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Slayer Apocalypse

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayer Evil". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Having been recaptured by the Umbrella Corporation, Buffy and Alice find themselves in Umbrella's hands once more. If they can survive Umbrella will they find they've only escaped from the frying pan into the fire?

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilBillGopherFR181342,42744417,6312 Oct 089 Apr 10No


Slayer Apocalypse

by Bill Gopher and Iceflame55

Disclaimers - I do not own Buffy or any of the characters from the series, they belong to Joss Whedon., The same goes for Alice and Co from the Resident Evil, they belong to Sony and whomever else. I'm just borrowing them and not making a dime.

Author's Note - To everyone waiting for the sequel to Slayer Evil, here is the first chapter. Enjoy and comment please!

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She could hear one of her Children crying out in pain to her and even though she had roused herself enough before to come to the aid of that one, the spells of the Shamans that Bound her as she slept still held her even after millennia upon millennia. But they were weakened, nothing lasts forever and if not for the cries of a second Child they would have been sufficient to hold her asleep for another millennia, but such was not the case. For the cries of pain and agony from them had begun to rouse her and so she reached out to both of them, drawing them into the Dreamscape to escape the torment they were suffering. Once they were there it was much easier for her to reach out and touch the minds of both Children and see who it was that DARED to hurt them. They who were Hunters, HER HUNTERS and She saw images, faces, and a symbol of a octagon with alternating four white and four red stripes.

Now she knew the symbol of those who dared to hurt her Children, but it was not her time to act...not yet at least. First she had other things to do, looking deeply at her second Child She saw that this one was not a full Hunter, instead she carried the Potential for being one inside of her and again She could sense the magick of those Shamans at work once more. Only this time they crippled the Child, but She could change that for the Child was Hers. Reaching out She suffused the Child's body with Power, filling her to the breaking point and the chains that bound her Child first snapped and then melted away, but just releasing her potential was not sufficient if she were to seek out revenge on those who had done this. No, to do that she would take what was being used to destroy her Children, to take what they were and create abominations in their place and use it against them by strengthening those they would destroy with it....


Buffy's last memory was of being held down and a needle being pressed into her arm as a blue liquid was pumped inside of her for the millionth time only now she was lying down in the middle of a vast, open, grassy plain. Getting to her feet Buffy saw Alice lying on the grass only a few feet away and ran over to her. "Alice? Alice! Wake up!" And Buffy finally saw Alice's green eyes as she peered back up at her.

"Buffy? What are you doing here and..." Alice looked around, "Where is *here*?"

"Here is my domain, my Children." Came a voice from behind both women who spun around to see a huge, Black dragon. "I have pulled you here to protect you from the pain you were suffering."

"And who are you?" Buffy asked suspiciously.

Snorting smoke from her nose, "You could not pronounce my name, but you may call me Nemesis and that is very close in your language to my name. I am also your Mother..."

"WHAT? I mean no offense, Dragon-lady," Buffy saw the dragon's eyes narrow, "Nemesis. But you're not my Mom. I mean, come on! You're a DRAGON and well I'm really NOT!"

Snorting in amusement, "No, you are not a dragon and neither am I. You are seeing me as much as your mind will allow you and as it did it drew on the most impressive creature it could find inside to represent Me. But I am your Mother, for a piece of me is also that which is inside of each of you, so both of you are in effect my Children and even those other Hunters of mine who are not yet awake but wander across the face of this planet." Nemesis turned her attention to the red-haired Child, "In you I have broken the bonds that chained your potential and took away that which made you a Hunter to be a slave to random chance and the whims of the Lesser Powers. But there is another reason for your being here, for where your bodies are now, eventually even they will weaken and succumb finally to that which you fought before."

"Oh great! Well isn't that just ducky!" Buffy complained, "So what are we supposed to do? It's not like we can just bust out of wherever we are!"

"Not on your own, no. But there is another option for both of you."

Buffy and Alice looked at one another first, "Oh?" Alice asked. "And what is it?"

"As I said earlier that your bodies will eventually succumb to the *virus*, but the other option is to take what they have put into you and use it against them instead..."

"WHAT?! You mean become a zombie? No thank you!" Buffy said upset. "I'm not eating other people's flesh thank you very much!"

"I do not mean succumb to that abomination, no, I mean that you instead use it against those who would hurt you or any other of my Children." Nemesis began, "As of now it sleeps within each of you. But with my help it will wake, but to control it you must both face it and defeat it. Only then will it become part of you, but as your servant and giving its abilities to enhance both of you greatly. If I were fully awake I could do this thing for you both with my own Power, but I am not and so this is your choice; face the abomination and defeat it or die and become that which you despise so, a creature that hungers for flesh and nothing more..."

Buffy turned her back on the Dragon and over to Alice, "So, what do you think?"

Alice just gave a half-shrug, "We aren't floating in choices here. But the question is can we trust this Nemesis-Dragon more than what the Umbrella doctors are doing to us right now?"

"Well of course Draggy has her own agenda, the thing is hers and ours are in sync right now and I don't see anyone coming to get us anytime soon either. So me, I'd say we deal with her. At least we won't end up as zombies or zombie chow and I'm tired of constantly being pumped full of that T-crap and then the antidote... I don't like being a lab rat."

Alice was silent as she thought about their options and she had to admit Buffy was right, ending up a zombie wasn't on her 'to do' list either. "Alright. We do it her way..."

Buffy nodded and turned around, "Okay. We accept your help, so now what?"

"Prepare yourselves. This will not be without some...discomfort." Nemesis explained, "When it is done, you will not be as you are now, for you will be both less but more of what you truly carry inside you. But you will also have taken another step to claiming your rightful place as My Hunters..."

Neither Buffy or Alice had time to say anything as Nemesis waved one wing and they were suddenly swept back into their respective bodies...


Umbrella - Raccoon Medical Facility
Raccoon City

""Two hours ago, both subjects of Project Grail were injected with Serum #425, which contained a 375% stronger dosage of the enhanced T-Virus needed to infect a normal juvenile female or even an adult female. Subject Summers continues to show a substantial resistance to the T-Virus. However, over the last two months that resistance has begun to decrease, though not to levels that would allow infection." Dr. Sebastian Talbert reported as he studied his computer screen. It showed current test results and the subjects via surveillance monitors. As usual, Summers’ body was convulsing violently as her body fought off the infection while Alice merely lay there with the occasional hard shudder. He paused for a moment for a drink of water, but before he could continue on to Subject Alice’s results, he was interrupted when both subject’s heart monitors suddenly emitted steady beeping. Always after injection, the subjects’ heartbeats fluctuated wildly, but they had never stopped before. Curious, he watched this new development with detached.


Buffy found herself back inside her body inside a rectangular, glass box. At the far end Buffy felt something wet on her feet that moved up towards her head. Lifting one hand up as far as it could go Buffy saw a black goo dripping from her hand and panic gripped her. Yelling, Buffy tried getting the attention of the techs walking around her before she started to punch and kick at the glass. Slowly but surely the glass box began to fill up and soon it was up to her waist and then it started crawling its way up her stomach, over her breasts and up to her neck. Buffy pounded on the box, desperate to shatter it and free herself, already she couldn't feel anything from her neck down, it was as if her body was numb. Ever so slowly the black goo reached the bottom of her jaw until it was just at her lips and Buffy closed them tightly as she took a deep breath through her nose and then she was completely covered. One minute passed and then two...three...four minutes ticked by and Buffy was near frantic, she could feel her body was close to desperate for oxygen and then it was another eternity passing and Buffy was forced to open her mouth as her body desperately tried to breathe in air and instead the goo poured down her throat into her body...

She was alive but Buffy didn't know how other than her body felt like it was tearing itself apart when she heard Nemesis' voice...


"Hush my Child. I said I would aid you and I will, but you must fight to live. Find the fire that burns deep within you and grasp it in your two hands, let its warmth fill you..." Buffy heard Nemesis' voice say in her mind. Calming herself from the panic she'd been feeling Buffy looked deep within herself, further and further she traveled until Buffy saw a dim flame in the distance. Running towards it Buffy saw the flame grow taller and taller until it was a massive pillar of blue flame and Buffy knew that this was what Nemesis was talking about. Without a second thought Buffy ran straight into the pillar of blue flame until she stood at the core of it, her arms outstretched as she seemed to bathe in it and began breathing the flames into herself, filling her up and then she screamed....

T-minus 14 days


Faith shot up out of her bed screaming in terror and pain. Faith heard the footsteps before the door opened to reveal a sleepy but worried looking Mrs. Summers. "Sorry Mrs. S."

"Faith, you've been having these dreams every day for the last week and they only seem to be getting worse," Joyce said as she sat down on the edge of Faith's bed. "Are you sure you don't want to talk about whatever they are? You might feel better..."

But you won't! Faith's mind filled in, "I don't even remember that much about it and I'm sorry for waking you up again..." Faith offered in response to Joyce's offer.

Joyce sighed mentally to herself and stood up, seeing Faith was still being stubborn but having no other option but to accept the young woman's choice. "Okay, but in case you change your mind my door is always open." Joyce said before walking out of the room and wondering what it could be that was so tormenting Faith at night.

Faith closed her eyes and tried going back to sleep but the images of the 'creature' from her dreams kept haunting her...


The Next Morning...

Faith came down the stairs that morning, having finally fallen asleep for a few more hours and saw Giles sitting at the breakfast table. The look on his face banished the last of the sleepiness from her mind, clearing it for the 'conversation' she knew was coming...

At least he waited until after breakfast Faith thought to herself a little later as Giles walked her over to his brownstone apartment where they could 'talk'.

"So Faith," Giles began as he poured himself a cup of tea and took a small sip. "Would you like to tell me what you've been dreaming about and whatever else you've been 'not' telling us?"

Sighing, "I wasn't hiding anything Giles, but some of it I wasn't sure how to tell you, okay well most of it really, and I don't know how much you want to tell the others, especially Mrs. S.

One eyebrow went up on Giles' face as that wasn't the answer he was expecting "Indeed. Well why don't we start by telling me everything that you left out of your dream with Buffy.

Taking a deep breath, Faith told the Watcher everything that had happened during the Slayer dream. How they had seen each other’s lives, Buffy pleading with her to let Giles know what happened to her. She told him how Buffy was in pain and throwing up black ‘goo’ and the fight with the twisted looking BuffyBot that she had watched. When she finished, Giles was cleaning his glasses with a ferocity that countered the calm, thoughtful look on his face. He was obviously waiting for her to continue, but Faith didn’t know what else to say. "It might be easier if you ask the questions though, 'cause I can't read your mind any and know what it is you want to know..."

"Tell me about the place that is holding Buffy, who are they and what are they doing to her?"

"I only know what I glimpsed from Buffy, but it was big, with lots of mirrors to watch her, doctors and white walls. It kinda reminded me of a hospital, but in an insanely evil kinda way." Faith paused here before answering the second half of Giles' question. "They aren't having tea parties Giles, they're hurting her. Real bad. She tried keeping up a brave front with me but it was kinda hard to really hide."

"You haven't told me what they're doing to her though..." Giles said.

"No I haven't..."

"So tell me then Faith! No more secrets, I have to know if I'm going to be able to help Buffy." Giles pressed.

"Help her? How the FUCK are you gonna do that Giles? She's locked away somewhere with no windows, no sun, no signs...nothing and she's been treated like a fuckin' lab rat for the last few months. How the fuck are you gonna 'help with that?" Faith yelled. "Drugs, viruses, whatever you can think of she's been injected or infected with it G." Faith quickly brought herself under control before she said anything more.

Giles was shocked at Faith's information but stayed calm even if his heart was beating faster, "What else?"

"Torture, they call it *science*, but that's just a pretty name for them to hide behind." Faith said as she calmed herself before speaking again.

"Dear God." was all Giles could think to say.

"God ain't got shit to do with what's happening to B, Giles."

"No, I should think not." Giles answered. "And your dreams lately?"

"That's something else G. There's something else that's gotten into this recently, it looks like a super-friggin HUGE ass dragon, but it's not. When you stare at it hard it starts to waver like heat waves in a desert. I don't know *what* it is, but it's not a dragon...and it makes Kaks look like a Smurf fairy princess. Whatever this thing really is, it's big and it's dangerous and it scares the shit out of me Giles."

"It's probably what's behind all this with Buffy and whoever else it may have where she's being kept. It is probably just a demon, although a powerful one..."

"G, that's not it..." Faith started to say and stopped. "It knows about Buffy and it's pissed, really, really pissed off."

Giles looked at Faith, "You are probably sensing the Demon's anger at Buffy's stubborn refusal to do whatever it wants."

Shaking her head, "No I'm not. It's not pissed *at* Buffy, it's pissed off over what's been done to Buffy, Giles." Faith paused because even thinking about that thing made her heart rate jump up a notch. "Giles, I'm telling you seriously right now. I get the very strong feeling if we don't get B out of wherever she is damned soon and I mean real fucking fast, humanity is toast. Because this thing will kill everyone on the planet for what they're doing to her..."

"I understand that what you're trying to tell me, but getting Buffy out of their hands must be our first priority, then we can worry about this Demon and it's intentions."

Faith just shook her head, but said nothing. He *didn't* understand a thing or he wouldn't be sitting there all calm. "Okay, I gotta go, Mrs. S is waiting for me." Faith said as she stood up and left Giles.

T-minus 13 days....

Continued in Chapter One
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