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The Vamp with No Name

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Scattered". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What happened after the Hellmouth blew? Story number five.

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Literature > Vampire/Supernatural > Author: Kim HarrisondirebansheeFR1321,271013,9062 Oct 0815 Dec 08Yes

Chapter One

Takes place during 'For a Few Demons More'.

I own nothing. *sob* The Buffy characters belong to Joss Whedon and the Hollows characters belong to Kim Harrison, I just play with them.

Chapter One

"That's it!" Willow exclaimed startling everyone in the kitchen. Well, everyone except for Ivy.

The living vamp calmly glanced up from her laptop and looked at her lover.

"What's 'it'?" Dawn asked absently as she bent to mop up the water she'd spilled.

Willow tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and started bouncing in her chair, fingers flying over the keyboard of her own laptop.

"Well, not IT it, but close and I think it'll work, I really do. I just have to take in the differences between the two worlds and change a few ingredients and I'll have to test it of course but I think I really did it this time."

"Breathe, baby," Ivy coaxed, laying one long fingered hand over Willows, stilling her flying fingers.

Willow gave the other woman a grateful smile.

"Okay," she said. "Calm now."

Ivy ginned, the sharp tips of her canines glinting in the late afternoon light. There was something in her look that made the witch drop her gaze and blush. Dawn just rolled her eyes. Rachel chose that moment to enter from the front of the church they all lived in and dropped a handful of cut plants into the sink. She then grabbed one of the muffins Dawn had just pulled out of the oven and Mr. Fish's food. Shaking a bit of the food into the beta's bowl she took her usual seat at the table.

"Morning," she greeted.

"Hey Rache," Dawn returned, grabbing a muffin for herself and plopping down at the table, shivering a bit as Ivy's pheromones engulfed her for a moment. The living vamp smiled apologetically at her and toned it down. Willow was still bright red. Dawn smirked at her.

**Suddenly a streak of orange skittered into the kitchen and straight under Rachel's chair. Seconds later as swirling storm of Jenks' children spilled into the kitchen, their high-pitched screeching and whistling making the three large people all clasp hands over their ears.

"Out!" Rachel shouted, standing. "Get out! The church is her safe place, so get out!"

There was a series of whines and complaints but the mob of pix children obeyed the other witch and left the kitchen.**

"Oh, you big meanie," Dawn teased as Rex hopped up into her lap and started purring. The teen couldn't help but snigger at the affronted look on Rachel's face as she and the cat faced off.

"Stupid cat," Rachel muttered before going back to her muffin.

"Don't take it personally, Rachel," Dawn said. "That's just how cats are. Hey, did I ever tell you about the zombie cat we had one year?"

Ivy arched an elegant eyebrow.

"Zombie cat?"

Dawn nodded.

"Yeah. See, mom had gotten this really ugly tribal mask at the gallery and decided to bring it home for some reason and ..."

The ringing of the door bell but her off.

"That's Kisten," Rachel said, grab her bag. "I've got driver's ed today."

Dawn snickered and the other witch stuck her tongue out at her.

"Why don't you take a shower first?" Dawn suggested gesturing to Rachel's dirt speckled appearance. "I'm sure Kist will wait for you, and Willow's got some big announcement."

Rachel was silent for a moment then shrugged.

"Sure, why not?" she said then disappeared to the front of the church to let her boyfriend in.

Dawn smiled to herself. She really liked Kisten, not the way Rachel did, but more the way she had felt about Xander and Spike. The big brotherly type of like, plus, Kisten was cool. The living vampire reminded her of Spike too, from the bleached out hair to the fake British accent. Oh yeah, she totally knew that Spike's accent was faked. She'd never told him but sometimes the way he pronounced words sounded more like Giles than Sid Vicious.

She sighed, wishing she knew what had happened to her family and thanking the powers that at least she hadn't ended up here alone, then pulled herself back to the present.

"So Willow," Dawn said around a mouthful of muffin. "What's the what?"

"Huh?" the witch asked, looking a bit lost then blinked and understanding blossomed in her eyes. "Oh! I think I found a way to anchor Ivy's soul!"

**taken from the book.
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