evil, they belong to Sony and whomever else. I'm just borrowing them and not making a dime.

Author's Note - To everyone waiting for the sequel to Slayer Evil, here is the next chapter. Enjoy and comment please!

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Chapter One

Buffy shot upright, as much as her restraints allowed, her body was screaming in pain as fire burned through her blood. A rush of cool raced down one arm and she fell backwards, her body going weak and numb at the same time.

“They both have the T-Virus, but it seems the T-Virus but it almost seems to be mutating in this one, Sir.” Buffy heard someone say.

Several more times Buffy's body fought to come out of the drug induced haze it is kept in and each time Buffy found herself drugged almost into a coma to keep her sedated. With each losing battle to regain consciousness and her freedom Buffy let loose a little bit more of the Slayer inside her and each time just as she felt as if she'd be free the drugs would drag her back down into the Darkness.


Devonshire, England

Marianna had been scrying earlier with no success for what she'd been tasked to find out, which mainly was to put the minds of several Sisters to rest regarding something minor at best. As she was walking through the garden Marianna saw Rebecca walking towards her, smiling "Good day 'Becca. How are you?"

"Fine. Are you done with your task already? I hadn't thought I'd see you until dinner this evening..." Rebecca said shyly.

"I'm just taking a short break is all. I felt the need to stretch my legs...I guess I should be getting back to my scrying."

"Please be careful!" Rebecca blurted out suddenly.

Marianna was surprised by Becca's words, "Well of course I will, but I'm not doing anything dangerous..." Smiling confidently at Rebecca, "Don't worry, I will be careful." With that Marianna headed back to her study where she where her wards were setup to protect her. Sitting down in the center of her Circle Marianna closed her eyes and mentally activated each ward in order; North, South, West and East before opening herself up as she sought out what her Priestess had asked her to look for...


Devonshire, England
4 Hours Later...

Rebecca had waited for Marianna to show up for dinner but she never did and now Rebecca was worrying about her one-time mentor, for Marianna had been her guide when she first arrived at the Coven to study and control her growing abilities a year ago. If there was one thing Marianna never did, that was to skip dinner. Deciding that there was something wrong Rebecca headed out to where she knew Mari liked to do her scrying, as she neared the study Rebecca heard screams that chilled her to the very core and ran inside only to stop short to avoid hitting the wards Mari had put up. But there in the center was Mari writhing on the ground, her eyes closed and screaming like a tormented soul in Hell...

Calling up her Sight Rebecca did a quick search for anything in the room with them that didn't belong; ghosts, any demonic taint, something that would explain what was going on and before she caused the wards to go down, but there was nothing. Turning around Rebecca ran as fast as possible for the Dining Hall and help...


What could be causing this?"

"Does it matter at this point? We have to help her and we know there are no evil entities in the area *and* we've got our own wards up. Look at her! If we don't do something she's going to tear herself to pieces behind her wards as we watch!" Rebecca yelled at the senior Witch in the room.

"Yes it does matter. Now..."

Rebecca said nothing but walked over to the first of Marianna's wards and collapsed it, by the time any of the other Witches could react she was already collapsing the third Ward guarding Marianna....

Rebecca had fought against her Sisters as they tried to stop her from going near Marianna but she'd finally managed to grab Marianna's hand wincing at the powerful grip she'd found Marianna had now. With that though Rebecca saw that the rest of her Sisters had switched from trying to stop her to hold Marianna down from twisting herself into positions the human body was never meant to be in...

Several Hours Later...

"What did you see that was so horrible and so tormented you?"

"Utter blackness, then blood everywhere, as things moved back and I could see more I saw bodies lying all over the ground, some were stacked like cordwood in places, in others it seemed like a slaughterhouse with blood, bones and limbs all over the place. But it was worse than that, but those are the ones I have words to describe, I can't tell you everything. I'm still trying to get my mind wrapped around the images I saw, but there is a great and terrible danger coming. Something or someone will cause the destruction of the world if we don't stop them or what causes it."

Before Rebecca could ask what Mari meant she saw the High Priestess walk into the room and over to them. Excusing herself Rebecca left them alone to talk while she thought about what Mari had told her. The destruction of the world? What could be powerful enough to do cause that?

T-minus 12 days


Giles knew he urgently needed to contact the Council about this Faith and Buffy's apparent kidnapping, especially now that they knew it was no longer a case of Buffy 'running away' from her responsibilities.

Once he was home Giles went over to his desk and pulled out a small, leather covered book. Opening it, Giles quickly thumbed the pages to the right area and started down the list. Once he was halfway down Giles saw the name he was looking for, Sarah Parker and her phone number and dialed it. It took a minute or two for the overseas call to Liverpool, England to go through and then he heard the phone begin to ring.

By the fourth ring Giles was about to hang up when he heard someone pick up, "Hello! Parker residence," came a woman's voice.

"Sarah, good afternoon or is it evening? This is Rupert, I'm calling to get some information about a Slayer by the name of Faith from Boston, Mass."

"Faith of Boston, Massachusetts?" Sarah asked double-checking she heard the name correctly.

"Yes, originally. She was transferred to me just a short while ago."

"Don't you already...oh yes. Bloody unfortunate that was to have your Slayer run from her responsibilities. Well, if anything Miss Lehane should be a more than adequate replacement for Miss Summers."

"That is my other reason for calling you Sarah. Miss Summers did run away, but she's been kidnapped and been made part of a bizarre series of experiments."

"Do you know by who?" Sarah asked.

"No, we just have a symbol of an octagon with red and white alternating blocks inside of it."

"Well I don't know that one, but I'll put an assistant over in Research on it."

"That is all Sarah and thank you." Giles said before hanging up. A few minutes later Giles heard his fax machine answer and start printing as he fixed himself a cup of tea and prepared for a long night.

Continued in Chapter Two
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